8 Best Online Cloud Backups for Mac in 2023 (Chepast Services)

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Whether you want backup files, share with your mates, or want to collaborate on the same project, the online backup for Mac and Windows makes things easier. Besides this, the backup services let you protect critical data from losing during a catastrophe. So let’s look at the best online backup services for your peripheral.

If you are looking for the Cheapest Cloud Backup service, then we recommend iDrive (Pay as you Go Option).

Best Online Cloud Backups For Mac & PC

If you want the Cloud backup for all my files, Photos, and videos, consider the list of the best cloud storage for Mac and Windows below.

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1. OneDrive


The Microsoft Product – it’s online cloud storage, available for both Mac and Windows. With most OneDrive subscriptions, you will receive Microsoft 365, including Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., and 1TB Onedrive Storage. But you will also access OneDrive freemium with 5GB Storage. 

You can sync across multiple devices; Laptops, Phones, and Tablets.  

Additionally, it lets backup the data from the specific location of Mac or Windows to iCloud. However, there are different OneDrive versions, with minor price differences. Lastly, it’s highly secured online cloud services for Mac and Windows. 

2. Dropbox


Get Dropbox if you want to keep yours together in a central space. It’s accessible from anywhere and syncs the data across multiple peripherals. Besides this, it securely shares documents with a big size of up to 100GB and real-time insights.

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Besides this, it starts with a free version for up to 2GB. After that, there are various plans with different pricing and features; Plus, Family, Professional, Standard, Advance, and Enterprise. If you want multiple users to join the Cloud, you can have Family, as it offers six users. And you will have one-user access with a basic professional plan but with an extra feature. Integrated with some Advance features, this iCloud service is best for professional and personal users.

3. Google Drive


Google Drive will get 15GB of free storage and Google Photos integration features – that’s what it is from other services. Additionally, there is an assortment of Office App, Spreadsheet, Presentation, and Notes. 

The plans are affordable, pricing $0.25/Month for 100GB, $0.75/Month for 200GB, and 2.9/Month for 2TB. However, with a difference in pricing, you will get extra features, access to a 5 Google Expert, Share With Five Users, and VPN by Google One.

4. Backblaze


If there is unlimited data that you want to back up, consider having Backblaze. It’s an automated Cloud Storage system that aims to back up all files, remove unused temporary files, and manage complete data. 

Best of all, the company offers some disaster recovery features, convenient for users to prevent data loss. Available in three pricing versions; Monthly, Yearly, and Every Two Years, with the same advanced quality, Two Factor Authentication, Encryption, Private Key, etc. It’s iCloud service with straightforward pricing and unlimited cloud backup facility.

5. Carbonite Safe


Carbonite Safe is a one-stop data backup solution for all kinds of users; an entrepreneur, a contractor, or an individual every one can use it. In addition, an advanced protection layer is aimed at protecting against ransomware and accidental deletion. 

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 Additionally, you can access and upload the data via any computer using a secured web dashboard.  

For remote working, you share the account with up to 25 users. There are three variant plans, for 1-3 Computers $6; for up to 25 computers $24; and for computers and servers $50 – all of them monthly based. However, with an increased price of plans, there are also many features.


IDrive is a cloud service designed for individuals and professionals at an affordable price. It offers 10TB for individuals and up to 35TB for businesses. It’s compatible with backup and sync from external drives and mobile peripherals. In addition, the cloud storage for Mac and Windows lets you share password-protected files.

The unique feature is IDrive Express Service; you will receive a Physical Hard Drive, in which you have to upload the data and then mail it back to upload it on the Cloud. This service drastically degrades the leverage of uploading files. Whether it is for individual or business usage, for business, the IDrive is always chunk.

7. iCloud


Apple’s own iCloud Storage is the best place to store your photos & videos, and it’s available where you go. The free version is for 5 GB; you can upgrade to iCloud+ if you want more. 

The iCloud+ includes some advanced features; Family Sharing, Private Relay, Hide My Email, and HomeKit Secure Video. In addition, it’s available in three storage variants, 50 GB, 200 GB, and 2TB, with a different pierce tag. And best of all, it’s one of the most secure Cloud storage for Mac and Windows.

8. Synology NAS


With Synology NAS, you can create a club backup for both physical and virtual workspace using its centralized dashboard. In addition, it allows you to manage Mac and PC from a single console. 

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With Synology NAS, you can use your devices by minimizing the risk of system crashes and ransomware. Moreover, you can schedule the backup or allow the backup to begin when the screen lock, startup, or sleep. Besides this, you will get the Global Deduplication feature, Incremental Backup. 

With Synology NAS, you back up more than 700 PCs, 13 Physical servers, and up to 49 VMs to deal with challenging data management tasks.

Bottom Line

There are numerous cloud backups available for Mac and Windows. It is essential to understand its dynamism and have the best paid or Free Cloud Backup Service for Mac. Just in case if forget to cover what you prefer, let us know by dropping in below comment box, 

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