6 Best Car Parking Apps for iPhone in 2024

We all worry about safe parking whenever we go outside. Whether it’s in the city or outside the city, places are likely to be crowded on weekdays or weekends. Obviously, a car is a valuable investment, but the car parking apps just made parking hassle-free. The petrol and diesel prices might not be in your control, but with the help of the best car parking apps, you can choose the safe spot for your car to park and enjoy your trip stress-free. Before heading up somewhere for a trip, try the parking app on your iPhone to avoid unexpected hassles. In this blog, you will read about the six best car parking apps for iPhone that will surely help to get you the safest parking spot for your car.

1. SpotHero


SpotHero is the #1 parking app that is trusted by millions of people across the globe. Whether you are going for a trip or your car got some issues, SpotHero helps to find the accurate garage and parking lot for your vehicle. The app helps to find and reserve the best parking spot in cities such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, and many more. You can save up to 50% charge if you book your parking spot in advance. The app can also be integrated with Apple CarPlay and book the best spot without touching the phone.

Benefits of SpotHero:

  • Pay for daily or monthly 
  • Location Tracking.
  • Live Traffic Information

2. ParkMobile 


ParkMobile is the smartest travel car parking app you must try. The app has amazing features that allow you to book the parking space garage, street, stadium, and lot from the mobile phone. You can even extend the parking time just from the app. The app sends notification alerts when the parking session is going to expire. Get 50% off on advance parking reservations. You can easily book space for up to 5 cars from the app. Moreover, you can select a specific parking facility if you need any.

Benefits of ParkMobile:

  • Find my car feature 
  • Expiration Notifications
  • Extend Parking Session.

3. BestParking


Leave all your worry about the best parking and get the best reliable rates for your parking space. You just need to enter your destination with the landmark, and the app will find the best parking space for you; it allows you to compare the prices of garages and lots to choose the reliable one. Also, you can find other parking facilities and amenities before booking the spot. You can also find the cheapest parking spot in airport areas for major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Newark, New York, and many more.

Benefits of BestParking:

  • Find parking at the best price
  • Turn-by-turn driving directions 
  • Digital parking pass

4. ParkWhiz


When it comes to finding parking space in big cities, trust Parkwhiz. You can simply find a suitable parking spot by entering your destination near your location at the desired time. The app is totally free. That is fast and convenient to find the perfect spot for every car. No hassles- you get your parking pass virtually; just scan your ticket online with the app, and you are good to go. You get up to 50% off on your parking price if you book in advance. 

Benefits of ParkWhiz:

  • Date & time selection for better spot selection
  • Instant-load map and fast booking
  • Up to 50% off the drive-up rate 

5. PayByPhone Parking

passport-parking for iOS devices

PayByPhone Parking is the most loved parking app used in over 1,300+ cities worldwide. It is the top-rated parking which is available in 12 different languages to help the motorists globally. The app is simple to use; you can extend the parking time easily on your phone. The app also sends reminders for the parking session ending. If you go to the place regularly, the app has PayByPhone business. You can pin the location in the app and find your car easily. You can also check your parking history and keep track of your expense.

Benefits of PayByPhone Parking:

  • Reminders for parking expiration
  • Pin parking location for easy finding
  • Easier and faster

6. Passport Parking


Passport Parking is the simplest parking app which is free and quick. This is the most convenient parking app that every vehicle owner must try. You just need to download the app and find the passport parking symbols near your location, drive to that location, pay for your parking, and it’s done. If you changed your plan, don’t worry, you can extend your parking time from the app. Moreover, you can see parking history in the app. At the end of the parking session, you receive a parking receipt.

Benefits of Passport Parking:

  • Free and convenient
  • Receive email receipts at the end 
  • Get alerts for session endings

Final Words,

Hope you found the above blog useful and helpful in choosing the best parking app. Parking apps can save a lot of time and money by fetching the best location for your car nearby. This indirectly contributes to the environment by reducing carbon footprints. The parking app helps to reduce search time, and hence, it will ultimately help to save fuel and prevent unnecessary driving. There are plenty of Apps to Find your parked car, but it’s better to do research before trusting any unknown app.

Do you use any parking apps on a daily basis? Feel free to share your thoughts on parking apps in the comment box.

Happy parking!

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