12 Best Apple Superdrive Alternatives of 2023- DVD/CD Writer

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Apple’s Supercomputer iMac and portable laptop series MacBook, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air, iMac Pro comes with a fast speed processor, enough storage, Hard drive capacity, and fresh color finish. All configurations are better than Windows computers, but Apple Mac is not cum with any DVD/ CD writer or Blue-ray writer. Hence, if you want to burn CD or watch a DVD copy on your Mac, you will have to purchase Apple external optical Superdrive separately.

Superdrive is an Apple’s designed external CD/DVD writer working to burn CDs and DVDs and install software, create the backup disc, and much more. Unfortunately, the Price of an optical drive is higher than other brands. So let’s see here the five best Apple Superdrive alternatives.

Hello guys, here are listed all external hard drives (CD/DVD) compatible with All Apple laptops and iMac. Also, you will even get the user guide manual with this external super drive. Don’t miss the external MacBook Chargers.

The Top Five Best Apple Superdrive Alternatives: Burn your CD and Take Backup Quickly

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#1. Hitachi LG GP96Y Multi-OS External CD/DVD


Now restore all your photos, videos, music, and other files that you had stored on a CD or DVD with the Hitachi LG GP96Y Multi-OS External CD/DVD. It is a very versatile and compatible CD/DVD drive that supports connection with most of the operating systems like Windows, Mac, Fire OS, Android interfaces, and many more. It can be connected to any laptop, computer, or MacBook with a USB-C or USB-A port with the help of the respective cables that come with this DVD drive. The Hitachi-LG portable DVDRW drive comes with a unique DiscLink Platinum app that can be used to transfer videos, photos, and music from your CD or DVD to your Mac. This external CD drive can also be used to create a backup of your iPhone or any other smartphone to any optical disk using the DiscLink Platinum app.

With the Hitachi LG GP96Y Multi-OS External CD/DVD, you no longer need to frown about the longevity of this product as it features an Automatic firmware update that automatically downloads and installs all the latest and essential security and device updates. You can also couple this CD/DVD drive with your firestick to convert it into a fire tv DVD player to enjoy movies and videos on your home theatre. The Hitachi LG GP96Y Multi-OS External CD/DVD is a very easy-to-install device, and it uses the principle of plug and plays to connect with your Mac. It can be easily carried around with you anywhere and everywhere as it is a very compact and lightweight CD/DVD drive.

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So, without giving it any thought, go to Amazon and order this excellent product to get it dropped to your home in just a couple of days with Prime’s lightning-fast delivery.



Throw all the stress and worries of restoring your valuable files from any CD or DVD out of the window as the Asus SDRW-08U9M-U ZENDRIVE is one of the best external CD/DVD drives for your MacBook. Now you can quickly transfer all your data from any CD or DVD to the Mac at lightning-fast speeds and save a lot of time and effort. This device can be connected to your MacBook using the USB C and USB A connection that is supported by all the latest laptops, computers, and MacBooks. 

The Asus SDRW-08U9M-U ZENDRIVE offers the most robust backup solution with special disc encryption and a three-step burning process that adds an extra layer of protection to your files when backed up using this drive. It is a very sleek, stylish, and lightweight product, enabling you to carry it anywhere you go with comfort and ease. Unlike other external drives, you can store data in this M disk for generations as the drive has an expiration limit of 1000 years. Apart from being compatible with the Mac, this external drive can also be connected to any Windows PC for regular use.

Hence, to pass on the memories and beautiful moments of your life for future generations to cherish, grab this brilliant device from Amazon today.

#3. Apiker External DVD Drive

Apiker External DVD Drive

If you are searching for an external DVD drive that can be connected to a pen drive, SD card, or micro SD card, and computers or MacBook, then the Apiker External DVD Drive is the perfect product for you. This external DVD drive can simply be used by plugging it into your Mac or PC in the USB 3.0 Type C port. This fantastic product can be used as a DVD player to watch movies and videos, back up data, listen to music, burn or rip discs, install software, etc. This brilliant external DVD drive reads and writes your data in an instant with advanced burning technology and offers a maximum data transfer rate of 5Gbps to provide a much more intuitive and crystal clear picture quality while watching photos and movies.

The Apiker external DVD drive is compatible with almost all of the operating systems, including the Mac OS, Windows OS, Linux, and many more, so that you can use it with any and all laptops available. This product comes with a super strong and robust protective storage carrying case that keeps it safe in case of accidental drops and shocks. It can be put into your backpack or laptop bag and carried around as it is a very compact and lightweight external DVD drive making it very suitable for home, office, library, school, travel.

Therefore, for faster and safer data reading and transmission speed, order this top-class product from Amazon to get great deals and discounts today.

#4. UHNDY External DVD Drive


Make room for the brilliant UHNDY External DVD Drive that is extremely easy to use and works on the plug and play connection using the USB 3.0 connection. This external CD/DVD drive will be automatically detected by your MacBook and does not require the installation of any external software or driver for its use. This device offers a fantastic Read/write speed so that your photos and videos are visible to you as soon as it is connected to the MacBook. The USB-C and USB-A cables and the USB 3.0 port offer ultra-fast file transmission speeds of a maximum of 5 Gbps, enabling you to transfer HD movies or files in just a few seconds.

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By buying this product, you not only get a DVD drive but it can also be used as a USB hub for extended and proper utilization of your Mac. The four USB ports of this DVD drive enable you to connect it with any keyboard, mouse, and more USB device to your MacBook. You can quickly move your photos and videos from the camera to your MacBook with the help of the SD card reader and microSD card slot. You can connect this DVD drive with Mac as well as other older computers and laptops using the USB-A and USB-C connectivity options, making it very convenient and helpful.

Now you can quickly burn or rip your CD or DVD disks at superfast speeds with the UHNDY External DVD Drive. So why waste any more time wondering about buying this product and head over to the Amazon site or store to order it right away.

#5. Gotega External DVD Drive

Experience ultra-fast reading and writing speeds with the Gotega External DVD Drive that offers a writing speed of 8 times and a reading speed of 24 times when compared to the standard DVD drives. This incredible External CD drive is compatible with Mac ios (ios 8.6 to 10.14), and all the versions of windows give you total authority to use it with whichever device you want. To use this DVD drive, you need to simply plug it into your USB port using the USB cable, and it will be automatically recognized by your MacBook without the installation of any software.

Apart from having fantastic read/write speed, this DVD drive also offers top-notch data transfer speeds with its USB C cable for quick and stable transferring and recording of music, videos, or creating CD/DVD backup. It embodies a dedicated eject button so that you can rest assured that your disk is not getting stuck inside this DVD drive. 

Hence, go to the Amazon website and buy this excellent product that uses copper mesh technology to provide fast and stable data transmission and save you a lot of time and effort.

#6. Amicool External DVD Drive

Introducing one of the most portable and affordable external CD/DVD drives, the Amicool External DVD Drive has an embedded cable design that reduces the bulkiness of this drive, making it sleek and compact. It has a very lightweight body, and the scratch-proof exterior safeguards this CD/DVD drive from all sorts of physical damages like scratches, bumps, shocks, etc. It does not require any external driver or software to work and can be easily connected to your MacBook using a USB cable. The computer or MacBook can automatically recognize this external drive once connected and is a perfect product for computers without any internal drives.

The Amicool external DVD drive is based on an advanced burning technology that offers excellent read and writes speeds. The USB 3.0 delivers you a faster data transmission speed of up to 5 Gbps so that you can watch movies and play music without any delay, lag, or distortion. This fantastic external CD drive is compatible with Mac OS, Windows OS, Linux, and other operating systems so that one can use it for safekeeping your memories on whichever device you have.

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 So, to read, write or burn the disc at your convenience, head over to Amazon and order this essential and portable external DVD drive at a significantly discounted price.

The market and the internet are filled with tons of external CD or DVD drives. Still, we have recommended only the Best CD/DVD drives for Mac that are very portable, affordable, and offer fantastic read/write and data transfer speeds. These CD/DVD drives will surely help you keep all of your precious data safe for future generations to cherish. So, scroll through this list of products and select the CD/DVD drive that fulfills your purpose. 

Q&A→ Does iMac 2021 have a CD drive?

→ No, the iMac 2021 does not have a CD drive. But you can connect any of the external CD or DVD drives mentioned in this post to your iMac in order to access the contents of your CD or DVD.

#7. External USB blue-ray writer for iMac, iMac Pro, MBP

It’s an Aluminum made excellent external USB blue-ray writer, and it works as Multi-drive. Very compact and light-in-weight than other external hard drives.

Best Apple Superdrive alternatives

The USB 3.0 interface and USB 2.0 are compatible with both the Mac and Windows PC. Great tool for Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac desktop. It is the #1 best Apple Superdrive Alternatives.

External Blue-ray Writer for Mac

#8. External USB 3.0 Portable for iMac Pro, All Mac 

The wonder-designed and slim look external CD/DVD burner are supported with macOS and Windows. In addition, this portable external writer has USB 3.0; therefore, you can plug your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Apple iMac, and other supported laptops without any worry.

LinGear USB 3.0 Portable external CD/DVD burner

This thick & slim writer gives all-rounder work like burn CD/ DVD and the excellent supplement to transfer files and backup.

External DVD Writer USB 3.0 for Mac

#9. USB-C Port External Super Drive: DVD RW Burner Writer

USB 3.0 and USB-C Port External Super Drive
USB 3.0 and USB-C Port External Super Drive

This is an External CD/DVD Writer compatible with USB-C MacBook Pro/MacBook Air. Compatible with All macOS and Windows Version. Up to 8x DVD Write speed and 24x CD Write Speed. Plug and Play DVD/CD from External Drive. Ultra Slim/Light Weight, Design, Durable, and 2MB Buffer memory. USB 3.0 and Type-C Interface.

Check Price on Amazon

#10. ROOFULL offers DVD, VCD, CD-RW Burner Writer

Roofull CD DVD Drive for USB c and 3 Drive
Roofull CD DVD Drive for USB c and 3 Drive

Very Slim and has three functions Disc, RW, and DVD. By default, Tiaronics external drive has USB 3.0 versions, even though it also compatible with USB 2.0 and USB 1.0 devices.

A superb disk tray design makes your task more convenient to read or write. But with the functionality price of the drive is well less than Apple Super Drive.

Check Tiaronics external DVD drive Price for Mac:

#11. External DVD burner and writer for Apple Mac by Samsung

External DVD burner and writer for Apple Mac by Samsung

Samsung is a real competitor of Apple in the Smart technology market. Here I will show you its external disk writer that compatible with Mac. Black color looks very slim and portable; you can quickly place it in your laptop Bag. Better to use for Office, at Home, and on the Go.

Samsung External DVD Burner for Mac

#12. LG USB 2.0 Super Multi DVD Writer for Mac

LG USB 2.0 Super Multi DVD Writer for Mac

LG USB 2.0 Super Multi DVD Writer for Mac, Compact Design USB external DVD Writer for Mac. USB 2.0 Interface, 8x DVDR Write speed, and 24x CD Write Speed. Slim Design, Video Memory Up to 64MB, 128MB. Slim, M Disk.

Check LG DVD Writer for Mac

Let’s drop a comment in the below box and share the 5th number best Apple Superdrive Alternatives with us. We’ll appreciate your feedback.

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