Fixed “Your network preferences prevent content from loading privately”

With the latest macOS update, the Cupertino-based tech giant has enhanced privacy protection that limits senders from identifying your location. But unfortunately, many users have faced the issue with Apple Mail.

And the most recent issue they have come across is “Your Network Preferences Prevent Content from loading.” Most of the time, the problem is due to updating the device to the latest macOS, and also it can be due to minor bugs within the Mac. or Having to click on by pressing the button “Load Content”. Luckily, it can get fixed by following the below troubleshooting guide. 

1. Step to Enable Load Content with image on Mac

You can fix “Your Network Preferences Prevent Content From Loading Privately” by following the below steps.

Disable Protect Mail Activity and Block All Remote Content

With the latest macOS update, there are an array of privacy features that are likely to be the cause of the issue. To prevent such possibilities, you need to follow the below steps.

  1. Open Mail App.
  2. Choose Mail from the menu bar.
  3. Select Settings…(Preferences…)
  4. From the next window, click on Privacy.


  1. And now, uncheck the box next to the Protect Mail Activity and Block App Remote Content.
  2. Force quit the mail app (Command + Q) and check the image load instantly while you open mail on Mac.

That’s It!

Ideally, this option, Prevents tracking your activity on the mail app. and is Enabled by Default.

Still, your mail app on mac won’t load the images directly, then check out the below troubleshooting for Pictures that won’t load on apple on Mac.

2. Check iCloud Server Status

The iCloud Server Status needs to be stable at this point. If something is wrong, Your Network Preferences Prevent Content From Loading Privately is a welcoming issue. But it’s easy to fix. Since the case isn’tisn’t on your side. So Check iCloud Server Status; if it’s down, wait a while and let it get fixed. If you are outside the USA, here’s how to check Apple Server Status Online.

3. Disable Limit Address Tracking

IP address tracking is another security feature on Mac. But sometimes, it plays wrong with the app’s functionality and capability. And that’s what is considered with the Apple Mail App. To disable the feature, follow the below steps. 

macOS Ventura And Later

  1. Navigate to the Apple Logo.
  2. Choose System Settings…(System Settings…for macOS Monterey And Earlier)
  3. Click on Wi-Fi (Network > Wi-Fi, macOS Monterey And Earlier).
  4. Now select Details… Button next to connected Wi-Fi.
  5. Toggle off Limit Address Tracking.


4. Turn Off Firewall

Is Firewall enabled on your Mac? If yes, Disable Firewall, as it can be the reason for the issue. 

macOS Ventura And Later

  1. Go to Apple Logo.
  2. Select System Settings…
  3. Choose a Network.
  4. Select Firewall and click on the toggle to disable it.

macOS Monterey And Earlier

  1. Select Apple Logo. 
  2. Choose System Preferences…
  3. Click Security & Privacy > Firewall.
  4. Select Lock Icon, enter Administrator Name And Password and click Unlock.
  5. Lastly, choose Turn Off Firewall Button.

Once done with it, navigate to the mail app and check for the issue. 

5. Turn Off VPN

If you are currently using the VPN, and at that time, you are experiencing Apple Mail not loading new emails, it means the VPN is the culprit behind the issue. To disable VPN, please follow our guide on How To Disable/Delete VPN on Mac.

6. Turn Off Antivirus

Antivirus for Mac is always preferable, but they impose various restrictions to prevent minor bugs and glitches from creating any dispute and causing Mac misbehaves. If the Antivirus is enabled, immediately disable it, and check for the issue.

7. Check-in Safe mode

The safe mode determines the software issue while turning on Mac. Safe mode stops opening the app and diagnoses the problem with affected apps and internal software bugs. Follow the steps to put your Mac in safe mode for your Intel and M1 Mac.

8. Check for New macOS Update

A new macOS update with an important bug fix is a helpful solution.

macOS Ventura & Later: Go to the Apple Logo > System Settings > General > Software Update > Download and install.

macOS Monterey & Earlier macOS: Go to the Apple logo > System Preferences > Software Update > Download and Install.

Bottom Line

That’s It, Folk! Here is how you can fix your network preferences to prevent content from loading. However, the issue might persist; in this case, you Contact Apple Support, as its only way remained.

Quick Troubleshooting:-

Antivirus: Remove unused Network Tracking software- Antivirus software. Sometimes malicious background activity is blocked by the installed software.

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