5 Fixes Apple ID Sign Out Greyed out Issue on Mac (2023)

is your Apple ID Sign Out Greyed out on Mac from System Preferences’s Apple ID setting? here’s a complete solution and Fix for any MacOS version running on your Any Mac Model [M1 Mac supported]. Apple is only disabling or Restrict the account access in the case of Parental control or Software bug or Apple’s server issue.

Let’s check out one by one and Re-Enable Signout Option on Mac and That helps in Logout your iCloud account for Sale, Unauthorised access Permission [Sharing], or Family sharing enabled Mac or Screen time enabled.

First Check This Solution:-

1. Screen Time Restrictions

Screen Time on mac restricts the Mac user on a different level like app installing, Deleting, or Website access and Such Apple ID account level as well.

On macOS Ventura, Sign out Grayed Out on Mac

1→ Go to the Apple logo from the top menu > System Settings.

System Settings on Mac
System Settings on Mac

2→ Select Screen Time > Turn off Toggle for “Screen Time“.


3→ Enter your Screen Time Passcode (If you don’t remember, Forgot screen Time passcode) and Turn off.


4→ That’s it. Now Force Quit the System Settings. From the top menu System Settings > Quit System Settings. Now Re-open System settings and see the Sign out option is working under your Profile name.


On macOS Monterey,

Follow the below steps,

1→ Click on Apple Logo from Top Mac menu > System Preferences.

2→ Click on Screen Time.

3→ Select the Options from the left side of the window. and click on Turn off.turn-off-screen-time-on-mac

4→ Enter screen Time passcode and Turn it off. If you Forgot Screen Time Passcode on Mac, Reset using this way [Video Tutorial].

Now, Go back to System Preferences > Apple ID > Under the Overview section > See Sign out option Re-Enabled to Logout your iCloud account from Mac.

macOS Ventura,

1→ Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

2→ Next, Click on Profile name > Scroll to Sign Out and That’s it.


MacOS Monterey:-

1→ Depending on the side of synced iCloud Data on mac, Signing out of iCloud on Mac takes a long time.

2→ Still, the Apple ID sign-out option is Disabled or Read-only then Restart your Mac with Turn off screen Time restrictions [Explained Earlier] and Check again.


3→ Go back to Apple Logo > System Preferences > Apple ID > Overview > Sign out option is Available for now.


Try Another Fixes:-

2. Sign Out is not available due to Restrictions

Mac users can apple Restriction by Creating a New Guest Account on Mac or Enable Restriction through Apple ID under Family sharing.

Suppose you are signed in with a Guest account, then you have to Request your Administrator of Mac or Switch User account to admin.

Also, Check your Apple ID is under Parental control. The family shared iCloud Account user doesn’t have permission to sign out and change Apple ID on Mac device.

In this case contact your Parental account and Get help from Him/Her.

3. Check Apple System Status

Sign out Process is taking too much time and Stuck on Verifying error. then you have to check your Internet connection and Apple Server status page as well.

For Network issue: Switch to Another network or Use your Phone’s Personal Hotspot.


Apple is updating All the Maintenance and Technical issue on apple’s official status page. Open the links below to See Apple’s Server issue based on your Geolocation.

4. Check-in Safe Mode

Safe more on Mac, Identify the software issue on Mac when starting your Mac and Loads Software that’s creating the internal issues.

Identify, is my Mac M1 or Intel? Then, follow the below steps to put your Mac in Safe mode [For M1 Mac and Intel Mac]

For M1 Mac:

1→ Shut Down your Mac and Turn it on After 20 seconds.

2→ Now, Press and Hold the power key until you see the Start Disk screen with the Settings option on a black screen.

3→ Select the Start-Up Disk.


4→ Press and Hold Shift key from Keyboard, and click on the Continue in Safe Mode option. and Release the Shift key.


Wait for a few seconds or a minute, until you see your mac login screen. Check whether the issue is fixed or not.


For Intel Mac:

  1. Shut Down your Mac and Turn it on After 20 seconds.
  2. Quickly Press and Hold the shift key until your mac sees the Login screen on Mac.

To Exit Safe Mode: Restart your Mac.

5. Software Update

Software update automatically fixes the internal software bugs and issue. Sometimes, The third-party apps aren’t compatible with the Old version on MacOS.

Go to the Apple logo from the top Mac menu > System Preferences > Software update.

That’s it.

Still, this is an issue with your iCloud account, no one can crack and diagnose your issue without apple support. you can contact Apple support online or offline. Book Appointment for Apple Genius bar reservation.

Hope you get fixed your issue, let’s comment to me!

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