Can I Buy A Single AirPod or Charging Case? Here’s How (2024)

Lost or misplaced one-side Airpods, or Airpods Case isn’t working? Apple being aware of such possibilities, lets you purchase one Airpods or Charging Case. And the best part is you can get it from Apple Stores, Apple Approved Parts Dealers, E-commerce portals, and Finders Keepers. To get the complete details, read our article.

How to Purchase A Single AirPod Or a Charging Case

Yes, you can buy the single AirPods or Case. The procedure to buy it mentioned in the below article.

Where Can I Buy One AirPod Or Case?

Apple Stores: Apple Stores is a reliable option for buying single lost AirPods or cases. 

Apple Approved Dealers: Where the location which doesn’t have motor sites or bricks, Apple will have certified dealers for replacement and services. 

E-commerce Portal: Besides dealers, Apple will also allow certified e-com portals for repair and service. And one of the best parts of this mode is that anyone can order a single AirPod or Case with traveling limitations.

How To Order One Airpod Or Case

  1. Go to
  2. Swipe down to the Get An Estimate Section.
  1. Now, enter the asked prompts.
  2. And accordingly, you will receive an estimate; further, select Get Service. 

And after this, follow on-screen instructions and prompts. That’s It!

Additional Help!

If any of the above methods don’t help, Do Call on Apple Support Number in your country & region. Get the Best suggestions from the official help desk.

How Do I Pair Mismatched Airpods?

Firstly locate the AirPods and ensure they are dust and debris free.

  1. After this, gently place them into the case on a right side. 
  2. Now the amber light on the case will begin flashing. If not so, try removing and replacing back in the case. At the same point, ensure to charge-up them before syncing.
  3. Now push and hold the charging case for a couple of seconds. The amber light will tweak from orange to white.
  4. The setup pop-up window will highlight on the iPhone screen. This syncs the mismatched AirPods.

Bottom Line

Having AirPods means experiencing mobility along with functionality. But they are Bluetooth enabled, and eventually, there are chances of being lost. 

Luckily there are multiple reliable resources to buy a single pair of AirPod or Case that users can trust. From those ways, we highly recommend replacing or purchasing a single pair of AirPod from Apple or certified Apple Dealers. 

How Much Is A Single AirPod?

The average price of a single Airpod replacement is nearly $69. However, prices vary from a different locations.

Can You Replace One AirPod With Another?

Yes, replacing broken or lost ones with new ones is feasible. And the best part is syncing it is relatively easy. 

Can AirPods Be Tracked If Stolen?

You can track the lost or stolen AirPods using Find My from Settings App on your iPhone. But for this, your AirPods need to be synced with your iPhone.

What Happens If I Lose One Airpod?

If you lost your AirPod, first of all, you can find it by using Find My. Then, if that doesn’t help you out, you can buy one AirPods by following the procedure mentioned above in the article. 

Can Someone Use Airpods In Lost Mode?

Unlike remotely locking a lost Mac or iPhone, you can do the same with AirPods. However, lost or stolen Apple Care+ doesn’t cover Airpods. 

Which iPhone Gives Free Airpods?

Apple store offers free AirPods by purchasing the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini on the store. Or You should check on Apple’s website for ongoing promotional offers for Professionals and Students.

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