14 Best Accessories for M1 Pro / M1 Max MacBook Pro

If you are an Apple Macbook pro user and wonder, What are some must-have accessories for a new MacBook Pro? Then pay close attention to this list of accessories we have created for you. In this article, you will encounter all the best products for your MacBook Pro(MBP), which are affordable and will work wonders for you.

We have covered all the different models of the MacBook Pro, including the newly launched MacBook Pro M1 Pro and the MacBook Pro M1 Max. So sit back, go through this list of fabulous accessories, and buy the product of your choice.

The Best Macbook Pro Accessories for 16 inch & 14 inch display Recommendations

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1. Backup Hard Drive 


Never feel short on space in your MacBook by purchasing the WD 14TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive and expanding your device’s storage by a considerable amount. This product is compatible with all the models of the MacBook Pro and is one of the must-have accessories for your MacBook Pro m1x as well.

This is a plug-and-play device that helps boost your Mac’s speed by transferring the data from your Mac to this Hard drive, thus freeing up space and improving the performance of your MacBook. With this one drive, you get compatibility with the latest USB 3.0 devices and backward compatibility with USB 2.0 devices ensuring superfast data transfer speeds between the Hard Drive and your Mac.

WD is a brand of quality and trust, so you don’t have to worry about the durability of this product as it comes with the manufacturer’s warranty in case of defects. This product’s lustrous and compact design makes it very portable and handy.

Boost up the speed and free the space of your MacBook by ordering this fantastic hard drive from Amazon. Get more reviews on Amazon’s online store.

2. Adjustable Stand – Height Adjustable & Laptop Riser

Do you feel like your laptop’s position is incorrect, and it would be better if you could somehow adjust it? Then the following two products will offer you the perfect adjustability for your MacBook like never before. These two stands are the must-have accessories for the MacBook Pro in 2021.

  • Nulaxy Laptop Stand, Ergonomic Height Angle Adjustable Laptop Riser-

This laptop stand is designed especially for your MacBook in such a way that it’s simple to use and stylish at the same time. It is built up of a strong aluminum alloy, adding to its strength and durability. The silicon pads at the base protect your Mac from all the scratches, and the vents allow good ventilation for the heat emitting out of your laptop.

This stand has an ergonomic design that elevates the laptop to your eye level and even to a level where you can stand up and work, providing better posture to release pain or stress.

This laptop stand is compatible with all of your MacBooks, varying from 14-16 inches in size. Break free from the pain and stress by ordering this exceptional product from Amazon to get reviews and great deals + offers.

  • Laptop Riser for MacBook Pro and Air-

If you have back pains by working continuously on your Mac, you should definitely buy this product. The ergonomic design offered by this laptop riser helps in correcting your posture while working, thus providing relief to your back.

This laptop stand is easily adjustable and can be rotated so that you can turn your laptop towards your colleagues without putting in any effort. This product is compatible with all MacBooks and can be easily carried in your backpacks due to its compact design. Get more reviews here.

This Laptop riser comes with a built-in mobile holder making it more resourceful. Improve your working environment by ordering it from Amazon today and add this fantastic Laptop Riser to your collection of products.

3. Wall Charger Adapter – International


Make way for the most helpful product for travelers designed by the travelers. The World Travel Adapter Kit by Ceptics is built especially for people who travel a lot and find it difficult to charge their MacBooks due to the different charging ports available in different countries.

This kit offers all the various sockets, outlets, and cables so that you never feel the need to borrow chargers from others while traveling. It is equipped with 2 USA outlets, 2 USB (3. 6A) with Quick Charge 3. 0 & Micro USB cable. The design is very compact, and the product comes with a case to never lose these accessories. Get More reviews on here.

It has a particular built-in surge protection system that safeguards your Mac from all the harmful voltage spikes and surges. The kit includes 6 types of international adapters – AE (Type C) UK (Type G), US (Type B), AU (Type I), au (Type E/F), JP (Type a) plug compatible with outlets in North America, United Kingdom, and other countries.

So, enjoy your traveling experience to the fullest by bringing home this extremely beneficial product by acquiring it from Amazon.

4. Carrying Sleeve – 16inch MacBook Pro m1x Sleeve


Protect your MacBook Pro m1x from scratches, dust, oil, and fingerprint marks using the tomtoc 360 Protective Laptop Sleeve Case. If you are looking for the MacBook pro m1X must-have accessories, this is the product for you as it offers 360- degree protection to your device.

This product has a solid Protective CornerArmor patent design which secures the MacBook from drops, bumps, and shocks, and the soft cushion padding on the inside acts as the car airbag.

You can carry other accessories like chargers, power banks, and even an iPad in this case along with your MacBook as it has 2 separate compartments so that you are well organized all the time. The specially designed secure belt with Velcro protects your laptop from sudden drops. Get more reviews from here.

This Sleeve comes with a best-in-class YKK Zipper that facilitates easy opening and closing of the case with snagging your Mac. The product has a solid wooden handle so that you can easily carry your laptop anywhere.

Hence, stop hesitating, buy your own carrying sleeve from Amazon, and get it delivered to your doorstep.

5. Portable USB Dock


Put a hold on your search for MacBook pro 16 must-have accessories as we have just the product you need. Are you struggling with having to remove a few of your external devices connected to your Mac due to the few ports? Grab this functional portable USB C Adapter for MacBook Pro/MacBook Air and use all of your external devices at the same time without any trouble. This USB dock is mainly designed for MacBooks. It contains a 100W Thunderbolt 3 port, 3 USB 3.0 ports, and SD/Micro SD card reader so that you can expand the capabilities of your Mac quickly by using its plug-and-play feature. The USB 3.0 supports a superfast data transmission speed of up to 5Gbp/s, enabling you to connect your printer, mouse, keyboard, and other USB devices to your Mac. Get more reviews of this item from here.

The 100W Thunderbolt 3 adapter offers up to 5K at 60Hz video display and astonishing data transfer speeds of up to 40Gb/s. The USB C to SD TF card supports a transmission speed of up to 104 Mbp/s so that you never have to wait for relaying your data to your Mac. and USB C to SD TF card supports transmission speed of up to 104 Mbp/s.

All these aspects make this product the best buy for your MacBook. Head over to Amazon and make it yours today.

6. Apple Mouse or MX Master 3

To solve your doubt about what accessories do I need for a MacBook Pro, we have brought the most advantageous device for you, Mac. We all need an external mouse at some point in time as it is easier and more functional to use as compared to the touchpad. So, to provide you with a comfortable and durable mouse, we put together these two mice through our research.

  • Apple Magic Mouse

This product comes straight from the house of Apple and is a wireless and rechargeable mouse that comes with an optimized foot design enabling you to glide your mouse perfectly. Scrolling through documents and pictures is fun using its Multi-Touch surface. The battery life of this mouse is extraordinary as it can last over a month with just a single charge. Apple mouse reviews.

This device connects automatically with your Mac and comes with an external USB-C to Lightning Cable, allowing you to connect your mouse using the cable to the USB-C port of your Mac. Here are All the needed Accessories for Apple Magic Mouse.

The name Apple is enough to convince the users to buy this product. Visit Amazon now and get it shipped to you without any stress.

  • Logitech MX Vertical Wireless Mouse

There must be doubts hovering in your mind about the must-have accessories for the new MBP? The MX Master 3 mouse brought to you by Logitech is the mouse that is leading the current market. This device has a unique ergonomic design that reduces muscle pain and enhances the control and movement of the cursor in your MacBooks. It comes with triple connectivity options- wireless USB unifying receiver, Bluetooth smart technology, or the included USB-C charging cable giving you complete control over the mouse. 

It comes with the most powerful battery that powers the mouse for 4 months on fun charge and 3 hours of power by charging it for 1 minute using the quick charge function. 

To experience the next level of comfort, connectivity, and battery life, buy this product from Amazon now.

7. Backpack


When we talk about MacBook Pro 16 must-have accessories, one thing that comes to our mind is a good, durable and anti-theft backpack. The FENRUIEN 17.3-Inch Hard Shell Laptop Backpack has all the features that you need to keep your MacBook safe from water, shocks, bumps, dirt, and even thieves. This anti-theft backpack is made of a unique ratio PC & ABS hard shell, a high density, and waterproof material. On the inside, it has a shock-absorbing RB wave point cotton which is tear-resistant polyester and prevents your Mac from getting harmed at all times. It has a unique lock design that provides overall security to your Mac against robbers.

It has plenty of storage compartments allowing you to store your books, chargers, earphones, etc., along with the Macbook safely. This smart backpack comes with an external USB charging port and built-in cable so that you can charge your laptops and other devices whenever you want. 

This Smart backpack loaded with excellent features is available for you on Amazon at a very reasonable price.

8. A Good Desk


A suitable desk that supports your MacBook perfectly can solve many issues like back pain, strained eyes, and wrist pain, among other problems. The Tatkraft Joy Portable Laptop Desk with Mouse Pad is a miracle worker as the laptop tray can be tilted to 160-degree vertically and enables you to rotate the tray 360-degree horizontally, allowing you to position your laptop just like you want it. It is ergonomically designed to reduce the stress and pain you get while working on a flat desk. This product comes with an additional mousepad where you can keep your external mouse. This desk is very portable and can be folded to fit in your backpack.

Assembling this desk is a child’s play as it comes with all the essential instructions and tools. The desk also has a wheelbase which allows you to move it quickly once assembled. 

We strongly recommend this product due to its excellent build, ergonomic design, and good portability. To buy this product, head over to their Amazon page and order it right away.

9. Privacy Screen Protector


Safeguard the screen of your MacBook Pro with the Solitude Screens Magnetic Privacy Screen that attaches to your Mac with the help of the magnetic attachment feature and prevents dust and water from harming the screen of your MacBook Pro. This Screen protector comes with a special privacy filter that secures your personal data when working in public places like airports, coffee shops, and offices as it offers only a 60-degree field of view. This product also protects your eyes from the harmful blue light emitted from the screen of your Macbook.

This is one of the most affordable and essential products that every MacBook user should have. With Amazon’s easy payment and delivery options, you don’t have to worry about anything.

10. Portable Power Bank – High Capacity & Fast Charging


Looking for ways to charge your MacBook Pro in case of a power cut or other similar situations where you aren’t able to find a charging socket? Then the ROMOSS 18W PD USB C Fast Charging Portable Charger will solve all of your problems as it has a massive 40000mAh battery that successfully charges your MacBook Pro. It comes with an External LED display that showcases the level of battery left in the power bank effectively and precisely. This product has 18W MAX PD 3-Output & 2-Input ports making it ideal for charging multiple devices simultaneously. The device also supports “pass-through charging,” meaning it can charge your Mac while the power bank itself is getting charged.

The Power bank takes only sixteen hours to fully charge using a wall charger of 18W power. To buy this essential device, head over to their page on Amazon and be ready for all the situations.

11. Apple Music Headphone – Call, Gaming, and More


Among the list of what accessories do I need for a MacBook pro, the New Apple AirPods (3rd Generation) stands out because of their distinctive design, brilliant features, and the crazy demand among the users of Apple products. The AirPods 3 are loaded with features like spatial audio with dynamic head tracking that gives you the feeling of sound coming from all around you. One can easily manage the phone calls and control the music with the help of the force sensors. It is water and sweat-resistant, permitting you to wear them during workouts, rainfall, and even when you’re swimming.

This device has a good battery life and will be your entertainment buddy for up to six hours of listening time. You can also administer the battery level of these AirPods by the status light present on the case of the AirPods. This product empowers you to use Siri at all times.

So, don’t just sit idle and be a part of the trend by getting these AirPods delivered to you from Amazon.

12. Stay Active in Car – Fast Charging USB-C Charger for MacBook


For the people who are always on the move, the Anker USB C Car Charger can prove to be a blessing in disguise as it lets you charge your MacBook Pro from your car. This device is loaded with 18 W of charging power and can charge 2 devices simultaneously. It has an excellent charging speed and can charge your device 1.5 hours faster than any other standard charger. It guarantees total safety to you and your device through its Anker Multiproduct safety system. 

This product comes with an 18-month friendly and worry-free customer service making it a reliable and trustworthy product. Car charging has never been easier than this, so grab this innovative device from Amazon at this moment.

14. USB-C to USB Converter


Make your hustle of finding a suitable medium of transferring data in and out of your MacBook an easy one with this useful Apple MJ1M2AM/A USB-C to USB Adapter that imparts the capacity to connect various USB devices directly to your MacBook. It is one of the cheapest products, but the utility of this device is very impressive. Sometimes, you face the difficulty of not being able to find a hard drive or pen drive that has USB type C leaving you helpless. No need to lose hope as this device will save your day. It works on a simple one-piece mechanism that converts the USB 3.1 to the USB-C effortlessly.

Give away those poor-quality adapters that often damage your device and grab this helpful product from Amazon and enjoy a safer and more convenient transfer of data.

By providing you information about all of the products mentioned above, which are affordable and essential for your MacBooks, we were able to clear the confusion in your mind as to which product meets your needs to safeguard both you and your Mac’s health. There are some products that help in improving your posture and relieve you of strain and stress while working on your MacBooks, whereas the other products were solely dedicated to protecting your MacBook from all sorts of damages. So, head over to Amazon and acquire these fantastic accessories at a discounted and affordable price now. Hence, making this list of essential accessories for the MacBook Pro very informative and apt.

Q&A- Any Suggestions for accessories for new Mac users! Finally, made the jump from Windows?

The users who have recently made a shift from Windows to Mac need not worry as this list of accessories is suitable for both the new and the old users of MacBook. Any or all of these accessories play an essential role in safeguarding your device and improving your working environment in some way or the other.

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