Best Golf Apps For Apple Watch in 2023

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Have you ever played golf with an Apple Watch on your wrist? If so, it’s one of the coolest experiences you could have out on the course. It’s the sort of thing that gets you thinking about watching golf on TV in the future! There’s nothing better than using a watch to track your shot and yardage. Plenty of options are available today when it comes to searching best golf apps for the Apple smartwatch. In this article, We have compiled an essential list of the best golf apps for Apple Watch to make you choose the best for your golf game with Golf Accessories.

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1: 18Birdies Golf GPS Tracker 


18Birdies Golf GPS Tracker is the most accurate option if you are looking to improve your golf. The app has gps range finder that helps you to track distances with GPS, maintain your score, check the distance of your shot, and much more. The app has over 40,000 courses worldwide and offers expert tips for playing golf like a pro. It has a pretty decent scoreboard with exciting side games and stats. You can also upload your swing and shot video to get feedback from an expert AI coach. It has rich features like auto hole switching, stats and round, strokes, blind shot compass, and much more.

Benefits of using 18Birdies Golf GPS Tracker:

  • Free and decent U.I.
  • Exciting side games
  • Get expert recommendation

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2: Golfshot


Golfshot is a premium golf app that is happily used by millions of golfers worldwide. It is the #1 golf app that provides the AR on the golf courses to visualize the golf course in a 360-degree view. It has extensive Auto Shot Tracking with machine learning that helps analyze the swing using swing I.D. You can get GPS distance, keep track of your shot distance, and get statistics of the overall game based on the history. You can also use Siri, auto advance, and voice hole information features. The app allows you to see the game via apple watch and easily share rounds and tee time invites with friends.

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Benefits of using Golfshot:

  • Real-time distances and statistics
  • 3D video previews 
  • Track GPS distance and shot distance

3: Hole19 Golf GPS & Range Finder


If you are looking for a reliable range finder app, then Hole19 is the best option. The app helps you get accurate GPS yardages and distances of the green’s front, back, and center without any hassle. Using your Apple watch, you can check the accurate distance of over 43,000 golf courses and keep track of your rounds in one place. It has a digital scoreboard to store every round, shot, and stroke with real-time scoring to compete with other golfers via Hole19-LIVE. The app is configured with augmented reality to offer the best-ever golfing experience. It has a Shot Tracker feature & Shot-by-Shot input feature to understand the overall performance statistics of a shot and how far it got hit.

Benefits of using Hole19 Golf: 

  • Accurate GPS Rangefinder
  • Digital Scorecard and live scoring
  • Real-time club recommendations

4: Golf GameBook Scorecard & GPS


Golf GameBook is the leading digital golf scorecard app that is completely free and easy to use. You can keep track of your score and real-time leaderboards. The app has GPS apps that allow one to plan and measure the shot distance on over 42 000 courses worldwide. You can easily insert scores in your Apple watch to check distances and leaderboards. The app has extensive social features that allow you to add friends and upload content to social feeds. You can also participate in challenges to compete with other golfers and win exclusive prizes from the top brands.

Benefits of using Golf GameBook:

  • Add friends and upload content to your social profile
  • Win challenges and get a fantastic price

5: TheGrint: Handicap & Scorecard


The Grint is the best handicap and scorecard golf app loaded with rich features such as GPS RANGEFINDER, shot tracker, distance calculator, and much more. The app automatically calculates in-depth scores and stats for nearby courses. You can easily connect with your friends, track achievements and milestones, and manage official handicaps from your Apple watch. The app has a score tracker that can be accessed through multiple phones to check your friends’ and competitors’ live scores via push notification. You can also integrate this app with the apple health app to keep track of your Golf Workout.

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Benefits of using TheGrint:

  • In-depth score and stats
  • Integrate with Apple Health App
  • check live scores via push notification

6: Golfshot Plus


Golf shot plus can be your one-stop destination to track shot distances and scoring. You can view the full golf course using augmented reality to experience the best golfing experience. The app has extensive features such as Siri, Auto-Advance, and Voice Hole information to get distance, statistics, and other insights for golf. With 3D flyover previews, you can seamlessly plan your round for the entire golf course. The app allows you to book your tee times with Apple Pay. Moreover, you can also receive club recommendations according to your game performance. You can also share your rewards and accomplishments, share round, and send an invite for tee times using this app. Book a tee time with a golf shot and get $20 off; you can buy a subscription to enjoy the benefits of other pro features.

Benefits of using Golfshot Plus:

  • Track and review each shot via Apple Watch
  • Auto-Advance and Voice Hole information feature
  • Get club recommendations based on performance

7: V1 Game: Golf GPS Distances


V1 game is the best golf app ever that you need for focused golf practice. The app has a virtual coach that will analyze your history of golf performance and recommend where you need improvements. With advanced features and auto-shot detection, you can review your post round, track your golf shot, strokes, and much more to achieve measurable results. You can always rely on this app for a golf GPS rangefinder, caddie, and golf shot tracker. You can also see your strength, weaknesses gained strokes, and other areas of improvement after every round. The app also allows you to set pins manually for accurate club selection.

Benefits of using V1 Game:

  • Auto shot detection
  • Virtual coach and virtual caddie for smart distance
  • Swing detection via Apple watch

8: Arccos Caddie


Arccos Caddie is the first ever golf A.I. platform synced with sensors to automatically track the shots, smart distances, and all other game insights. It has a powerful AI GPS rangefinder with caddie advice to improve shots and make smarter decisions. This app provides you with wind speed and direction information to compare your performance to any handicap level. If you don’t want to carry your phone, you can pair Arccos Caddie Link with the app to track real-time shots, location, rounds, and much more. You can also play with Arccos Caddie tournament mode to compete with thousands of registered users.

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Benefits of using Arccos Caddie:

  • Supports Apple Watch and Healthkit app
  • A.I. Powered GPS Rangefinder
  • Automatic shot tracking

9. Garmin Golf

Garmin Golf is your go-to golf app if you love competing and playing golf tournaments. With more than 40,000 courses worldwide, you can have fun and compete with golfers at various levels. You can start your own tournament and invite your friends to play golf. The golfers can chat with each other and see live results via the app. The app is simple and functional that allows to track scorecards and check performance on different courses. You can see a detailed view of each shot through the interactive map. Other than this, you can check your rank on the leaderboard score to understand where you need to work.

Benefits of using Garmin Golf:

  • Free and functional golf app
  • Chat and invite friends to play
  • Detailed view of shot on the interactive map

10. GolfLogix Golf GPS + 3D Putts


GolfLogix is the ultimate golf app that offers accurate GPS distance, a 3D approach view, a 4-player scoring option, handicap tracking, and many other amazing features. You can easily navigate among different courses with a 3D course map. You can master the shot with accurate elevation data using 0GPS distances. The app has a 3d flyover specially curated for your club range to visualize the club and green zones. You can also crack exciting deals on tee times by playing smarter. The app has patented club tracking technology and 3d putt line guidance to analyze the shots in detail.

Benefits of using GolfLogix:

  • Excellent GPS and scorecard
  • 3D approach view
  • 4-player scoring options

Final Thoughts,

We hope we’ve been able to help you figure out what you should use next on your Apple Watch! The Golf Shot  and golfshot plus app allows you to scan a golf course and create your own map. With its hole maps, hazards, and GPS feature, this is definitely the top Apple Watch golfing app. This app also allows you to track your game with the distance.

Although there are several golf apps that you can use for your Apple Watch, it is always best to try out these apps first before deciding on which one is right for you. 

Have you tried any golf apple for Apple watch? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the comment box.

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