Asus ZenScreen Review 2023: USB C Portable Monitor For Mac & Windows

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This generation believes in and enjoys the liberty to work anytime, anywhere. We have seen people work while eating breakfast in a restaurant, sometimes while traveling on a train or at home. Post pandemic, an aesthetic workstation is believed to be anywhere but the office.

As fun as it sounds, it becomes difficult to carry a PC everywhere, and cellphones and laptops have limitations. Besides, some reasons make it difficult for anyone to work/play games on these devices. For example, PCs aren’t durable, cellphones and tablets do not offer large enough screens, and laptops usually are compatible when two (and not more than that) people sit side by side.

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In such cases, a portable monitor comes into use. While we limited the example given above to work, one can use a Portable Monitor for Asus ZenScreen, a recent favorite among Gen Z. To understand the reason behind this, we decided to look at the product ourselves. Here are some details about the product and what we think about it.


Asus ZenScreen is the first portable monitor in the world to have a hybrid-signal connection, which means it is compatible with any laptop through just one USB connector cable. In addition, ZenScreen comes with a 7800 mAh battery built into the monitor, allowing it to last up to 4 hours (3 hours when connected to USB). It supports QC3.0, which enables fast battery charging twice as fast as any average adapter.

Speaking of the world’s first, this portable monitor is also the first with the lightest companion display (a remarkable 15.6 inches).

With such efficient processing, its super slim profile (just 8mm, can you believe it?) and the lightweight (I know! Only 850 g) make it much more aesthetic and productive than any other portable monitor.

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This device is compatible with any laptop or mobile device that supports Android 5.0 or later OS.

Besides these, the foldable smart case that comes with it allows the user to turn it into a stand so that the monitor props up in whichever mode you like (portrait or landscape). It also features the TUV Rheinland-certified technology along with the Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light technologies so that the user is guaranteed a comfortable viewing experience.


The price of this product has fluctuated from $279 in June 2021 to $304.99 in June 2022 – the highest price today. This portable monitor is available on Amazon at $249.99 (roughly ₹19500/-).

Input Port Type

As mentioned above, Asus ZenScreen GO MB16AHP is the first portable monitor in the world to have a hybrid-signal connection, which means that it is compatible with any laptop through just one USB connector cable. The any-way-up design of the USB C portal allows you to connect to any device without much hassle, which means no more time wasted in finding the right side that MUST face up to connect with the USB port. Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AHP also comes with micro-HDMI connectivity.

Asus ZenScreen Go Warranty

This product comes with a warranty card – Up to 3 Years. Depending on the Model and Offer, Company may change the Warranty terms and conditions. For that, you should check that details during Ordering. However, the warranty doesn’t cover the pen.

Asus Zenscreen Alternatives

Some of the other portable monitors that can replace ASUS ZenScreen are as under.

1. AOC I1601P

This monitor’s slim and light design makes it a snug fit in any laptop case or backpack. However, this device’s navigating menu is a little problematic, and the small cable length limits the portability.

2. ASUS MB169C+

With a USB-C connection, this portable monitor is straightforward to use. The in-plane switching (IPS) display system allows you to share views with friends. Despite that, the users have complained about its screen being too dim and the menu control wheel being extra fiddly.

3. Gechic 1101P

More popular among the photographers who use this to attach to an SLR camera or tripod, this portable monitor flaunts an 11.6-inch IPS Display. Despite its well-connection feature, this device’s design is rather bland compared to all the other products mentioned here.

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4. Asus MB168B+

For laptops without a USB-C connection, this portable monitor can be an excellent replacement for the Asus MB169C+. With just 800 grams of weight, this device can comfortably carry around. However, the limitations of this device are that it needs USB 3.0 portals, and the data transfer rate is relatively low.

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Why Should You Buy It?

The following are the distinctive features of Asus ZenScreen GO MB16AHP:

  1. Hybrid-signal solution
  2. Micro-HDMI connectivity
  3. 7800 mAh battery
  4. Supports QC3.0
  5. World’s lightest companion display (15.6 inches)
  6. Super slim profile
  7. Lightweight
  8. Compatible with mobile phones and laptops
  9. Foldable smart case
  10. TUV Rheinland-certified technology
  11. Flicker-free technology
  12. Low blue light technology

With all these, this product is built on the go, allowing you a convenient way to not only carry the monitor easily but to use it for a whopping 3.8 hours (average) on a single charge. In addition, the product’s design makes it look stylish and classy, adding to one of your aesthetic workplace/ game station Instagram or Pinterest images. The automatic screen orientation feature and the wide viewing angles are reasons to buy this Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AHP.

Is It Worth Buying? rates this product based on uses after conducting an extensive number of tests. Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AHP overall scores 6.4, which means that it is suitable for most uses, be it displaying texts or documents or watching multimedia. Regarding office use, this site ranked Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AHP 6.7 based on the lack of color gamut but the large screen with a high pixel density, enhancing the texts’ charity.

Regarding gaming, the site above rates this product at 6.5 after noticing the high pixel density and the low input lag feature. It scores a 6.3 when it comes to multimedia and media creation.

So depending upon the case, this product is worth every buck spent on it unless you buy it for HDR gaming, for which the narrow color gamut reduces the score to a mere 4.9.

Where To Buy? Asus ZenScreen Go Deals 2022/Discount/Offer Price

Asus ZenScreen Go MB16AHP is available online. The best deals available for the same are

  1. Amazon – $249.99
  2. B&H – $229 + Delivery
  3. Microless- $350.68 + tax

Types Of Models

The following is a table showing the comparison of the variants and sizes:

Sr. No.ModelSize(inches)ResolutionRemarks
1.ZenScreen Go MB16AHP15.61920×10807800 mAh batteryMicro HDMIUSB-C
2.ZenScreen MB16AC15.61920×1080USB-C
3.ZenScreen MB16ACV15.61920×1080Kickstand built in, USB-C
4.ZenScreen Touch MB16AMT15.61920×1080Micro HDMI, touchscreen, USB-C, 7800 mAh battery


Is the Asus ZenScreen Go Touchscreen?

The Asus ZenScreen Go is a portable monitor with a high-signal solution, a built-in 7800 mAh battery, and a 15.6-inch companion display; this model is not a touch screen. However, another model – the ZenScreen Touch – sports a hybrid signal USB C, a built-in battery, and a 15.6-inch, 10-point touch screen.

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What Is Asus ZenScreen?

Asus ZenScreen is a portable monitor. It is a device in the market designed to make on-the-go work more accessible and convenient. They are small and very light in weight, making them easier to carry around with you.

They are usually slim and stylish extensions to a desktop, tablet, mobile phone, or laptop.

Does the Asus ZenScreen MB16AC Have A Battery?

Asus ZenScreen MB16AC does not have an in-built battery. It picks up power from the laptop/desktop devices to which it is connected. However, tests have shown that it drew only 90 minutes worth of battery from Surface Pro, which has a total battery capacity of 8 hours.

Is Asus ZenScreen A Tablet?

No. Asus ZenScreen is a portable monitor. It is a device in the market designed to make on-the-go work more accessible and convenient. They are small and very light in weight, making them easier to carry around with you.

A tablet is one of the devices to which Asus ZenScreen connects.

How Do You Use The Asus ZenScreen Pen?

You can use the Asus Pen to navigate or write notes on the ZenScreen monitors. To scroll, tap and perform the touch functions, you can use the soft end, while the other end writes on paper with ink.

When inserted into the hole in the bottom bezel of ZenScreen, the pen acts as a stand leg for the device, helping it stand upright in both landscape and portrait positions.

Why Is My Asus Touch Screen Not Working?

While there may be many causes for this, some of the most popular ones are unclean screen, unavailability of touch screen function on the connected laptop, un-updated computer systems, or system errors.

You can resolve this issue caused by any of the above reasons or any other by visiting the official Asus website.

Does Asus ZenScreen 4k?

Asus ZenScreen does not support 4k. The resolution of this device is 1920x1080p. See the List of Best 4K Portable Monitors that you should buy for work on HD Screen.


Identical to Asus ZenScreen MB14AC, Asus ZenScreen GO MB16AHP additionally has a mammoth 7800mAh battery built into the device, thereby leaving all the laptop’s power for the laptop itself. Moreover, the other features are quite a good product for the pride. However, if you plan to use it for HD gaming, this product is a no-go and would make you question the worth of every penny spent on it.

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