Best Calculator Apps for Apple Watch in 2023

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In the Calculation, there are too many types of calculation that we required during student life or for Business use. Most popular categories are Scientific Calculator, Graphics Calculator, Algebra Calculator, and Basic/Easy Calculator. There are too many alternate third-Party Calculator apps for Apple Watch and iPhone. But the Question before use or installing on our iOS device is that, which should I use and perfect for me.

Most of the apple watch owners were surprised when I shared this point with Him/Her. They Said that, is there any restriction behind the reasons of Calculator App is missing on Apple Watch?

Can we use Calculator on Apple Watch Like iPhone?

No, Still Apple doesn’t add Calculator app in the list of Pre-installed Apple’s app on Apple Watch. Hope it will be added in future update. Till now we must use Third-Party Free Apple Watch Calculator App, and it’s Free on App Store.

The Best Apple Watch Calculator Apps

Normally we need a big button that makes sense to us and improve the performance to use it in daily life. Otherwise, it’s a tedious job but I am very happy with my Apple Watch’s calculator.

How to open Calculator app on Apple Watch, below-listed apps are supported to apple Watch that means you need to download the app on your iPhone from App Store.

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After installation completed, you can check or view app on your Apple Watch at the same time. There is no App store for Apple Watch only.

1: The Calculator

The Calculator Apple Watch App
The Calculator Apple Watch App

The Calculator is a super functional App for Apple Watch Models (Series 1, Series 2, Series 3 and Series 4). This app preciously designed for quick use different functions in a single screen and without repeat number. First Screen is for the number pad, the Second screen is scientific buttons, Mathematical algebra. Important features are Edit Equation, Save, Edit and Share Calculation, Decimal Notification, Calculation with Degree or Radians, Multitasking support.

Check out all the supported mathematical operations and Download the calculator app on your iPhone and Apple Watch As well.

2: Calcbot 2

Calcbot Apple Watch App for Calculator
Calcbot Apple Watch App for Calculator

Auto Save your Calculations in iCloud and Access history on Other Apple Devices (iPhone, iPad And Mac).  In the app, three basic options are Calculate, Convert, and Tip. Instant converter, 22 Different categories, that’s very amazing for the currency. Great Sound and Animation, Favorites key and more In-App Purchase, it’s free on (Calcbot 2) Apple iPhone and Apple Watch.

3: CALC Smart

Calc test the best Calculator Apple Watch App
Calc test the best Calculator Apple Watch App

Calc Smart the best Smartphone converter, Do your Daily math on your iOS & Latest WatchOS 5. Millions of users are active and happy with this app. Currency convert in Quick View of your apple watches Face. Quickly Switch and Jump on your Tiny Apple Watch screen.

CALC app is smart, Save Data in the history log, Built-in Converter, Colorful theme and Easy to Access. Download Calc Smart right from your iOS app store and Apple Watch as well.

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4: PCalc Lite

pccalc Apple Watch Calculator app for maths
pccalc Apple Watch Calculator app for maths

PCalc is Available in two formats: Lite is free and another is PCalc and it’s pro. This app is loved by Engineers, Students, Programmers, and Scientists. PCalc is looking like rich Calculator and now it’s possible with Apple Watch. It’s ready glade to use. There are built in Voice recognition, Enter the number using your Voice.

Install PCalc Lite app on your iPhone and at the same time Apple Watch as well automatically and Start the calculation as well.

Above the list of top best Apple Watch Apps for Calculator is more enough, Pick one of your Favorite Based on User Interface, Keypad Functionality and more. That’s it. Apple is still waiting for Allow Calculator official app on Apple Watch like iOS device. Let’s share your thought behind it and Follow to get more update and Q&A.

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