Fixed Monterey “Your network preferences prevent content from loading privately

Last Updated on Sep 2, 2022

Fix the message showing on the Mac mail app, Your network preferences prevent content from loading privately. Fix using the network preference settings to load the image on mail without a press on the button “Load Content Directly”. This is mail app privacy on mac and Same Privacy is also available for iPhone users. that we can manage from network settings on Mac and iPhone separately.

using this privacy feature, you have to manually load the images on the Mail body by pressing the button “Load Content”. This looks to add extra effort to read the whole content in the mail body.

Step to Enable Load Content with image on Mac: Monterey Updated

  1. Open the mail app on Mac, from top Menu mail > Preferences.
  2. Under the Privacy section, Uncheck “Hide IP Address” and “Protect Mail Activity”.turn-off-your-network-preferences-prevent-content-from-loading-privately-on-mac-mail-app
  3. Force quit the mail app and check the image load instantly while you open mail on Mac.

Ideally, this option, Prevents tracking your activity on the mail app. and Enabled by Default.

Still, your mail app on mac won’t load the images directly, then check out the below troubleshooting for Pictures won’t load on apple on mac

Quick Troubleshooting:-

Antivirus: Remove unused Network Tracking software: Antivirus software. sometimes malicious background activity is blocked by the installed software.

Turn off VPN: Disable VPN if installed & Enabled, Pi-Hole creates a problem to open image on mail app. VPN is also against network privacy so it could be turned off or Go with the secure connection.

Check-in Safe mode: Safe mode determines the software issue while turning on Mac. Safe mode stop opening the app, and diagnose the problem with affected apps and internal software bug. Follow the steps given to put your mac in safe mode, for your Intel and M1 Mac.

Check to New MacOS Update: New macOS update with an important bug fix is a helpful solution. Go to the Apple logo > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and Install.

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