Best iPhone 12 Pro Max Clear Cases in 2023: We Should Buy These Transparent Cover

🗓️ September 14, 2023 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelThe Best iPhone XS Max Clear Cases! Scrutinizing some clear phone cases that will fortify your phone from knicks and dings while showing it off? Here are some smartphone cases that are built with the higher polycarbonate material that won’t turn yellow and append an ultra-slim layer of protection around your phone.

These cases are designed significantly for this model and will snap firmly around your phone. Protecting your device is now quirky and good looking as these cases offer extreme protection over vulnerable areas like edges, corners, and the rear surface.

iPhone XS Max Clear Cases For Perfect Buyers

1. Clear iPhone XS Max case by Supcase:

1 iPhone XS Max Clear cases by Supcase

This sturdy smartphone case is built from higher graded polycarbonate and TPU material for a minimalistic look. Its see-through and scratch-resistant back is something that makes this case long-lasting and a perfect inmate for your iPhone. The volume rockers buttons are gentle to press, so don’t have to hurt your fingers every time.

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Buy On Amazon ($13.99)

2. iPhone XS Max clear case i–Balson:

2 i–Balson iPhone XS Clear Case

This iPhone case from the house of i-Balson is something you should get your hands on if you are a pride owner of the newly launched XS Max. Along with its robust appearance.

This case has 360-degree coverage functionalities and comes with a shock-absorbent feature. So you never have to worry about the drops. Just wrap this scratch-resistant case around your phone and take a sigh of relief.

Buy On Amazon ($19.99)

3. TOZO for iPhone XS Max Transparent Case Cover:

3 TOZO iPhone XS Max Clear case

If you are looking for something that is ultra-slim and has a premium finish, then this is the one. TOZO is manufactured with the soft shell of TPU and is feathery light in weight.

Its comfortable grip, scratch resistance, and dust accumulation are something that will make anyone fall for it easily. This case provisions 4-side fortification and appears as your phone is not wearing anything.

Buy On Amazon ($9.99)

4. Otterbox Symmetry Clear phone Case for iPhone XS Max:

4 Otterbox iPhone XS Max Clear Case

This is a smart case with many features and functionalities. It offers extreme protection to your phone and is pellucid. Its wrap-around design, multifold colors, and the seamless design are something every phone deserves.

Otterbox also provides protection against fumbles and drops while shielding the screen, all thanks to the beveled edges! Along with this, it comes with a lifetime warranty, and that’s a thing hard to find.

Buy On Amazon ($49.95)

5. Beautiful World Transparent iPhone XS Max Case:

5 iPhone XS Max transparency case

This case snaps around your phone effortlessly. It made from soft and flexible TPU that can quickly absorb accidental drops and bumps. This case will not add any bulk to your phone while offering reinforced protection and scratch-resistant functionality.

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It’s oleo-phobic coated back repels finger marks and dust marks, so you are always not cleaning your phone.  It supports wireless charging functionality and comes with a complimentary tempered glass guard for display protection.

Buy on Amazon ($12.99)

6. Ballistic iPhone XS Max Clear Case

Ballistic iPhone XS Max Clear Case

This transparent case from Ballistic is a synonym for extreme quality. It is built from soft TPU and has a coating of PC/PP for outstanding scratch resistance.

Its solid back adds a level of fortification while the clinging pattern helps you grab it quickly even with wet hands. This case looks uniform and portrays a style statement that takes your device on new heights of total elegance.

Buy On Amazon

7. Micracase Ultra Hybrid Case cover for Apple 6.5” iPhone XS Max:

7 Miracase iPhone XS Max Clear case 6.5 inch

This crystal clear case will bestow you with a feeling that it’s an un-detachable part of your phone. It is highly scratch resistant and comes with air-cushion technology in all corners. So you will never encounter any bump on the edges of your phone. Unlike other clear cases, it doesn’t become pale and vows a long-lasting lifetime. Its glove-like fit allows you to insert your lightning cable with utmost ease and the buttons also feature soft-touch functionality.

Buy On Amazon ($9.99)

8. Luvvitt Apple iPhone XS Max Clear Case

Luvvitt Apple iPhone XS Max Clear Case

The crystal clear yet rigid back allows your phone to look flawless while portraying its original look. Moreover, it’s sleek, slim, and supports wireless charging, so you don’t have to remove this case every time your phone needs to charge. Luvvitt is more than sufficient when it comes to shielding shocks and dust. It feels nice in hand and provides you with a secure grip with its anti-slippery functionality.

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Buy On Amazon

9. PUSHIMEI iPhone XS Max Clear case:

9 PUSHIMEI Full Body iPhone XS Max Clear case

Soft and clear cases have an inbuilt con in them, they get loosened with time. But this is not the thing with the Pushimei case. It’s manufactured with an anti-stretch TPU rubber that remains as-it-is even after multiple times of snapping it and removing it.

Along with this, it has a minimalistic look and protects your phone from all the daily-life wears and tears.

Buy on Amazon ($7.98)

10. DTTO Transparent Case for iPhone XS MaxDTTO Transparent Case for iPhone XS Max

If you are not a wine enthusiast, getting hands-on is worth it. With its support for wireless charging, this case stands out-of-the-crowd. Its metal luster edged design is exceptionally sophisticated while the slim elements and tactile buttons take the heart away. It has raised lips for precision and protection for the display and rear camera lens.

Buy on Amazon ($Not Specified)

Wrap up

These are some of the best cases that bestow best-in-class protection and handsome looks. Every Transparent case for iPhone XS Max is a wise investment and will be worth every single penny.

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