Best Animation Software for Mac and Windows 2024 (Free & Paid)

Discover the best animation softwares for Mac and Windows with this overview of the top Easy Animation Software. Best for 2D and 3D vector animation.

Nowadays, animation is everywhere; from using phones to watching movies, the world of animation has taken over this digital world. You’re in luck if you’re an aspiring animator or a creative enthusiast eager to explore the fascinating world of animation. No matter whether you’re using a Mac or Windows PC, the power to bring images to life is now more accessible than ever, thanks to the availability of user-friendly animation tools. In this article, we’ll look at some of the greatest and best Easy Animation Software for Mac and Windows, which will help you to produce everything from charming 2D animations to stunning 3D images to achieve your creativity goals. Also read, these are the Best Whiteboard Animation Software.

1. Moho Pro – Professional 2D Animation 

Moho Pro Professional 2D Animation Software for Mac and Windows
Moho Pro

Pros of using Moho Pro – Professional 2D Animation:

  • It allows to create 2D and vector animations easily
  • Improved SVG import and easy interface
  • It has a huge community for learning and sharing

Price = starts from $59.99 – $399.99

Moho Pro is the best Free 2D animation software for Mac for professionals looking for efficiency and excellence in animation. It effortlessly gives your project life with its powerful features. It has amazing vector tools that are optimized for animation; you can create characters directly within the program and seamlessly import pictures and Photoshop files while keeping link and layer integrity as it is. It has a wide range of brushes and effects to add attractive and natural results. It also features excellent graphics capabilities, freehand drawing, smart line boil, and smart bones for expressive facial movements. The real-time Liquid Shapes tool delivers unparalleled expressiveness for basic yet potent figures. 

2. DAZ 3D Software – World’s most versatile 3D character creator

DAZ 3D Software World's most versatile 3D character creator Animation Software for Mac and Windows
DAZ 3D Software

Pros of using DAZ 3D Software:

  • It is free and open-source 3D software
  • It has realistic photos and a large 3D model library 
  • User-friendly experience for Mac and Windows

Price = free 

DAZ 3D Software stands as the world’s premier 3D character creator at the forefront of a dynamic ecosystem. It is the top-notch 3D animation software for Mac with an integrated character creation system, offered within free 3D software. You can effortlessly fine-tune body shapes, textures, hairstyles, and attire to mold your ideal character. You can access millions of 3D models on the Daz marketplace, including ready-made characters, environments, and props. Its free 3D studio enables swift and intuitive scene creation, making it the most downloaded 3D software globally. DAZ caters to all styles, from hyper-realistic to toon-like 3D models, allowing seamless mixing and matching of clothing, accessories, and hairstyles for creating unique characters. You can also Morph multiple figure shapes, ranging from lifelike humans to mythical beings.

3. Blender – Free and Open Creation Software

Blender Free and Open Creation Animation Software for Mac and Windows

Pros of using Blender software:

  • Free and open-source software
  • It has high-quality animation and quality rigging tools
  • It offers 2D and 3D customization, layering, coloring, strokes, and much more

Price = Free

Blender Software is the free and best animation software for Mac that offers realistic rendering, with real-time viewport previews and CPU/GPU rendering options. It supports PBR shaders, HDR lighting, and even VR rendering and caters to diverse needs. It has various other tools featuring N-Gon support, edge manipulation, sculpting with versatile brushes, multi-resolution capabilities, and 3D painting with textured brushes. You can also use Python scripting for custom tools and add-ons, adding limitless flexibility. It combines 2D and 3D seamlessly within its viewport, offering full animation support with onion skinning and customizable interface layouts. With Blender, your creative possibilities are boundless.

4. Pencil2D Animation – 2D hand-drawn animations

Pencil2D Animation hand drawn Software for Mac and Windows
Pencil2D Animation

Pros of using Pencil2D Animation:

  • Free and user-friendly interface
  • It has a decent and minimal design
  • Cross-plateform compatibility

Price = Free

Pencil2D Animation Software is an open-source tool that is available for free, even for commercial use. It has an intuitive interface that simplifies the creation of 2D hand-drawn animations, catering to both beginners and professionals. With cross-platform compatibility across Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD, it’s accessible to a wide user base. It has a lightweight, minimalistic design, allowing animators to concentrate on their creativity rather than navigating complex menus. Whether you’re a seasoned animator or just starting, Pencil2D is the free animation software for bringing your 2D animations to life that is worth trying.

5. Adobe Creative Cloud – Create Whatever You Can Imagine

Adobe Creative Cloud Create Whatever You Can Imagine Animation Software for Mac and Windows
Adobe Creative Cloud

Pros of using Adobe Creative Cloud:

  • You get a free trial and a bunch of 20 creative apps
  • It allows to collaborate and share reviews
  • It offers various plans according to individual needs 

Price = starts from $19.99 – $330.00 

Adobe Creative Cloud is the best toolkit for realizing your creative ambitions. It is perfect for both beginners and experts, covering a broad range of creative activities like drawing, painting, graphic design, photography, video editing, and UX design. You get access to more than 20 creative products, including tools used by professionals like Photoshop and Acrobat Pro. You can take benefit of Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and Lightroom’s AI-enhanced tools for quicker and more effective work. This software allows you to easily create outstanding material using Adobe Express and features like Share for Review in Photoshop and Illustrator. If you are simply looking for the easy animation software Mac, then Adobe Creative Cloud can improve your creative endeavors.

6. Dragonframe – Stop Motion Animation Software

Dragonframe Stop Motion Animation Software for Mac and Windows

Pros of using Dragonframe software: 

  • Support for Apple M1 Silicon
  • Multiple camera support and hi-resolution support
  • Improved UI performance

Price = student version starts from $195 – $205(excluding tax)

Price = full version starts from $295 – $305 (excluding tax)

Upgrades start from $95 – $105

Dragonframe Software is the ultimate companion for professional stop-motion animation. It offers precise on-screen tools for step-by-step movements, ensuring impeccable frame-by-frame control. You can seamlessly craft the perfect shot with camera controls, test shots, and advanced image review features. It also enables you to import and edit multiple tracks, including dialogue for multiple characters. The software even facilitates animated lighting with easy keyframe programming, making it a go-to for intricate lighting setups. Editing is a breeze with frame-based drag-and-drop capabilities, letting you adjust timing, reshoot sequences, and recover deleted frames effortlessly. You can also track your progress and plan scenes with the X-Sheet side panel, add reminders, sketch motion paths, and fine-tune timing.

7. Animaker – Video Animation Software

Animaker Video Animation Software for Mac and Windows

Pros of using Animaker software: 

  • It has thousands of templates to choose from
  • You get millions of stock for images and videos
  • Simple and easy to use using drag and drop builder

Price = starts from $12.5 – $39.00

Animaker is your gateway to creating captivating animation videos with ease. You can craft eye-popping animations that leave a lasting impression. It offers the versatility to seamlessly transition to live-action videos, effortlessly producing visually stunning content in minutes. It has a drag-and-drop builder that simplifies the animation process, and it’s super powerful character builder lets you create billions of unique characters. You can pick your favorite one from a vast library of templates to kickstart your creativity. Animaker also supports 4K video quality, allowing you to upload and edit videos at the highest resolution and easily resize your creations for various social media platforms. 

8. SideFX – 3D animation software

SideFX 3D Animation Software for Mac and Windows

Pros of using SideFX software:

  • It has realistic dynamic tools for superior performance
  • It can help with lightening, animation, and procedural modeling task
  • You can create a good surface topology for films and various games

Price = HOUDINI INDIE license starts from $269 USD to $399 USD

Price = artist workstation license starts from $499 USD to $4495 USD

Price = studios floating license starts from $75 USD to $6995 USD

Price = education license ($75 USD)

SideFX is a cutting-edge 3D animation software that is known for crafting top-notch surface topology fit for Film, TV, Games, and VR that will revolutionize your animation process. Its node-based workflow offers granular control, enabling the creation of intricate simulations, character animations, and dynamic environments. Its key features include a procedural approach for non-destructive editing, a vast library of nodes and tools, and seamless integration with popular industry standards. It offers stunning visual effects, gaming, and VFX with its robust physics, particles, and dynamics simulations. Its thriving community and extensive tutorials make it a top choice for 3D artists, ensuring endless possibilities in the realm of digital artistry. You can try its free learning edition today to explore more.

9. Autodesk – Professional 3D software

Autodesk Professional 3D Animation Software for Mac and Windows

Pros of using Autodesk software: 

  • Create and edit realistic character
  • Add realistic characters
  • You can make complex and stunning visuals

Price = starts from $235 to $5625

Autodesk’s Maya is the ultimate professional 3D software, setting the standard for crafting lifelike characters and jaw-dropping cinematic effects. It empowers creators to fashion expansive worlds, intricate characters, and stunning visuals with its robust suite of animation tools. Maya’s intuitive modeling capabilities breathe life into 3D objects and scenes, enabling users to conjure realism, from explosive pyrotechnics to lifelike cloth simulations. Its powerful animation tools enhance 3D models and cartoons, allowing artists to infuse fine details that captivate audiences. With Maya, you can consistently deliver top-notch work that impresses clients and keeps them returning for more.

Final thoughts

Hope you found the above article useful to explore the best easy animation software according to your needs. There are excellent animation software options available to meet your goals and abilities, whether you use a Mac or a Windows computer. These technologies offer flexibility and accessibility, ranging from the straightforwardness of 2D animations to the richness of 3D modeling. Keep in mind that practice and commitment are essential when you begin your animation adventure. Therefore, choose the software that fits your personal style, experiment, and let your creativity run free. 

Which animation software you liked the most and why? Feel free to share your recommendations and thoughts for the best animation programs for Mac in the comment box below. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the easiest type of animation?

Stop motion animation” is generally known as the most simple form of animation for beginners. It includes making little adjustments between each shot while taking images of real objects or drawings. Other than this, there are many easy animations that are suitable for beginners, including 2D animations, whiteboard animations, cutout animations, clay animations, and many more.

Q2. Is 2D or 3D animation easier?

Generally speaking, 2D animation is thought to be simpler for beginners due to its more basic approaches and equipment. It is perfect for beginners because it is created on a flat surface, such as paper or a computer screen, with characters and scenarios. On the other hand, 3D animation is more difficult to master because it calls for more sophisticated software and modeling abilities.

Q3. Can Blender run on 4GB RAM?

Even if Blender can run on a PC with 4GB of RAM, it might not be able to handle huge or complicated 3D scenes. It is advised to have 8GB or more RAM for the best performance, especially with more demanding jobs. With 4GB of RAM, Blender is still usable for simple 3D modeling and rendering.

Q4. What type of animation is popular?

(Computer animation, CGI) is the most frequent form of animation for feature films right now, which is also known as 3D, which has also gained popularity in TV and short films. However, the popularity of specific animation types can evolve over time, so it’s essential to consider current trends and industry demands.

Q5. Is MacBook good for 2D animation?

Yes, 2D animation can be done on a MacBook. They provide enough processing and graphic capability for the majority of 2D animation programs. When working on intricate animations, selecting a model with a suitable graphics card and lots of RAM is suggested for smoother performance.

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