Why You Should Buy a Portable Monitor? 8 Portable Monitor Uses

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Portable monitors are a market innovation that allows you to work from virtually any location. Portable monitors are lightweight displays that are small and easy to transport. They are usually lesser than an inch in thickness and is commonly used to extend the screen of the laptop or tablet. A user can work on their laptop or tablet on the broadened screen.  

Because of the thin frame and lightweight quality, one can use them across different settings. Moreover, it’s conveniently easier with a portable monitor as it consumes little space. They have to just plug the portable monitor into the charging/USB port of the device with a cable. They can then effectively work in confined spaces like cars or any other spaces.  

Why should you buy a portable monitor?

They are rapidly turning to be a popular work process while on the move, and primarily for starters. There is an undeniable advantage to having more screen space when working on your laptop or transforming a smartphone into a computer. However, there are several applications apt for the portable monitors. These include one-on-one presentations and also readouts suitable for specialized devices.

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Here are 8 Uses of Portable Monitors:

#1. Being More Productive

According to a review by Graziadio Business, an increase in screen size enhances the productivity of people in primarily three ways:

  • More data insights
  • Increased time for essential tasks
  • Decrease in stress levels and better solution results

While the above-mentioned study primarily focused on the size of a monitor, it can be said that the overall size of a screen also plays an essential role.

Even if one screen becomes a workstation and another the communication space, the user will be able to save much time that would otherwise waste on switching between tasks. Of course, adding more screens almost certainly yields diminishing returns, but there is a definite improvement in the work process with more screen size.

#2. Monitor for Video Preview

You’re out shooting, and you’ve spent time and money on your gear, but you want more than the small 2.6″ LCD screen on your camera or camcorder. Have you brought your laptop? You don’t want to transport all of that gear to preview your shoot; instead, bring a portable monitor. 

A preview monitor is a fantastic way to quickly view your video, easily, and straightforwardly. However, when the monitor is connected to a tripod using the tripod mount, it is clear what a fantastic extra this monitor is. You can have a professional setup that will boost your productivity and ensure a sleeker workflow in minutes.

#3. A Display for Professional Meetings and Presentations

An average often makes the majority of the purchasing decisions of seven people in a company of 100 to 500 employees. That means a significant large sales meeting or smaller ones. And nothing says professionalism like being prepared. So having your presentation display, even small for small meetings, is a huge power move. 

And if that portable window also has a touchscreen, it is no longer just a passive display. You and your group members can now use it to collaborate on content or interact more directly with presentations through direct input. It creates entirely new opportunities for one-on-one communication.

#4. Expand your Mobile Phone Screen

Mobile devices have become much important for everyone in present day. However, the smaller screen of the phone or the tablet also becomes a worry for many. In such a state, a potable monitor will come much handy to fit into the mobile and offer a full-sized experience.

Even your phone can be turned into a computer with the help of a portable monitor. By adding a Bluetooth keyboard and integrity different productivity apps, even regular smartphones can turn into productivity powerhouses. Some tech businesses, such as Samsung’s DeX, are going even further. It turns the phone into a fully functional computer when linked to a USB-C monitor.

#5. Secondary Screen for Your Laptop

When working on Excel sheets or Word documents, using dual screens makes life easier. It’s also useful for surfing the Web while writing because you don’t have to switch between windows to open your browser.  

#6. Full-sized Entertainment Anywhere

Entertainment is a less productive but surely one of the popular uses for portable monitors. While we presently reside in a world where screens are ubiquitous, something is lost when enjoying a movie or a game on a tiny mobile device. 

A portable monitor is perfect to supplement any mobile or tablet screen while on the move. It is perfect for improving mobile viewing experiences and is best for carrying on road trips and camping. It can even be a replacement for in-flight entertainment.

#7. Specialized Device Displays Expansion

Users expect clearer screens on their devices as screen technology advances. For example, a smudged LCD screen is no longer sufficient. A portable monitor can be integrated into any device- from the medical sensors to cash counters. 

Also, an external portable monitor enhances the appearance of an outdated device or beautifies the environment. In certain cases, like a portable medical instrument readout or a mobile navigation system, a well-fitted portable monitor can conserve time, money, and even people lives.

#8. Preview Monitor for Professional Photographers

Even casual photographers find previewing photos on their cameras’ tiny 2″ LCD screens inconvenient. Professional media creators do not have the option. A camera-connected portable monitor, on the other hand, allows photographers and videographers to instantaneously review their film on a larger, higher-quality display.

So, why should one purchase a portable monitor? They’re useful for both work and play, and they’re quite versatile in various specialized tasks. Even if your requirements do not fall into the typical portable monitor applications, most people will benefit from a different computer screen. A portable monitor may be more suitable for your workflow than a large desktop screen.

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