5 Best Rigs for iPhone 15, 14 (Any iPhone) in 2024

If you are a content creator and are looking for the rigs for your iPhone 15 Pro Max Line-Up to make your content look more professional and appealing, then you’ve come to the right place. This article has put together the five best rigs available for iPhone Pro Max, Pro, Plus line-Up that will help enhance the quality of your content and make it look more professional. These are the most pocket-friendly and durable rigs currently available in the market and can help content creators.

To know more about these rigs, keep reading the article and choose the product that suits you well. So, without further ado, let’s get into it.

The Best Worthy Rigs for Your iPhone

1. Beastcage for iPhone

Beastcage Best Rigs for iPhone

Make your content look more professional and jaw-dropping using the Beastcage for iPhone (Pro Max) and Small screen Models. It is one of the best rigs that are available in the market for the iPhone. This camera cage fits perfectly on your iPhone without any setup or tools, just like a phone case. This cage securely locks and unlocks your iPhone in the blink of an eye and is compatible with all the Beastgrip lenses and filters, including the M series lenses and DOF Adapters, Moment, and many more. The Beastcage is a professional camera cage with an integrated Cold Shoe Mount, Tripod Mounts, and Interchangeable lens mount interface, allowing you to swap between any lens mentioned above on the mount plates easily. The stabilizer works pretty well in keeping the phone steady even in different situations, thus providing a smooth and clean video.

We recommend this product due to its numerous features that will help enhance the quality and overall experience of content creation. You can purchase this product from Amazon and get hassle-free delivery to your doorstep. 

2. DREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO Universal Modular Video Rig

DREAMGRIP Best Rigs for iPhone

Get your hands on the evolutionary camera rig for any iPhone that will take your content to an entirely new level. This product is packed with features and is one of the most customizable video rigs available for iPhone. It has two 36 LED lights with accumulators, which provide the perfect light settings for recording your videos. The audio jack provides connectivity of its gun microphone with smartphones and other devices, enabling you to capture crystal-clear audio. Its Improved Optics Module provides an easy connection with external optics and accessories like shadow hoods and filters. If you are a filmmaker, this is the product that will give you an edge over others. This rig provides excellent stability and smoothness to your videos. The product is packed with everything that you need for creating a sharp and seamless video.

Also, the product comes with a lot of customizable accessories like clamps, straps, and holders. So don’t waste any more time and add a touch of professionalism to your videos by grabbing this rig from Amazon today.

3. Movo Smartphone Video Kit V1 

Movo Best Rigs for iPhone

Dive into the best content creation experience with the Movo Smartphone Video Kit V1. This product is best suited for vloggers as it is an easy-to-assemble and ready-to-go rig for your iPhone. You need to fix your iPhone in the smartphone clamps, and you’re ready to go. This product comes with a flashlight that enables you to shoot videos even in low light. The shotgun mic ensures that your videos have crisp and clear audio accompanied by the windscreen, blocking unwanted sound. This product also has a Bluetooth remote that helps you capture videos and photographs without touching your iPhone. All these features make this device one of the best rigs for the iPhone out there.

So, don’t wait and start your journey of being a professional content creator by grabbing this product from Amazon with easy payment and delivery options.

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4. SmallRig Handheld Video Rig kit for iPhone Line-Up

SmallRig Best Rigs for iPhone

Stand out from other content creators by making your videos look more realistic and professional with the SmallRig Handheld Video Rig kit. It is a single handheld video rig that comes with an aluminum body for added stability and protection. The SmallRig Handheld video rig kit is also compatible with various lenses like Moment V2 and Sirui lens, providing a better picture quality to your videos and photos. It is easy to install the device as it comes with a quick-lock design making it handy for you to lock or unlock your iPhone. The video rig also comes with a cushioning material on the inside which protects your iPhone from getting damaged while locking or unlocking your phone in the rig. The device also allows customization by installing flashlights, microphones, tripods, etc., in its different mounts.

Therefore, we recommend you order this unique product from Amazon and enjoy the experience of content creation at its best.

5. Ulanzi U Rig Pro Video Rig for iPhone Models

Ulanzi Best Rigs for iPhone

One of your iPhone’s most pocket-friendly video rigs is the Ulanzi U Rig Pro Video Rig. This device comes with three cold shoe mounts that allow you to install lights, a microphone, and a tripod to the main rig. The iPhone fits perfectly in the clamps situated at the center of the device due to its multi-function and straightforward design. The device is packed with many features and comes with the best budget stabilizer making it easier for you to shoot smooth and stable videos. Despite being the cheapest video rig, the Ulanzi U Rig Pro is quite durable and sturdy. This device is best suited for budding vloggers and content creators who have a tight budget but want a good quality product.

Grab the most pocket-friendly video rig for your iPhone today itself from Amazon and start your journey as a content creator.

So, if you’re looking for a rig with multiple features, durable, and best suited for filmmaking, we recommend you buy the Beastcage for iPhoneDREAMGRIP Evolution 2 MOJO Universal Modular Video Rig, or Movo Smartphone Video Kit V1.

But if you have a tight budget and are looking for rigs best suited for vlogging and shooting short videos, then you should go for the SmallRig Handheld Video Rig kit for iPhone or Ulanzi U Rig Pro Video Rig for iPhone.

Now that you have had a glimpse of the five best rigs for the iPhone, it is time to follow your passion for becoming a content creator by getting one of the products enlisted above that suits you well.

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We have curated this product list to provide you the best professional content creation experience. We hope you enjoy making films, shooting videos, and creating excellent content. So go to Amazon immediately and get one step closer to following your passion for becoming a professional content creator.

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