Best iPhone 7 Plus battery Case: Rechargeable Battery Power juice

Are you looking for a Best iPhone 7 Plus battery case? The battery Power is a breath for every Smartphones. same thing for Apple’s most sold out iPhone 7 Plus model. According to report, this year Plus model is 55% more sold out in Apple’s history. Because has dual lenses camera and a Jet black and matt black color look. iOS 10 packed iPhone 7 Plus has powerful hardware configuration. Here I specially taking about rechargeable lithium-ion battery what built-in fits into the iPhone 7+.

Generally, company claims that the new iPhone 7 Plus has up to 1 hour longer battery life than previous year launched iPhone 6S Plus. Even though, if we see, our daily battery killer activities like take photos (selfie), listen music, iMessage chatting and many more. these all are the fundamental factors for drain the battery life. Even though, if you are looking for a way to expand battery life, then either control on you to using the Phone or purchase a battery case which is slim, not hump. Here our round up the best iPhone 7 plus battery cases that efficient to expand your phone power life.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus shipping with 2,900mAh Li-Ion (3.82V, 11.10Whr) battery pack. And here I’ll show you large capacity charging case for iPhone 7 Plus. So make your brand new iPhone 7+ never run out of battery. Great solution for Never miss a call, message, notifications and many more. And, Specially charging case is useful while you travelling for couple of days and built-in battery haven’t juice. At that time you can take help of Good review Power bank or battery case. Amazing product to play Pokémon Go and great for outdoor activities.

The Best iPhone 7 Plus Battery Case: Keep Double battery Cycle

Vproof – The battery case for Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Vproof battery case for iPhone 7 Plus

Are looking for a protective one and battery combo case for iPhone 7 Plus? then this case is very Convenient for your iPhone 7+. Its made up from hard-shell backplate and having rechargeable battery capacity 4000mAh. It has capacity to store juice that provide full charge battery cycle to your iPhone 7 plus – equivalent to add +14 hours talk time or 10+ hours surfing. Its flagship features like shock proof, Slim look with attractive bumper design, light weight, easy to install and cheap in cost than other third-party  best iPhone 7 plus battery case. There is LED power indicator that show up how much power you have in battery case. do Order today to getting enjoy to watching movie, video on iPhone 7+ kickstand battery case.

Vproof battery case : $25.99 with free shipping

iBeek iPhone 7 Plus battery Case

iBeek the best iPhone 7 Plus battery Case

iBeek brings high capacity (4000mAh) rechargeable battery case for Apple’s new iPhone 7 Plus. completely designed for 7+ so not worrying about either bulk or much hump. It makes also your phone non-slip and grip so handy to carry anywhere with double battery life. This juice pack charging case is medium price so almost comfortable for all class peoples. Let’s now we talk about the case materials – it’s made up from the high grade and ultra resistance product. Along with external battery pack, you will also get protection, safety for your dual lenses camera phone. Case having precious cutouts since easy to use and very comfortable in all situations.

Pros – Double battery life, Portable, good grip and add more 14+ hours talk time

Cons – the case is not suitable with lighting headphones.

Order here– Portable Power bank Cover

Alpatronix offer iPhone 7 Plus battery case – MFI Certified product

Alpatronix offer good review iPhone 7 Plus battery case

Unique solution of battery drain problem, just put your iPhone 7+ on this battery case and keep both charged that will give you incredible experience and never go with battery run out issue. High profile battery case designed in California: its choice of business users, travelers and Youngsters for Pokémon Go craze, awesome product for hunters and fishers. Because the Case has 4000mAh power juice storage capacity. that’s large than iPhone 7+ built-in rechargeable battery.


  • Dual layer bumper that gives 360degree Protection
  • Easily installation method
  • Compact design and minimize bulk, light in weight.

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Trianium best Battery case for iPhone 7 Plus – Intelligent Technology

Trianium best Battery case for iPhone 7 Plus

Trianium also presented battery case but still only in pre-order. It will be launch its best iPhone 7 Plus battery case in mid October 2016. Little introduction about case design such as dual layer so bumper protection all around your 7+, charge and sync iPhone with Mac or PC via the Case, quality LED power indicator that show remaining power level, back side button on the Case to Turn On/off battery case. its 4000mAh Power Storage Capacity case that will provide extra lives to your Smartphone. Wonderful and comprehensive pattern that makes this case comfortable to carry and for Pocket. This case is very costly than other best iPhone 7 Plus battery case, even though, in real life, you always get the something latest and unique items as much as you paid.

Order Trianium Power case for 7+: MFI Certified

Bovon Ultra Slim Power pack case for iPhone 7 Plus

Best iPhone 7 Plus battery Case with kickstand feature 2016

Want to expand your iPhone 7 Plus battery capacity in minimum cost? then this case is your perfect answer. Don’t go anywhere, just book today this low price iPhone 7 Plus battery case, it coming with Kickstand so it’s a unique feature in your budget rechargeable battery case. Positive point is Good reviews, durable in quality, work as a good iPhone 7 Plus Power bank (4000mAh) in live deals since you can Save money. Negative thing – it’s not suitable to connect lighting headphone.

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