6 Best Mac Desktop Publishing Software in 2023 [Top DTP Software]

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Get here Paid and Free best DTP Software for Mac computers for Home and business uses. Back in the day, the only paper could be used to publish newspapers, cards, pamphlets, pictures, calendars, books, etc., with unique texts and layouts. 

Traditionally publishing involved drawing and writing on wooden or metallic boards. But today, the art of publishing uses personal computers and printers that can print high-quality graphics, which can be done on a desk in the office or at home.

The idea is to create graphics for businesses or personal use that can easily convey your message and connect with the audience.

If you have a Mac and are thinking of learning desktop publishing, here is a list of the top ten desktop publishing software.

What Is Desktop Publishing?

The term Desktop Publishing consists of two words, “desktop” means on the computer, and “publishing” means to create something. Desktop publishing refers to creating digital graphics by designing the texts and graphic layouts through desktop publishing software installed on the computer or laptop. The text and pictures can be inserted, edited, formatted, and printed.

What Is Desktop Publishing Software?

To create the digital format of newsletters, brochures, pamphlets, and nowadays used social media posts or pdf, you will need software, which is only what desktop publishing software is. You can buy a course or watch youtube videos of that particular software to master it. The key is to pick up one that looks friendly to you and learn the tools of the software so that you can produce great results. Initially, you could find difficulties as it is a creative process and requires a lot of hard work and consistent practice. 

Best Desktop Publishing Software:

The market is full of different software options, so the question is which one to choose. We have picked up the top 6 best Mac desktop publishing software after doing the proper research.

#1. Adobe Indesign:

It is a world-standard layout program that lets desktop publishers and designers create top-notch layouts. Indesign’s original focus is to produce high-quality print documents like cards, brochures, magazines, and reports. Still, Indesign has grown to become a solution for creating documents like Portable Document Format (Pdfs) and publications that are interactive for mobile devices that use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Plugins.  

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 Indesign allows you to import your already existing Word or Excel documents in just a few clicks. Formatting your text is pretty straightforward, especially if you are familiar with the primary text options. You can use the basic text options to make your messages stand out or more advanced typographic options to take your designs to the next level. Apply text styles to automate text formatting and change your projects by making global updates—import one or multiple images moving quickly, crop, or scale them to fit your design. You can also use visual effects such as drop shadow, glow, or changing the object’s opacity.

Adobe Indesign is a compelling and intuitive software that is easy to start with and fun to use. Indesign supports all types of file formats such as EPS, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF and allows you to work with native files from other Adobe programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. If you are creating a banner, you can also easily add QR codes. This software is available for both Mac and Windows.

#2. Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator has been on the desktop for over twenty years. It has been the source and the playground for creators and graphic designers worldwide because when it comes to creating stunning vector graphics, there is no other software than this. 

This software allows you to create a file from scratch or even you can import or modify an existing one. This software has always been the first choice of one who is just beginning their career as a graphic designer.

With the fantastic creative tools available on the toolbar, such as selection, typography, drawing, painting, slicing, graphics, moving, cutting, and zooming, you can convert your creativity into a stunning vector graphic. Illustrators work with both vector and raster graphics and produce high-quality results. This software creates logos for brands and products, business cards, and billboards.

Work on your Mac and quickly create beautiful designs that can go anywhere, such as print, website, application, and video animations. 

#3. Apple Pages

If we are talking about the software that runs on Mac, how can we not mention Apple’s fantastic software? Apple Pages is a desktop program that allows you to create and edit documents on the Mac. You can use Apple Pages to write letters, memos, reports, and more. It’s also great for creating invitations or thank-you notes. Apple Pages includes several tools that make it easy to format your document: headers and footers, page numbers, tables of contents, graphics (including clip art), text boxes (for entering text), hyperlinks (to other pages in your document), and much more. With Apple Pages, you can also print your copies using any number of printers connected to the computer via USB or FireWire ports.

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This software is a combination of both document processor and page layout that has some graphic tools. Although it is an Ios software, it can still handle Micro Soft Word Files. You can easily collaborate if you want to work with a team on the same document; you only need a free iCloud account.

#4. Photoshop:

This is the software you will find on the computer of every designer. Whether you are a website or graphic designer who creates vector images or a photographer, every digital artist is familiar with this software. So what makes this software so popular?

 Released in 1990, Photoshop has been evolving with new updates and features.

Photoshop is used for image creation, graphic and vector design, website design, photo editing, project layout, and quotes and pictures.

Some of the new and updated features are the object finder tool which uses Adobe Sensi, an Artificial Intelligence, to analyze the image and find the main subject. Photoshop 2022 has updated the neural filter and added two new ones: Harmonization neural filter and Landscape mixer neural filter. If you use the updated version of the software, then you can quickly bring in your Vector art from Illustrator and maintain layer structure, layer names, and so much more. After rendering their files, the 3D modelers also use Photoshop to add the final touch, such as lighting, shadow, and texture.

#5. Lucid Press:

If you want to represent a brand using your digital content and look for software, this is the right choice. Lucid Press is a web-based software used widely by the most prominent brands to create brochures, templates, magazine pages, and posters.

For many businesses, content creation can be frustrating and time-consuming. Still, Lucid Press can create marketing collateral that is on brand, looks professional, and is made in no time. 

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It all starts with a cloud-based template; using this software, create a template from scratch or import an existing one from Indesign. The software allows you to save the company logo, text styles, colors, and brand assets manager for future use. 

Once you finish your design, lock the brand, designs, or text elements you would like to enforce and easily share the designed template with the collaborators. The chat section features help you to communicate while working on the same document. 

All major brands use this software only, so it may be possible that the visual content you see daily has been rendered using Lucid Press.

#6. Canva:

If you are starting in the graphic designing field and have no idea where to begin, then go for this fantastic website called Canva. Canva is a free online visual design tool that allows you to create professional-looking images and graphics such as social media posts, resumes, invitation cards, Youtube thumbnails, logos, video presentations, documents, and other visual content. Any graphical content you want, name it, and you will find it on Canva.

 When it comes to usability, anybody can use it, whether a working professional or a school-going student. The user interface is amicable and easy to operate. 

Just log in using your mail and get started. You can even create groups to work on the same file. You have to invite the other person by sending them an invite link.

Canva is a perfect tool for newbies; if you are creating your first logo or youtube thumbnail, you need not worry because Canva’s layout is simple and intuitive. The drag-and-drop format makes it accessible; you can easily change your fonts, graphics, and background effects and play them out with your layouts.

The quality of the result is one of the big reasons people use it; you can save your file in different formats.

Canva also has a paid premium version which will give you access to more advanced templates and features. 

Conclusion: Desktop publishing is more of an art than just a profession. Along with hard work and practice, it requires creativity and patience too. The software mentioned in the blog is top-notch and used by professionals. Now all you have to do is pick one and start mastering it; you can definitely create great results.

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