Way to create contact groups on iPhone without iCloud

Last Updated on Jul 23, 2021

in this article get how do I create a group of contacts on iPhone without iCloud and Computer. Make a group in contact app is the key solution to manage contacts on multiple devices or with your family iDevice when we use shared iCloud apple ID (Same apple ID). When you will register your iDevice with Apple ID it will automatically sync contacts to your phone app from the cloud. In the latest iOS update, You don’t have an option to create a contact group on iPhone/ iPad.

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Learn from this tutorial on how to create contact groups on iPhone, iPad in alternate ways.

The contact group is also useful for filter thousands of secret numbers and hide them temporarily in the Phone app.

Steps for how do I create a group in contacts on iPhone without iCloud

  1. Go to the iCloud web account (https://www.icloud.com/contacts/). And Sign in with iCloud ID and Password.
  2. Now from iCloud service, Go with Contacts.
  3. Next, From below “+” right pane tap on it and click on “New Group”. See all Contacts on the Web account. Make sure iCloud contacts sync is enabled from iPhone settings (Settings app on iPhone > Apple ID Profile Name > iCloud > Enable Toggle Contacts > That’s it.)
1 Create Group on contact app using iCloud

4: Find the Option for Create Group.

Create a new Group on iCloud account
Create a new Group on iCloud account

5: Apply New Name for a New Group.

Give a name of Group
Give the name of Group

6: Select More Than one Contacts using Command + Click on Name of ContactDrage and Move contacts to the New Contact Group in your iCloud contact’s account.

Select Contacts from all and Move in to New Group
Select Contacts from all and Move into New Group

That’s it.

Based on the Selected group, we can see the full list of contacts.

How to Access Groups on iPhone Phone App

Extra tip: using this app we can delete multiple contacts at once easily on the iPhone.

From the Phone app, you can easily switch groups within the app from the top right corner of the screen. See the image below.

  • Open Phone app on iPhone > Tap on Contacts Tab > Groups at Top Left corner of the screen.
  • Select Group and Find/Show Contacts from that group only.
6 See Create group and manage contacts using group on iPhone

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Groups is only an app for creating a group officially using the app without an iCloud account (This App No Longer Work)

Find groups app in the app store and install it on your iPhone or iPad.

1: Open app on iOS device

2: Tap on “Add New Group > Give Group Name > Done

4 Create new group and give name on iPhone
Add/ Move Multiple contacts in a new group

Tap on Recently created group > Manage from top right corner > No Contacts Add Some

5 Create Group and add contacts in group

Choose a contact from main contact list > Done

Hopefully, you get the whole idea of how to create contact groups on iPhone, iPad or Use/ Manage contacts between a group.

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