15 Best iPhone SE 2 Battery Cases in 2024

Always Keeps your iPhone SE 2 Charged by Using these Best iPhone SE 2 Battery Case Covers. This charging case is Flexible to keep doing all intelligent work in the background. The below Charging case also fulfill the requirement of protection, So we don’t need any external or Separate Protective Back case. Easy to Hang on Stand, Use with CarPlay, Use on Travel or Daily, Re-Charge Battery case with Wireless charging or Cable. Let’s find your Favorite iPhone SE 2 Battery case in your budget and Power storage capacity.

Extended Battery cases are available in different colors, Storage Capacities, and Unique designs. So please pick up your Favorite iPhone case cover and Share it with us in the comment box.

Best iPhone SE 2 Battery Case Cover for Extend the Use of iPhone Anywhere & Anytime

1). Alpatronics iPhone SE 2 Battery Case

Alpatronics iPhone SE 2 Battery Case
Alpatronics iPhone SE 2 Battery Case

Alpatronics Gives up to 3200 mAh Power storage capacity in the external Back Charging case. So we can charge our iPhone two times that easy run for 3 to 4 Days. iPhone Se’s Back charging case covers support QI Wireless charging, So charge Anywhere in a public place.

The back case also works as a Protective cover, Raised Bezels to protect the screen with Screen Protector.  Easy Installation, Power measurement, and Security from overvoltage. The US-based company, 1 and 2 years Warranty available at no extra cost.


  • Easy to Setup [Remove and Hold]
  • Two Color Options: Black & Gold
  • Grip & Hold, Longer Battery life
  • Wireless Charging Supported
  • iPhone SE 2 battery case that works with Carplay and Apple Pay

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2). QTShine iPhone SE 2020 Battery Case

QTShine iPhone SE 2020 Battery Case

QTShine is another High Capacity External Back cover for your iPhone SE 2020. Don’t lose the Quality of connections like Bluetooth, Signal, WiFi connection. Clean Back interfaces easy to understand for old and Young iPhone users.

Quick Turn off/Turn on button help save battery while not in use—360-degree protection from a drop, bump, and Scratch, in addition, powerful Sync-through technology protects from overvoltage.


  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Stylish Design
  • Slim & Push-button of On/Off
  • Direct Headphone connection
  • Water Resistance
  • Wireless Charging Support

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3). U-good Protective Battery Case

U-good Protective Battery Case

Only by adding 13.5mm thickness and 77g weight can you extend the battery of the iPhone SE 2 by 120%. In addition to the battery case, it comes with a protective screen guard to cover the display, so the screen protector is a bonus for you at the price of the battery case. Furthermore, the hardshell exterior is designed to protect the iPhone from various scratches while providing a remote battery backup.

After connecting the charger, your iPhone will be the first to charge and later the battery case. To avoid accidental touches to enable or disable charging, the battery case is equipped with a button that you have to press and hold for 2-3seconds to enable and disable charging.


  • Slim and Lightweight
  • Adds 120% Battery
  • Hard Shell Exterior Material
  • Battery LED Indicator

Check U-good Protective Battery Case Price on Amazon

4). Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone SE 2nd Generation – 2020

Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone SE 2 - 2020
Apple Smart Battery Case for iPhone SE 2 – 2020

Apple’s official Smart Battery Back cover for your iPhone SE 2020 Model. Best Eye-catching colors like Black, White, and Red that’s the best match with your new iPhone SE 2 Model; in more, this phone case supplies power for 22 hours browsing the web, 24 hours of Watching HD Video, 26 Hours of Talk Time. Charge your iPhone while in the Battery case intelligently. Your iPhone and Case will charge at the same time.


  • Apple’s Official Case
  • Quality material
  • Easy to Setup and Hold
  • Durable

Check Apple Battery Case on Amazon

5). Wavypo Battery Case for iPhone SE 2020Wavypo Battery Case for iPhone SE 2020

Coming to the Wavypo, it’s an all-rounder case that prevents almost all the shocks and scratches in addition to delivering a large battery backup to iPhone. You may have noticed that it looks like a thin-protective case, like others, but with a bit of power for your iPhone.

The LED indicators are the best solution for checking the amount of energy left in the battery case. In addition, it features a 3.5mm headphone jack that is not available in any other case.


  • Added 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter
  • Ultra-Slim Protective Exterior
  • Safe to Use and Charge iPhone

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6). Pxwaxpy Fast Charging Battery Case for iPhone SE 2Pxwaxpy Fast Charging Battery Case for iPhone SE 2

Pxwaxpy Back Battery cover will help in amplifying the Signal of your Carrier from AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and others. As well,6000mAh Battery capacity in the back charging case extends the battery life of your iPhone.

You will get 2x faster charging never meet the Dead iPhone while in a video call, Gaming, or Phone call. Get benefits on your health, Protect yourself from radiation, Stop 70% of the radiation from the body.


  • Extend Signal Emplify
  • Battery Life and Quality
  • More Durable
  • Worth buying Battery Case

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7). Lonlif High Capacity Battery Case For iPhone SE 2 (2020)Lonlif High Capacity Battery Case For iPhone SE 2 (2020)

Refer Lonlif case to people looking for high Battery backup [3200mAh] for iPhone Back cover. Longer Battery will charge your iPhone 1.2 times. Advanced technology protects your iPhone and Prevent heat while filling charging on the back case, Four LED light indicator that shows the remaining battery on the external Back cover.


  • 12 Months Worry-Free Service
  • Large Battery Backup in Back cover
  • Durability and Sturdiness

Check Lonlif Price on Amazon

8). SnowLizard Solar Powered CaseSnowLizard Solar Powered Case

If you are looking for funky stuff, these might be worth looking at. It uses a secure solar power system to recharge the battery case instead of waiting for your iPhone to charge and renew itself. Apart from this, being a solar power battery case, you can charge it anywhere under sunlight.

The massive battery backup of 4000mAh provides battery extension up to 185%, which is almost double. Its rubberized texture adds grip on the side and delivers extreme protection against bumps and drops up to 2M. Also, it is waterproof.


  • Waterproof Case
  • Unique Design
  • Easy to Use
  • Solar Power Enabled Battery Case

Check SnowLizard Price on Amazon

9). GIN FOXI Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone SEGIN FOXI Rechargeable Battery Case for iPhone SE

To conveniently charge the iPhone SE wherever you want, a battery case like this is the ultimate solution. A slim-flit design and lightweight gesture to your iPhone prevent several common damages, ensures fine grip, and maximizes protection alongside extending battery capacity by 5000mAh.

Besides, the case does have a magnetized back that allows you to attach the mobile to the car mount. So, conclusively, it is a protective case, a car mount case, and a portable battery backup for your iPhone SE 2020.


  • Magnetic Back to mount on Car Mounts
  • Easy to Charge & Sync
  • Slim Protective Case
  • Safe to use

Check GIN FOXI Battery Case Price on Amazon

10). Waterproof Battery Case by cjcWaterproof Battery Case by cjc

For outdoor activities and tours, you must go with this IP67 waterproof battery case. After all, it adds 3000mAh battery backup along with safeguarding the phone from water damages.

However, it doesn’t mean you could take the iPhone into the swimming pool, and you have to take precautions. It gives you easy access to Touch ID, Charging Port, Camera, and more while protecting the display by PET screen protector.


  • IP67 Waterproof Case
  • Made for Outdoor Activities like Camping, Hiking, Rafting, etc
  • Quick access to Touch ID, Camera, etc.
  • Responsive Screen Protector

Check Waterproof Battery Case Price on Amazon Update

11). iPhone SE Battery Case with Headphone Jack AmazoniPhone SE Battery Case with Headphone Jack Amazon

No matter you choose Waypo or Xcomm, both are similar to sort of changes. The battery case has a built-in TF Card Slot with support of up to 128GB TF Card and a 3.5mm Headphone Jack to extend your music library and play non-stop music on wired headphones.

Apart from this, it boosts the iPhone SE battery by 2800mAh. When it comes to safeguarding the phone, it’s important to note that the case is comprehensively designed with hardshell material to fight against various damages.


  • Support for TF Card up to 128GB
  • 3.5mm Headphone Jack
  • LED Indicator

Check iPhone SE Battery Case Price on Amazon

12). Thinnest iPhone SE 2 Battery Case AmazonThinnest iPhone SE 2 Battery Case Amazon

FOSTO’s this battery case never compromises with the immersive sound of iPhone SE 2, and the case is engineered smartly to throw out the same sound just like you’ve had experienced without a battery case by channelizing it.

The one-touch button brings the ease to power on and off the battery case, while four LED indicator shows the remaining battery status on the go. It’s a certified battery case cover to keep your iPhone SE 2 always powered up, a much-needed accessory when you are on tour or hiking somewhere with reliable protection.


  • High Capacity Battery Case
  • Certified Charger
  • One-Touch button to Power On and Off Charging

Check FOSTO Battery Case Price on Amazon

13). JERSS 6000mAh Premium Battery Case for iPhone SE 2020JERSS 6000mAh Premium Battery Case for iPhone SE 2020

If you own a battery case like JERSS, it will change how you use the iPhone, no need to worry about battery all day; keeping the phone light and power, it’s a way better option when looking for a case.

A single full charge to iPhone SE and battery case could run your iPhone for up to two days, though it depends on what you are doing on your iPhone. Available in three pretty color options, Rose gold, blue, and black.


  • Premium Battery Case
  • Sleek design

Check JERSS Battery Case Price on Amazon

14). GDPower Portable Battery CaseGDPower Portable Battery Case iPhone SE 2020

If you want a high-power battery case but at an affordable rate, GDPower is the one. Adding 150% more battery on the iPhone SE 2020 can help you survive without worrying about the power outage or battery draining issues. In addition, it functions securely and safely to charge the iPhone SE 2020, keeping the internal parts of the iPhone intact.

A four-stage battery level indicator makes it easier to know when to put the battery case to charge, and at the bottom, there is a simple ON/OFF button to control the battery case.


  • Protective Design
  • Safe Charging
  • Cost-effective

Check GDPower Battery Case Price on Amazon

15). Swaller 4500mAh Battery CaseSwaller 4500mAh Battery Case for iPhone SE 2

The Battery Case by Swaller comes with a 4500mAh battery capacity, equivalent to adding 155% more power to the iPhone SE 2020. Along with excellent battery backup, the case is reinforced with durable protective coverage across the device.

Roughly it adds 22 hours of extra talk time, 20 hours of video time, 62 hours of music, and 19 hours of internet usage, which is quite good if you don’t have an AC outlet nearby. In addition, the snap-on design fits onto the iPhone perfectly, no need to pressurize the iPhone or Case.


  • Four-level battery indicators
  • Quick installation and sync with iPhone

Check Swaller Case Price on Amazon

Write Back us, Which one is the best for you in the comment below. Thanks

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