BenQ Monitor Light Bar Review 2024, iMac [E-Reading, Gaming, and midnight Work]

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or use your computer screen mostly for studies, a monitor light bar is essential to brighten your desk without causing screen glares. With patented clips and accessories, the BenQ monitor light can be an exclusive choice for you. The monitor light bar comes with an ergonomic design and best-in-class features, making it perfect for your home office setup. However, the product has faced a few criticisms too. If you are looking for the best desktop lighting solution and are confused about whether the BenQ Monitor light is enough for the job or not, you have come to the right place.

Here, we are offering the complete BenQ monitor light review considering all its features and use cases. Check out to know more!

Why do you need a monitor screen light for your desk setup?

Before you check out the BenQ Monitor light, it’s better to understand whether you actually need the Halo ScreenBar or not. Here, we will discuss why you may need a monitor screen light.

There is more than one reason you should invest in a good monitor light setup. A monitor light bar can help you get the best out of your screen time by reducing eye strain and headaches and boosting productivity. 

light-projection-on-display-monitor-with-screen bar-halo

Reduces eye strain

Long hours of work on your computer with bright screen light coming out of the monitor can cause strain on your eyes. The monitor lights can reduce eye strain significantly by minimizing the screen glare and reflection.

Better manage desk space

If your desk setup does not permit enough space, keeping a desk lamp may seem impossible to you. But considering all the positive effects, an additional light source offers while working on the computer makes it essential to have. Thus, comes the screen bar monitor light; it does not take up any space on your desk and sits comfortably on top of your monitor, ensuring that you can utilize the desk space to the fullest.

Boosts Productivity

Bright light causes eye strain and can result in uncomfortable headaches and back pain. Therefore, long exposure to bright screen light does not let you focus, and the deep work you wish to perform, somewhat suffers every time. A monitor light screen bar can help you boost productivity by reducing stress and creating the perfect ambiance to focus better on the job.

Use it as

  • monitor light bar for webcam
  • monitor light bar for thick monitor
  • monitor light bar for zoom
  • monitor light bar for dual monitor
  • monitor light bar for gaming
  • monitor light bar for curved monitor
  • monitor light bar for thin bezel
  • monitor light bar for curved monitor
  • monitor light bar for laptop
  • monitor light bar for video conferencing

BenQ Monitor Light Review

Now that you know how useful a monitor light can be, it’s time to check out the detailed BenQ ScreenBar Halo monitor light review. Have a look now,

Super Easy to Setup


Ease of use is a pretty important factor that you need to consider while opting for a monitor light bar. The BenQ light monitor is very easy to set up on your desktop. It comes with a sturdy clip-holding design. You can just attach the clip to the light bar and lock it simply by rotating. After that, it’s only about connecting it with your PC and putting the clip on your monitor. 

The light is powered by USB, and the best part is it consumes only 6.5 Watts, SB+: 5 Watts of power while at its maximum brightness. Also, the box comes with The USB cable line of Halo is connected from USB A to the backlight of the product. As for ScreenBar Plus, the cable is connected from USB A to USB C, and the cable is 1.5 meters (59 inches) long, which ensures that the monitor light bar works seamlessly with any monitor in your home office setup.

Ergonomic Design

banq-screen bar-hello-for-monitor

The BenQ Monitor Light has an ergonomic design to ensure maximum usability. With its nicely hinged clamp, you can always adjust the light source at your convenience. The light bar has four touch controls on top of it. This includes the power button, a color temperature, and a brightness control button. 

Also, the USB connector lets you directly connect the light bar with your computer without any need for an additional power source. Unlike the desk lamps, you don’t have to adjust the lamp base every now and then. Therefore, the ScreenBar Halo monitor light is essential space-saving equipment in your work-from-home setup.

Reduce Eye-strain to zero

The new BenQ Screen Bar Halo comes with a back light design to ensure the utmost comfort for your eyes while working for long hours on your PC. With its asymmetric design, the light protects your eyes from screen reflection. Also, three built-in eye care modes lets you adjust the lumination, brightness, and temperature of the light as it suits your eyes. and your.

The light bar offers around 100 light settings to adjust your surrounding light for work or leisure. Alongside that, you can adjust between three different light modes. You can switch between the Front light, Back light, or both Front & Back light simultaneously.

Adjustable Color Temperature


You can easily adjust the BenQ monitor light temperature through the built-in buttons available at the back. The light works on variable color temperatures starting from a decent cold 6500K to a much warmer 2700K. As you set the light on its warmest settings, the bluer lights that work on the cold feature turn off. 

This works best as most of us are supposed to work in the ‘warm’ light settings in the latter part of the day. Also, the LEDs available on BenQ Halo screen bars are rated CRI>95 on the CRI(Color Rendering Index). The Hue adjustment feature lets you achieve the perfect color and temperature to maximize your focus and comfort while gaming, e-reading, or completing the last-minute work at midnight.

Easily Works With Curved Monitors

As mentioned earlier, the BenQ monitor light seamlessly works with any monitor, and the list includes curved monitors too. You can set up the light on curved monitors with thicknesses ranging from 0.28″ to 2.36″ (0.7 to 6 cm) thick, SB+ : thickness from 0.4″ To 1.2″ (1 to 3 cm).

Apart from that, the ScreenBar Halo comes with special accessories for curved monitors, which is what reduces the screen reflection and glare from either side of your curved monitor. However, if you are using a monitor with ultra-thin bezels, you may find it difficult to connect the light in that case. 

Final Verdict

The ScreenBar is amazingly designed to reduce eye strain, especially for users who have to stay focused on their computer screen for long hours. However, if you are a gamer and willing to get the BenQ ScreenBar light, you might miss a low-light gaming mode consisting of a mild red or green light that is unavailable. Alongside that, if you see monitor lights as just LED tubes and don’t find the available features useful, then the price of Halo: 179 USD, SB+: 139 USD in Amazon US may seem a bit pricey. But as a whole, the BenQ monitor light is an effective solution for those struggling with minimum desk space.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are monitor lights any good?

We all understand how long exposure to bright screen light affects the optic nerves in our eyes. A monitor light comes exclusively handy for those who spend hours on their computer screens reading or working. It can easily brighten your workspace without boasting your screen brightness and causing screen glares.

Also, if you need to make video calls under a dark setup, monitor light is very useful. Not only that, but the best quality monitor light offers an automatically adjustable lighting solution that suits your work environment and eventually helps to boost your productivity. Therefore, monitor light is an important productivity tool for everyday desktop users.

How do I use a ScreenBar light?

The installation of the monitor light bar is very easy. All you need to do is to connect the plastic attachments to the light bar and place it on the top of your monitor. Then, connect the available USB cable to your computer. Now, your Halo ScreenBar is ready to use.

There are four different buttons on the top of the light bar, which you can use to adjust the brightness and temperature of the light. To understand the usability in detail then, you must go through the users’ manual available with the box.

How do I turn on & off my BenQ monitor light?

The BenQ monitor light bar has a power button on the top. To turn on the light, you just need to tap the button once you connect the USB cable to your computer. After that, to turn off the light, similarly tap the power button again.

What is the best monitor backlight?

Banq invented an upgraded version of the Monitor light bar with a backlight with all-powerful eye protection technology. Banq is One of the toughest Backlight monitor for the desktop screen, iMac, iMac Pro even Smart TV. Banq Halo Bar is a great alternative for Baseus Monitor Light Bar

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