This Apple ID Has Not Been used With the Apple Store On Mac (100% Fixed)

Are you unable to Download the app from the mac app store? Suppose you find a new, exciting and handy application by reading about it on the internet, and now you want to download and use this app’s impressive features. But when you search the application on the App Store and click the install button, you are welcomed with a “Your Apple ID has not been used with the App Store” error. So now you go to the login page to sign in to your account to fix this issue.

Despite multiple attempts to sign in to your ID, the error keeps redirecting you to the login page instead of starting the download process. It is a very frustrating situation as you are stuck in the verification loop of the Mac. However, like all other software problems, this problem has some ways to solve this error. To better understand the process of fixing the “Your Apple ID has not been used with the App Store” issue, read along the contents of this post.

Why does my App Store keep showing this error?

The “Your Apple ID has not been used with the App Store “error mainly occurs due to the bugs associated with your Apple ID. These bugs or reasons for the App Store showing this error are-

  • You have set up a New mac So, so The New apple ID has to miss your Personal information or Payment details for Free or paid apps.
  • No transactions have been done using this Apple ID on the App Store
  • Your Apple account does not have the billing information.
  • The mode of payment and other payment details are not saved.

These are why your Mac’s App Store does not allow you to download and install the apps. 

How to fix the “Your Apple ID has not been used with the App Store” issue on Mac App Store

To know the exact reason for this error, you must follow the effective methods or solutions given here and learn how to solve them.

Solution 1: For the new Mac users

The first thing that any new MacBook user will have to do is to create a new Apple ID. All Apple products or devices need an Apple ID for efficient and proper use. Once you have made the Apple ID, try the following solutions for fixing the verification loop problem for new Mac users.

Solution 2: Restart the MacBook-

This solution can fix all the minor problems related to some bugs and glitches that prevent some actions of your device from working correctly. To restart your Mac, follow the instructions below.

Step. 1→ The initial step involves clicking the Apple menu at the top of your Mac’s home screen.

Step. 2→ Now, click on the “restart” button in the drop-down menu.

Allow your MacBook to restart, delete the cache files, and fix the minor and temporary issues. Then, launch the App Store and try installing the application you had difficulty downloading. If the problem is still not resolved, follow the next solution.

Solution 3: Your Apple account does not have the billing information

When you create a new Apple ID, you must add your billing information like your location, name, address, and other essential information. So if this billing information is missing from your Apple account, you will get stuck in the verification loop. To fix this issue, go through the instructions listed here.

Step 1→ From the Popup, Click on the Review button.


Step 2→ Select Your Country from the list and Accept Terms and Conditions and Continue.


Step 3→ Select the Payment method if you wish otherwise select None, [This option will only show while you are trying to download any free app from app store, Otherwise choose any Other payment method] > Continue. Here’s what None Not Showing on Payment.


Step 4→ Finally you will see “can now be used to access all Apple services.” Continue to Download and install the app from the mac app store without such errors as “This Apple ID has not yet been used with the App Store.” and Please review your account information.


Or Update it from the Mac System Settings,

Step. 1→ Navigate to your MacBook’s settings window.

Step. 2→ Following that, click on your profile at the top of the window.

Step. 3→ In the profile pane, click on the “payment and shipping” option in the left tab.

Step. 4→ After that, tap on the “edit” button in the shipping address section.

Step. 5→ Fill in the details in the bars that don’t mention the “optional” action.

Step. 6→ Finally, sign out and sign in again to your Apple account.

This method will solve all the problems related to the missing billing information from your Apple ID. Go to the App Store and see if this method effectively fixes the problem.

The mode of payment and other payment details are not saved

While creating the Apple ID, the users are also required to fill in the payment details even though you might never buy anything using your Apple ID. If the payment information is missing from your account, you will likely see the “Your Apple ID has not been used in the App Store “error. To add the payment details to your Apple ID, read the steps described in this section.

Step. 1→ First, use your web browser to visit the official Apple website.

Step. 2→ Now sign in to your account in the website’s login section.

Step. 3→. Then, select the “Payment Methods” option in the left panel.

Step. 4→ In the payment methods window, click on “continue on device….”

Step. 5→ Tap on the pop-up link that appears on the screen to “view details.”

Step. 6→ After that, type the shipping details and payment methods in the desired fields.

Step. 7→ Next, log out and log in back into your Apple account.

Step. 8→ Finally, restart the Mac and go to the App Store to see if it resolved your problem with the verification loop.

Solution 4: Sign out and Sign in to your account again-

By signing out and signing in to your Apple account, you might be able to resolve the “Your Apple ID has not been used with the App Store “issue. You can log out and log in with your Apple ID by-.

Step. 1→ Take your cursor to the top left corner of the screen and click on the Apple logo.

Step. 2→ Now, Choose “System Preferences”/ “System Settings” on MacOS Ventura in the menu.

Step. 3→ After that, on MacOS Ventura, tap on your profile and click the “sign out” button at the bottom of the tab. Due to some privacy reasons, Fix your Problem for Sign out is greyed out on mac.

  • For macOS Monterey & Earlier:- Click on Apple ID > Find the option for “Sign Out

Step. 4→ Normally, sign in to your Apple ID again.

Go to the App Store once you have finished this process and try downloading the app again to see if it fixed the issue or not.

Solution 5: Check your internet connection-

Since we are trying to download a software or app from the App store, it is evident that a fast and stable internet connection is required. This error also arises if your Mac does not have an internet connection, so check the internet and try again. You can also shut down your router, wait a few minutes, and start it again. Then try downloading the app again from the app store.

Solution 6: No purchases have been made on the App Store from your account

If you have never made a purchase on the App Store or haven’t downloaded any app from the App Store, you are prone to witness the “Your Apple ID has not been used with the App Store “error. Worry not, as one can fix this issue by downloading a free application from your Mac’s App Store. So go ahead and read the steps to purchase a free app.

Step. 1→ First, shut down your MacBook and power it up again.

Step. 2→ Launch the App Store and search for any free application available on the store.

Step. 3→ Now, hit the “get it now” button and tap on the “install” button.

After you have downloaded this application, try installing other apps from the App Store to check if the problem is solved or not. If this method does not work, read the other methods given below.

Solution 7: Sign in to Apple Music using your Apple ID

This solution might sound absurd, but using your Apple ID can fix this problem by signing to other services offered by Apple, like Apple Music. For example, you can follow the steps mentioned here to sign in to your Apple Music app.

Step. 1→ Launch the Apple Music app.

Step. 2→ Tap on the “sign in” or “log in” option in the app.

Step. 3→ Fill in your login details and hit the enter key.

Now visit the App Store and sign in to your account in the verification window. Then try installing the app you had difficulty downloading earlier to see if the issue persists.

Solution 8: Contact the Apple Support Centre

The final and the most drastic measure that one can take in case all the solutions mentioned earlier fail to work is to contact the Apple Support Centre for help. Apple has a 24×7 support staff that helps users resolve problems related to their Apple devices. Hence, by contacting them, you will have your computer diagnosed for issues and provided with a fix.

Getting stuck in the account verification loop on a MacBook can be very annoying, and trying to fix it often becomes frustrating. Hence, we recommend you try out all the solutions and processes explained in this article to tackle the “Your Apple ID has not been used with the App Store “error on the MacBook.

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