How to find lost airpods using iPhone, iPad Remotely

Time to go we collect alternative solutions on Find lost airpods like Keep paired/ joined both Airpods on Airpods Straps and Now the latest one is using your iPhone or iPad that I explained here. Apple Airpods ($160) really valuable price for all, But I think it’s best price for great sound quality, Airpods Setup with Other Bluetooth device is easy (Apple Watch, Mac, iPad or Other iPhone). Users have an experience about they found at last moment after lost one of two airpods at many placed like inside car, Bags, Pockets and many small places where not easy to find.

You must know: Apple will take charge ($70) for each if you want replace any one damaged Airpod from pair or lost any one.

With this tips Airpods users blessed me on share and know to them about easy way to find lost iPhone without spent more or West of time.

App for Find lost Airpods using iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

1 Find lost Airpods using iPhone via App

Finder for Airpods – Find your lost Airpods – $3.99 officially work great and measure distance between you to your missed/ lost airpods from whole pair.

Also Thanks to Developer, Who Created first app for find lost Apple Airpods.

Easy to use app, Follow on screen command to get misplaced Airdrop around you. This app capture Airpods wireless signature remotely, in result you will get perfect location.

App Requirements: iOS 8 or Later, Bluetooth should be turn on iPhone/ iPad

App will track only one Airpod at a time, See video tutorial in below,

Just like find lost iPhone on another Device, Now it’s also possible with your own lost Airpods. Due to direct Bluetooth connectivity, we cannot find it on Map like lost iOS device.

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