How to Write/ Draw in iMessage chat on iPhone/ iPad

Write or Draw in iMessage chat on iPhone ipad

Apple makes iMessage batter ways to send simple text, Photos and Videos over iMessage service. In this people also liking Draw in iMessage with different pattern and combination of styles in different ways. Let’s see how we can use different canvas for Draw hand free text, Signature and Symbol through iMessage in free from iPhone/ iPad running on iOS 10. Hope you enjoy all the ways quickly and easily, don’t miss to share that you like most in comment box.

Are you interested in this features? Then finger gesture love effect also awesome that you may like most probably. Combinations of two or more fingers gesture gives more heart effects.

Note: Make sure your device updated with latest version of iOS 10 or Later.

Steps for Use Draw in iMessage with different effects: Alternate Tricks to Send Draw

Write or Draw in iMessage chat on iPhone

1: Open iMessage App on iPhone/ iPad

2: Tap on the recipient’s name to join with iMessage conversation.

3: Next, Tap on Heart icon near to iMessage text box. Start to draw on Black canvas. To get larger canvas, Tap on upper arrow icon at bottom right corner of the screen.

1 Open Draw Canvas in iMessage app conversation (1)

Change Drawing pencil color: Alternate seven pen colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, White, Blue, Green, and Pink) we can use alternatively to draw sketches or painting more attractive. See the screen below,

Draw on Canvas using Different color

Send Drawing with Photo

This option is amazing, Take live photo from Front/ Back then use drawing tools same like explained in above steps. Write anything and send it.

Sent Picture with Drawing in iMessage

Start Video, Press Red button.

Send in iMessage

Handwritten iMessage

Yes, we can also use this option for draw on white canvas paper. Also not that this function only work in Landscape mode So many Messenger ignoring to use it (Know detailed about Handwritten iMessage),

Draw iMessage in handwritten text

That’s it.

Note: Background Screen Effects/ iMessage Tricks (Balloons, Confetti, Love, Lasers, Fireworks, Shooting Star, Celebration) only applicable for Handwritten iMessage, Not for First Two draw methods.

Comment me on how was your experience on Draw in iMessage? and which is your favorite?

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