17 Best Apple Watch 5 Hidden Tips And Tricks You Must Know

🗓️ November 23, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelLet’s deep dive into the overview and most important features that we should use on Apple Watch 5. Make your Apple Watch purchase worth buying after use this Apple watch 5 tricks regular basis. Apple hasn’t shared the feature or restricted features based on the apple watch model. So, Try these tips and tricks on any Apple Watch Series 5 model.

Interested buyers can note the special dates like Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Christmas sale, Big saving Shopping days are coming on this year. Apple Watch 5 is World’s best Smart Watch, Price is not increased but the Features are.

Top Best Apple Watch 5 Hidden Tips and Tricks

Top Best Apple Watch 5 Hidden Tips and Tricks

Top 17 best Apple Watch 5 Hidden features

1. Always On Display – Keep eye on Workout, Drive and More Activities

Keep your Eye on Dim light Watch face, Whenever your watch is not the active or Down wrist, you will see the low brightness screen of apple watch automatically. Next to the clear visibility, Lift up your hand wrist and know the Apple Watch information. This feature called Always On Display. and This feature depends on the hardware. So, Apple Watch 6 or later Watch model came turned on by default. here are the settings for turn on or Turn off alway on Disla in alternate methods.

  • On Apple Watch:- Go to the Settings app from Apple Watch apps screen after press digital crown button > Display & Brightness > Always on > Enable the toggle Always on and Second is Hide Sensitive Complications.
  • On iPhone:- Open Watch App on iPhone > Scroll to Display & Brightness > ALways On > Enable Always-on Toggle and Sensitive Complications.

Apple Watch should turn the display off when it’s under the sleeve even with always-on Enabled. it would be great to save extra power.

2. Raise to Speak for Siri

Don’t touch the Apple watch screen and Side button or Don’t speak Hey Siri to wake up Siri on Apple watch. Just lift up your wrist on the Apple watch. and start commanding to Apple Watch, For example:- Call to mom, Best 30 minutes Recipes and Search like the unknown place.

  1. Press the digital crown button to move apple watch home screen.
  2. Next, open Settings app and Scroll to Siri using the digital crown button.
  3. Next, the second option is to “Raise to speak“. The same settings we can manage from the iPhone watch app.

3. Find iPhone – With Sound and [Flash Light]

Find iPhone in Darkroom and Easy to find while you put your iPhone at an unknown place. From your paired apple watch, Unlock apple watch first, Now Follow the below steps,

  1. Swipe up your Finger on Watch face to access apple watch control center.
  2. Next, Find your Phone icon, Tap on it to play sound on your iPhone remotely. Now Turn on Back LED Flashlight by touch and hold on the Phone icon under the control center.

4. Noise App

Enable noise alert on Apple Watch that prevents from High decibel sound play around you. Default Apple Watch Noise Alert is off. Let’s enable it. and Set your Threshold from 80 Decibels to 100 Decibels. We can enable from Apple watch or a Paired iPhone as well.

Setup Noise App on Apple Watch or From iPhone

  1. Open the Settings app on Apple Watch.
  2. Scroll to Noise option.
  3. Next, Tap on Environmental Sound Measurements. Enable Measure Sounds to toggle.
  4. Go back, Find Noise Notifications.
  5. Select the option from off, 80db, 85db, 90db, 95db, 100db.
  6. That’s it

5. Calculator App

WatchOS 6 or later Apple Watch users can use the pre-Built-in Calculator app. So, Let’s start calculating the number and Use Tip with Split the bill function.

  1. Open the Calculator app on Apple Watch, Press the digital crown button.
  2. Next, Enter the Bill amount and Tap on the Tip button. Next Enter Tips amount in percentage using Digital Crown button, Next is the number of people joined the party. Finally, you will get the exact amount that you have to pay for each.

here’s my bill is 100 dollars and share 10 percent tip, use Digital crown button to change it. and Number people you are, here’s two. now Final is 110 dollars. And the shared amount is 55 dollars to each.

6. Cycle App

According to Apple analyst, Half of the apple watch users are using the Cycle app to track the Menstrual cycle. Setup on your Apple watch. enter the correct details and get notified before Cycle come.

  1. Press the Digital Crown button to move the apple watch apps screen.
  2. Find the Cycle app and open it.
  3. Now, Select your Day in a week. Now enter the details like a current cycle, Period flow, Flow level, Symptoms, Life activity, Ovulation Test result, Cervical Mucus Quality, Basal Body Temperature, Spotting.

Be ready to get notify and be ready for these days, with apple watch notifications.

7. Voice Memo

Now Apple Watch will work as the best recorder of this time. Because Apple Watch 5 doubling the storage from the old Apple Watch model. Start Voicememo app on Apple Watch and Start recording as soon as possible without miss the important talk.

  1. Press the Digital Crown button to show the Apple Watch Home screen.
  2. Next, Tap on the Record button to start recording.
  3. To stop recording, Again Press on the record button. Now we can listen to a recording on Apple Watch Speaker or paired Headphone.
  4. Also, We can Delete From more options from the player screen, or change the volume using the Digital Crown button.
  5. To quickly delete the recordings, Swipe to left recording from the list to delete it.

8. Compass App

Compass app is a very smart app that gives you complete information on directions, elevations. Without WiFi or Cellular data we can use the Compass app accurately.

The exception is a magnetic belt, Compass is less accurate on Belt that has a magnetic clip. Follow the below steps to use the compass app on Apple Watch and Change Bearing on Watch Compass app.

  1. Press the Digital Crown button and move the Apple Watch apps home screen.
  2. Find the Compass app icon and Tap on it.
  3. Next, the Default magnetic is north by default. we can change it to true north from the watch settings app. Open Settings app > Compass > Enable True North.

Scroll down using the Digital Crown button to see the elevations, Longitude, and latitude, incline value.

How to change Bearing and Clear Bearing

  1. Next is how to set a bearing on the watch compass app.
  2. Touch and hold on Compass dial and until you see Edit Bearing,
  3. Tap on it.
  4. Use the Digital Crown button to set the Bearing area. Once you set, tap on the Done button to apply.

Now we can differentiate easily. and Remove Bearing, Touch and Hold on Compass dial and Tap on clean Bearing option. that’s it.

9. Improved Maps

The MAPs app is improved from previous WatchOS. Without iPhone or Other devices enjoy direction on apple watch only. Easy to find your location and Tracking as well.

  1. Press Digital Crown button to move Apple Watch apps home screen, Tap on Maps app.
  2. Now we can Search using Dictation, Scribble or Nearby suggestions.
  3. Go with the Step by step direction or Touch on Arrow icon to re-center the location.

10. Fall Detection

Get quick help with apple watch, Becuase apple watch judge automatically you are in trouble and looking for help from Free service that covered Emergency SOS.

Apple Watch mostly activates for Fall Dictation while you activate. Some users keep this option off because of the battery drain. here are the settings for enable from apple watch or from iPhone.

  1. Press the digital crown button to move Apple watch home apps screen.
  2. Tap on Settings app.
  3. Scroll to Emergency SOS and Scroll to Fall Detection.
  4. Enable it. That’s it,
  • iPhone users can enable from Watch app on iPhone > Emergency SOS > Fall Detection.

That’s it.

11 Download app on Apple Watch

WatchOS 6 or later installed on Apple Watch can’t see App Store for Apple Watch. So we can download it from the Apple Watch App Store app. And Download and install directly to Watch without iPhone. Follow to get a new app or re-download app on apple watch, Press Digital Crown button to move Apple watch apps home screen. Now Find App Store icon and Use Dictation or Scribble to search app.

Once you get the app on Apple Watch App Store app, Tap on App name and Tap on getting the button to download and install on your Apple Watch.

12. Best Watch Face

Nowadays, We have hundreds of Preinstalled Watch Face for Apple Watch. After customization on Watch Face, we can create thousands of Watch Face for Apple Watch. Some of the Watch Faces are very functional and useful. Using Those Watch faces we can add up to 8 complications and use it without look into Apple Watch apps or settings.

My Favorite Watch Face is Infograph, Infograph modular. so we can number of the widget on Face like Voice memo, Battery, Messages, Contacts app.

  • Tap on Hold on Watch Face, Until you see customization option see on apple watch. Tap on the Customize button, Scroll Digital Crown button to change it.

13. App Gride View & List View for Delete Native Apps

Apple Allows to Delete Native apps from Apple Watch and we can also Re-download when we need it. On Apple Watch Apps home screen,
Tap and Hold on App icon until the app icon on Watch will jiggle and show Cross mark on the app icon.

Long-press or Gride view, You will see the option for convert into list view. Select list view, All the apps will see in the list, Swipe to the left that removes from Apple Watch.

14. Rearrange Face on Apple Watch

Manage watch faces is now easier than ever. We can change the Watch Face sequence order from Apple Watch. Tap on Hold on Watch Face until you see Customize option. Again Touch on Watch Face Preview and move to left or right to place into a new place.

15. Check Available Storage

we should have to check storage space regular basis to solve many problems like overheat, Freeze or more. We can check in on Apple Watch as well. Go to the Settings app on Apple Watch > General > About > Scroll to Available. Here’s updated free space. In the same way, we can also check on iPhone Watch App.

16. ECG Test on Watch

Free Electrocardiograms ECG now we can measure on Apple Watch since Series 4 model. Once you record your ECG test you can export PDF from the iPhone health app or Share directly to others on Airdrop, Mail or Message.

  1. Open ECG app on Apple Watch.
  2. Now, Touch on Digital Crown button also keeps eye on Watch, wait for 30 seconds of ECG recording.
  3. Once you complete it, Data will be saved on the iPhone Health app.
    1. Open Health app on iPhone, Tap on Browse tab from the bottom of the app.
    2. Find Heart and Tap on it. Now, Tap on Electrocardiograms ECG.
    3. Here’s your recording. Just below the ECG, Find the option for “Export a PDF for your doctor”.

17. Find Friend App

Share your location with your friends is easy with the Find Friends on apple watch. To Allow or Stop Sharing your location, Open Find Friend app on Apple Watch. Scroll to a list of your Device or Your Family Sharing Devices. The last option is Share My location, After Tap on contacts icon and select the Friend’s name and share your location with the custom options.

That’s it.

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