Best Apple Watch for Swimming 2023 For All Water Sports Game

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With the best Apple Watch for swimming, you can enjoy the swimming experience without worrying about the watch damage. These Apple Watches come with the ‘Water Lock’ functionality that automatically locks the screen and ultimately protects the watch from unintentional damage. 

During the swimming session, the touchscreen is inactive; however, the always-on display means you can raise your arm to see the real-time progress. If you hate Apple Watch, you can get here best Apple Watch Alternatives.

Let’s see the list of the best apple watch to prevent accidental water damage & water activity. That’s worth buying.

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1. Apple Watch Ultra – – latest Model of 2022


If you an adventurer or an athlete? Finally, your search for the best adventure companion is over with the launch of the Apple watch Ultra. In addition, it has all the intelligent features you need during different adventures, water, mountains, desert, jungle, snow, etc. Additionally, Apple watch Ultra is the ultimate sports watch with the bigger 49 mm brightest display.

The unique feature of the titanium case is Up to 36 hours of battery life. Larger batteries will be a great help when you are out for extended periods without power access. A most exciting feature of this watch is the Siren. Therefore, to attract help, it emits an 86-decibel sound pattern that can be audible up to 600 feet or 180 meters away. In addition, Dual frequency GPS, i.e., L1 and L5 GPS, gives incredible accuracy and precise metrics.

Apple Ultra is IP6X dust resistant, and MIL-STD 810H certified. Furthermore, with the action button, you can put a mark on your way to find your way back. It is EN13319 certified, which is an internationally recognized standard for diving accessories. Therefore, up to 40 meters down, it offers data and functionality required by scuba and free divers. In addition, you can use the Oceanic+ app for use as a dive computer. Additionally, it features include features like temperature sensing, sleep tracking, ECG recording, heart health notification, Blood oxygen, Crash Detection, Fall Detection, Emergency SOS, etc. Further, with Ultra, you can call and text, play music, map, Apple pay, and use “Siri,” the App store.

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Apple Watch Ultra is designed to survive and guide you in extreme environments, temperatures, or elevation. Furthermore, it’s an ultimate exploration tool that can take you everywhere and help you get back home.

Pros of buying Apple Watch Ultra

  • Swim proof and recreational dive to 40m
  • EN13319 certified
  • Up to 36 hours of battery life
  • IP6X dust resistant
  • Military certification MIL-STD 810H
  • Action button
  • 86-decibel Siren to attract attention
  • Temperature sensing
  • Always-On Retina display (Up to 2000 nits)

2. Apple Watch Series 8 – the latest Model of 2022


Aluminum steel Apple watches series 8 with 45mm or 41 mm case size is a powerful apple watch. It is Dustproof as it is Certified IP6X dust resistant. Further temperature sensing helps in Cycle Tracking with retrospective ovulation estimates for women’s health. It also tracks your health parameters like ECG recording, heart health notification, and Blood oxygen.

Apple Watch 8 always has on retina display feature. Furthermore, it is Swim proof with WR50 water resistance. Another feature is sleep tracking, Crash Detection, Fall Detection, Emergency SOS, etc.

Pros of buying Apple Watch Series 8

  • Swim proof
  • IP6X dust resistant
  • Always-On Retina display (Up to 1000 nits)
  • Temperature sensing

3. Apple Watch Series 5

If you are questing for an Apple Watch for swimming with a large display, we have Apple Watch Series 5 as a suitable recommendation. It is equipped with a quality always-on display that precisely indicates the output. Compared to the previous versions, this one feature more rounded corners and thinner bezels. The built-in S5 64-bit dual-core processor offers efficient performance.

It also supports an electrocardiogram (ECG) system that can detect whether the user is experiencing cardiac defects like atrial fibrillation. Moreover, the included fall detection tool automatically contacts emergency services when you fall.

The built-in loudspeaker offers quality sound output when receiving calls. Moreover, you can quickly access your documents, images, and more. You need to place a rapid Amazon order for Apple Watch Series 5 and have it delivered to your location.

Pros of buying Apple Watch Series 5

  • Supports always-on display
  • Bright and always-on display
  • Heart rate detection
  • Powerful sound quality
  • Large storage capacity 

4. Apple Watch Series 5 Nike+

Considering the features, the Apple Watch Series 5 Nike+ is identical to the standard Apple Series 5. The most unique feature of this Apple watch is that it comes with a pre-installed Nike Run Club app and audio-guided runs. Moreover, the Nike+ Digital and Analog watch faces give it an elegant appearance. The aluminum case not only enhances beauty but also makes sure the watch feels lightweight.

Another exciting feature is that you can measure oxygen easily on the go. Once charged, this watch continues to work flawlessly for approx. 18 hours.

A noteworthy feature of this Apple watch is that it is available in a unique selection of loops and sports bands that usually change based on the season. If you are confident enough to buy Apple Watch Series 5 Nike+, we highly recommend you place a quick Amazon order today and obtain it at your location.

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Pros of buying Apple Watch Series 5 Nike+

  • Breathable bands
  • Low power consumption
  • Flexible to wear
  • Measures blood oxygen
  • Powerful battery life

5. Apple Watch Series 3

If you want a smaller display smartwatch, you can go for the Apple Watch Series 3. It is packed with plenty of unique features that justify its price. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters of water depth. Moreover, it contains an optical heart sensor that accurately measures your heart rate. Moreover, it comes with an in-built lithium rechargeable battery lasting up to 18 hours.

The accurate readings make sure you will always get the precise workout readings. You have to lift your wrist to ask Siri. A barometric altimeter is also included. With Wallet, you can store your movie tickets, rewarding cards, and boarding pass.

Wearing this watch lets you unlock your Mac. To explore the maximum possible advantages of the Apple Watch Series 3, you must make a quick Amazon purchase without any confusion.   

Pros of buying Apple Watch Series 3

  • Splashproof, Swimproof, Surfproof
  • Supports watchOS 6
  • Safe while swimming
  • Allows emergency calling
  • Precise output

6. Apple Watch Edition

Apple Watch Edition is somewhat similar to Apple Watch Series 5 but what makes it unique is the use of white ceramic, space black titanium, and regular titanium bands. It gives an elegant and sophisticated appearance. A bright AMOLED display is included to indicate the readings accurately. 

Besides using an accelerometer, you can constantly monitor your workout sessions with this Apple watch. The route tracker can track steps taken. Also, keep tracking your number of calories burnt.

The heart rate monitor is useful for patients with heart problems. Moreover, this watch is compatible with iOS and can sync wirelessly. You can use this watch to answer calls and support call control. To make the most of the discussed features of this Apple Watch Edition, you can instantly place an Amazon order and get it delivered to your desired location.

Pros of buying the Apple Watch Edition

  • Sweat resistance
  • Replaceable watch band
  • Provides activity reports
  • Beautiful design
  • Powerful music playback

All these Apple Watches make your swimming session pleasurable while staying safe against water damage. Their bright displays provide accurate readings on your swimming performance and other uses. After entirely reading this article, you will attain a clear standpoint on the best Apple Watches for swimming. Thus, we are very assertive that you will pick up the Apple Watch for swimming that best meets your requirements.

Can I swim with an Apple watch?

Apple Watch Series 2 or later versions allow you to swim whether you want to do laps in a pool or have freestyle over open water. 

You must open the ‘Workout app’ on your Apple Watch and select ‘Open Water Swim’ or ‘Pool Swim.’ When you begin a swimming workout, the Apple Watch automatically locks the screen through the ‘Water Lock’ feature to prevent accidental taps.

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1. Does Apple Watch automatically detect water?

When you begin a swimming workout, your Apple Watch enables the ‘Water Lock‘ functionality to automatically lock the screen and protect the watch from unintentional taps. That means you have to prepare an apple watch for swimming.

After you finish your swimming, you can turn the Digital Crown to unlock its screen and remove any water gathered inside the watch. and Turn off the Water lock.

2. Which Apple Watch can I swim with?

You can swim with Apple Watch Series 2 or later versions. Apple Watch 5 is equipped with water resistance technology that allows you to carry it up to 50 meters deep in a lake, ocean, or pool.

3. Which Apple Watch case is best for swimming?

Catalyst Waterproof Case is the best Apple Watch case for swimming. Notwithstanding its heavy-duty protection, it is quite comfortable that you would almost forget that you have worn a large case.

The comprehensive protection allows you to dirt bike, swim, and paint a house without damaging your Apple Watch. Moreover, the included bands are connected using hinges instead of a one-piece mold. Hence, the case stays durable even when there is a powerful flow of water while swimming.

4. Can I swim in Apple Watch Series 7?

Generally, you can easily swim with Apple Watch Series 7, but under certain conditions. It comes with 50 meters rating, which means you can use it for swimming in only shallow water like oceans ad pools.

5. Do swimmers use Apple watches?

The water resistance functionality of the Apple watches implies that swimmers can use these smartwatches. Talking about certain limitations in terms of the smartwatch’s protection and water resistance level, you will find those in these Apple watches while swimming. Within the rated water depth, you can use it for swimming and tracking your swimming performance. You can also use the built-in native app or third-party apps.

6. Should I turn on the water lock for Apple Watch before swimming?

Yes, turning on the Water Lock feature when you wear your Apple Watch before swimming is necessary. Once you are finished, turn the Digital Crown to discard water from the watch’s speaker. When the Water Lock is enabled, Apple Watch Series 2 or later versions don’t respond to touch over its display. It avoids accidental input when you are in the water. 

7. Does the water lock turn on automatically? 

Yes, the Water Lock feature turns on automatically when you begin a water-based workout like swimming. This feature locks your Apple Watch while in the water to ensure you don’t unintentionally trigger the screen or let water enter the device. Water Lock can be turned on manually through the Control Center.

8. What happens if you forget to turn your water lock on?

If your Apple Watch gets exposed to water suddenly or if you forget to turn it on before planned exposure to water, the Water Lock can be enabled afterward and then instantly turn it off again to eject any water from within the speaker.

9. Can I shower with my Apple Watch?

Yes, you can shower with an Apple Watch because all Apple Watch models possess some degree of water resistance. It is recommended that you should not submerge your Apple Watch underwater for a long time despite being rated at 50 meters. Some risks are associated because all these watches are practically water-resistant and not waterproof. Therefore, contact with soapy water or other bathing products may malfunction your watch. 

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