How to Use Street View in Apple Maps on iPhone, iPad, Mac (iOS 17.1.1)

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For Android people, Street View is nothing new; Google Maps is showing Street View for years. Following the same, Apple introduced Apple Maps Look Around Mac, iPhone, iPad to get a more transparent and realistic view of surroundings right from the device. However, to get hands-on with this feature, the iPhone and iPad must be running on the latest iOS. Of course, you cannot view all the regions in Street View; with new updates, Apple keeps adding new locations for Street View; therefore, if you don’t find any location, wait for the next update and then check.

But if you live in regions like California, San Francisco, Apple Maps satellite view will definitely be of your use. Wait no more, update the Apple Maps and Apple devices, and start exploring the places on your fingertips and if you like, definitely visit them.

How to Use Apple Maps Street View on iPhone, iPad, Mac

Apple Maps Street view on Mac, iPhone, and iPad is the same because Maps app interface is the same across Apple devices; use the same steps to learn how to use Apple Maps street view.  

  1. Go to the Apple Maps app on your iPhone, iPad, Mac.
  2. Now, if you see, there is a Binocular icon just below the navigation button, tap on it. If there’s no binocular button available, search for a place and zoom in on the Map.binocular-icon-on-maps-app-on-apple-maps-app
  3. Next, tap on the Expand button on the upper-left screen to enlarge Apple Maps street view on full screen.
  4. While to collapse the view, tap on the same Expand icon.
  5. Move the screen, left-right or down-up, to view in 360-degree.
  6. Once you’re finished looking at Street View, tap Done.
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How to Search in Apple Maps Street View?

  1. Open the Apple Maps.
  2. Tap on the Search for a place or address option, and then type a particular location or use options like Fast Food, Gas Stations, Groceries, Coffee Shops, etc., to see nearby results.
  3. Maps will show you search results on the screen, move left/right, up/down, and when you tap Look Around on the lower-left screen, to get the full-screen of Apple Maps Street View.
  4. Tap on Expand button for a bigger, better, and clear street view.
  5. Tap Done to close the Street View.


We must have to use Street View to see the exact location in real-time. and Get Precious information before you reach the destination location. Street View on Apple Maps is available for Limited countries and regions. apple expanding the feature in Apple maps like Add Business, Apple maps guide.

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