Best Cheap Smartwatch for iPhone in 2024

Are you looking for smartwatch for your iPhone but not want to buy Apple Watch? Get complete suggestions of good Cheap Smartwatch for iPhone.

Finding the right accessory compatible with your iPhone could be a tough decision to make. To ease your search, we are here with another article, and this time, we have recommendations for smartwatches that are compatible with an iPhone. By wearing a smartwatch, you can enhance your everyday look and get all your essential notifications on your wrist.

This article has listed suitable recommendations that are cheap to buy and would last long in terms of usage. You can entirely rely on these suggestions and pick the one that fits your requirements appropriately. So, grab the one smartwatch that feels the best for you.

List of Best Cheap Smartwatch for iPhone But Not Apple Watch

1. TouchElex Smartwatch for iOS – under $50


Wear your watch with style and enhance your overall look with this TouchElex Smartwatch, one of the affordable options for your purchase. The watch will fulfill your purpose of informing you when the phone rings or a text message pops up, along with other features like tracking your daily activities like the number of steps, heart rate, blood and oxygen monitoring, etc.

The 1.75-inches TouchElex smartwatch is the people’s choice and a trusted brand regarding its productive usage. It is compatible with iPhones, but its only disadvantage is that the phone’s battery life might drain very soon because of this smartwatch. This TouchElex Smartwatch is well recommended if you are looking for an all-around smartwatch with all the necessary features in a suitable price range. Its waterproof battery life will ensure zero hindrance to your smartwatch, and therefore, we recommend you purchase this one from Amazon today!

Pros of buying TouchElex Smartwatch for iOS

  • It consists of all the necessary features
  • Supports health monitoring
  • Easy to wear
  • Stylish & elegant
  • Waterproof battery life

2. UMIDIGI Smartwatch 


Introduce fashion in your everyday living by grabbing this stylish UMIDIGI smartwatch, which will match all your attires. As many users suggest, this watch will act true to its features and showcase all the health concerns by providing true data.

The smartwatch has complete access to fitness precisions and will notify you over every call and text answered from your smartwatch itself. Another noteworthy addition to this smartwatch is its precise GPS tracking. If you wish to be notified about your social media applications on your wrist, you can easily enable this option on the UMIDIGI smartwatch. Other enhanced features like weather forecasts, music controls, and camera shutters are all included in this smartwatch, making it a suitable buy. So, delay no more and grab this UMIDIGI smartwatch from Amazon at the best price!

Pros of buying UMIDIGI Smartwatch

  • Fashionable & Lightweight
  • Fitness displays
  • Quick notifications
  • GPS tracking

3. Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch Under $150


Keep yourself healthy and ensure whether your daily fitness is appropriate with a Fitbit in your hand. Recommended by many users, a Fitbit is an appropriate choice as it will provide you with proper healthcare and work as a suitable smartwatch so that you never miss out on any notification.

The in-built GPS will also help ease your driving. Moreover, the Fitbit being water-resistant to 50 meters, you shall not worry about the watch coming in contact with any water activities. Another attractive feature is its quick response to the in-built Google Assistant or Alexa, which will keep you updated. So, make your fitness your daily priority and get all the updated reports on time with a Fitbit Versa 2, which is quite cheap and affordable and shall pair easily with your iPhone. Grab yours on Amazon today!

Pros of buying Fitbit Versa 2 Health and Fitness Smartwatch

  • Daily fitness reports
  • Notifies each time
  • In-built GPS
  • It supports Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Easy pairing with iPhone

4. Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch 


Introduce an all-around smartwatch to your daily lifestyle and keep a close track of your everyday activities with an Amazfit GTR smartwatch. The budget-friendly smartwatch can act as a great accessory if you are an iPhone user and shall give you the appropriate benefits at the least price. With this smartwatch, you can make the most use of the voice recordings and keep yourself updated throughout.

This smartwatch’s built-in voice functions can greatly ease your load, and you can make it work at your commands. People believe this smartwatch to be a suitable choice and a great replacement for an Apple watch. However, the only con is that a smartwatch may quickly drain the phone’s battery. The cheap option that this Amazfit smartwatch is, you will be amused with its internal features like GPS, water resistance, all-around health tracking, and an elegant look. So, make your fair choice today and grab this smartwatch at the least rates on Amazon.

Pros of buying Amazfit GTR 2e Smartwatch

  • Budget-friendly
  • Supportive of voice recordings
  • In-built sports mode
  • Water-resistant
  • 24-day battery life

5. HD Touchscreen Smartwatch under $100


Get notified about all your essential messages at your wrist with this all-around smartwatch. Another suitable and budget-friendly option could be this smartwatch from the ANDFZ store, a stylish and elegant-looking choice. Its quick Bluetooth connectivity lets you move forth with a direct call connection and let you use the smartwatch hands-free. The multiple sports mode of this smartwatch is an added attraction that will let you use the smartwatch appropriately at all times. The watch is only not suitable for swimming or water activities.

With this smartwatch, you can truly watch your health-related activities. The 1.70-inch touchscreen smartwatch is everything you will need for your daily living. However, the only con of this smartwatch is that you cannot reply to the messages from here. But if your quest is for a suitable watch at low prices and something that can run for over two to three days, you must grab your hands on this HD Touchscreen Smartwatch available on Amazon!

Pros of buying HD Touchscreen Smartwatch 

  • Quick Bluetooth connectivity
  • Operate handsfree
  • Sports mode
  • Health tracking
  • HD touchscreen

These smartwatches will bring a difference to your daily living and make it feel easier and more convenient. Keep track of your everyday health and fitness and attend your calls and texts right at your wrist. The quick Bluetooth connectivity of these smartwatches will ensure zero hindrance; however, it may be a little battery-consuming.

You can truly rely on the quality and longevity of these smartwatches, which are cheap, budget-friendly, and solves the purpose. So, delay no more and grab your favorite smartwatch from Amazon today. Avail of the best deals and prices and bring forth better elegance to your daily lifestyle without further ado!

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