Best Pinterest video downloader for Mac, PC & iPhone (2023)

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With no doubt in mind, Pinterest is one of the most well-known social networks for sharing images & videos, and just like, you might want to download videos from there. This seems like an impossible task as the Pinterest policy is so strong that it prevents the users from doing such tasks, but in reality, it’s as simple as downloading a YouTube video. The best part is that you can even use the best Pinterest video downloader for all devices. 

Here below are the top 9 Pinterest video downloaders. 

1. ExpertsPHP

ExpertsPHP Pinterest video downloader for iPhone

The tool makes it easier to download videos from Pinterest to your iPhone, Mac & PC. Moreover, you can also download Pinterest videos in mp4, mp3 720, and other formats and download Pinterest PDFs as well. Quick material downloads are made possible by the straightforward UI ExpertPHP platform. In addition, it is compatible with MP4 files and HD resolution. Also, you can save Pictures, Movies, GIFs, and other content on both the mobile app and Pinterest Website. 

What makes it super convenient is it works flawlessly with various electronic devices, desktop computers, laptops, and other iOS products. Additionally, it’s compatible with almost every browser.

2. Pinterest Video Downloader

Pinterest Video Downloader for iPhone
Pinterest Video Downloader

If you are searching for the best Pinterest video downloaded, then you must go with Pinterest Video Downloader. It’s a free web tool for downloading Pinterest videos. You can use this Pinterest Downloader to download GIFs and images from Pinterest directly to your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or PC in premium quality MP4 and HD JPG formats. Earlier, it was difficult for many individuals. Thus, this Pinterest Video downloader lets you quickly download many videos for free. 

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It’s a cloud-based utility that doesn’t need any installation. With this tool, you can instantly download the stuff you wish to own by pasting a link. It’s handy as it appears to install Pinterest reels, videos, or stories. The majority of the Pinterest Videos are stored at 480p resolution. Keeping all things aside, using this Pinterest video downloader, there is no loss of video quality.

3. Catch Tube

Catch Tube Pinterest video downloader for iPhone
Catch Tube

It allows quality video downloading to save it on your device. The application is handy, thanks to its option to directly download video from a web browser. In addition, when watching any videos online on the site, you can directly download them from there. And the best part is the developer keeps the tool updated with all current trends and norms. It can further flawlessly handle a new content website that may appear. The application is easy to use.

All you need to do is paste the link to the URL dashboard to download the video. The Files can be converted and saved to the desired format. Besides all of this, it has an array of features, and it has an intuitive, user-friendly interface. This app is straightforward to use. 

4. Paste Download

Paste Download Pinterest video downloader for iPhone
Paste Download

An internet connection is necessary for online music listening and video viewing. With the help of paste download, users can download any music, picture, and video from various websites, including Pinterest. It can be tagged as “Any Site Video Downloader” as it allows download content from any website. And the best part is a user can use it without any internet connection right after downloading.

From downloading audio and movies from various websites, including Pinterest and other social media platforms, PasteDownlaod is on to go application. It’s a complete middleman site to download videos from multiple social sites and handy to use. Unlike other platforms, you only need to copy-paste the URL and click the Download button

5. Pintodown

Pintodown Pinterest video downloader for iPhone

Now you can download your favorite Pinterest videos & stories in high-quality MP4 720p quality by using this online tool, Pintodown Pinterest video downloader. Get your favorite stories, GIFs, videos, and images downloaded from Pinterest in your preferred quality. 

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Besides, it’s simple and easy to navigate and can be used on multiple devices, such as a Desktop, iPhone, PC, Tablet, or Android smartphone. Moreover, you can also get your videos in different formats: 240p, 360p, 720p, 480p, and 1080p. All you need to do is select your preferred video quality during the downloading process. You can also get your favorite stories, videos, and GIFs from the Pinterest Website and application. 

6. SavePin

SavePin Pinterest video downloader for iPhone

Another best Pinterest video downloader for iPhone, Mac and PC is one from the Savepin. It’s a widely used Pinterest video downloader. It’s one of the most famous platforms where you can share your photos and videos flawlessly. It’s a cloud tool that lets you download Pinterest GIFs, videos, and images.

Previously, downloading the videos was slower, but with SavePin’s user-friendly dashboard, you can instantly download high quality quickly. Further, you can download Pinterest Video in different formats, including HD quality and low one. At last, it’s Safe, Secure, and compatible with most devices. 

GiveFastLink Pinterest video downloader for iPhone

With this Video downloader for Pinterest, you can download and save Pinterest Videos in just a second. Just copy-paste the URL link in the search field and tap on the download button. No need to give information to download Pinterest videos, and no installing software is required. Besides, it’s a free Pinterest video downloader, so you don’t need to enter a credit or debit card or make a payment. 

What makes it super convenient is that GiveFastLink Pinterest online downloader gives all the qualities from HD to full HD, 144p, 8K, and 4K, if available. Besides being compatible with the iPhone, it also works with Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, or TV browsers.

8. Pincase

Pincase Pinterest video downloader for iPhone

When it comes to downloading various things, like videos, pictures, narrative pins, and GIFs from Pinterest, Pincase works better than most options. No matter what device is being used, you must take into account the most important element to download multiple files simultaneously

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What makes it super convenient is its well-designed and user-friendly UI. It lets you download the desired video from Pinterest in just three clicks. By placing the Download right next to each pin in the left corner, Pincase allows you to handily download the desired material from Pinterest. The Main feed page, Board, Search page, and self-owned pins are supportable with this feature. 

Pincase is widely accessed from various devices since the creators wanted to meet the demands of vast numbers of users. As a result, you may start downloading information from Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and tablets. 

9. Snap Downloader

SnapDownloader Pinterest video downloader for iPhone

Snap video downloader is a simple tool that allows you to download Pinterest videos. Downloading Pinterest Videos in MP4 and 720p or other quality is handy with this tool. Use this free Snapchat video downloader software to download videos at the best quality and refresh rate

Plus, the video downloader has multiple features, and further, it’s simple and dependable software to use. It is super convenient because this program lets you download HD videos from various platforms, including Pinterest and 900 websites. From 144p to 4k, you can select the quantity, quality, and size as well.

Final Thought!

With these Pinterest video downloaders, you can save Pinterest videos to your iPhone & Other devices, so from now on, you are not dependent on the Pinterest App. 

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