10 Best Self Timer Camera Apps for iPhone in 2023

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It is time to face the truth. We all love the iPhone camera so much. Well, that is a hell of a fact! The verity we want to highlight here – not all the iPhone models have a built-in timer option for the camera shutter. As we all have become fans of self-portraits, we require a self-timer now such as App that takes pictures every 5 seconds, App that takes pictures every few seconds iPhone, App to take pictures at intervals, etc.

So you indeed need an app? “I can do it without an app. Shoot a video and screenshot at any moment of it, Viola! There it is, no need of an app.” says your head right now. We understand your urge to DIY for everything. What about the quality of the image? You should pinch out those screenshots to see the distortion. Sorry for the disappointment. Say that you even find an app that enables you to set self-timer. How would it be? Set up your iPhone on a tripod or any support, click the shutter option, and run to pose, say cheese or pout, Humph! That didn’t go well. The run begins again until you get the perfect picture. That’s great cardio, but that run would sure spoil your get-up and the sweat of your makeup. It would be bliss to find an app that would click as many photos as you want without having to click the shutter button by yourself or buying a Bluetooth remote.

Availability of options arises more dilemmas. “Where should I start my hunt from?” you can sure start by Googling or voice searching it to find alternatives. You would end up getting hundreds of options. Let us be your reliable helping hand to find out the best self-timer app for your iPhone.

Best Apps to Take Perfect Shot itself Using Self Timer apps for iPhone

1: Lens Buddy Self Timer Camera

The Best Privacy control Self Timer app for iPhone, You never disappoint

With Initial Timer Delay, Number of Photos and Set the Delay Between each Photo – With Mirror Front Camera feature, Flash and more in free.

If you need time to pose between the two clicks, the Lens Buddy application could be your next favorite. It enables you to set intervals as per your requirement. The autofocus has got the clarity of the image covered. Further, the shutter sound would signal you to prepare for the next pose of the self photoshoot. There is no match for iPhone’s live photos. The Portrait mode is just unbelievable. The latest update of this app enables you to set the timer for it too! So if your friends are terrible at clicking your picture, why not do it yourself? This app is free of cost. Check out other notable features of this in App Store.

2: Camera +

Timer including High-quality Selfie Photos and Self-Portrait Photos


This app seems to be a great deal. Camera + has everything you would require to take over social media with incredible photos. Apart from taking clear pictures, this app has a lot to make your photos more appealing to social media. The effects enable you to transform the image as per your requirement. You can share the photographs directly from this app. You do not need to go to the photos to share them. This app has exclusive advanced photography features but would not be enough, unlike Photoshop at just $2.99.

3: Photo Timer+ – App that takes pictures every few seconds iPhone

Easy Interface who want, app that takes pictures every few seconds iPhone, delay Time with Flash Control and Count Down audio.


Are you looking for App that takes multiple pictures in a row? Photo timer+ is nice for you. It could be heartbreaking to invest a considerable amount of your earnings to buy a phone that could be an easy and ideal requirement of clicking photos every 3 seconds. Well, there is more to buying an iPhone than just pictures. The easy-to-use Photo Timer + enables you to set the self-timer per your interval requirements with a minimum of three seconds to a minute. That’s it, snap and share! The clicked pictures are saved directly to the photo library. It even enables you to click multiple photos. All of this is for free!

4: Camera+2

Pro Camera & Editor – all in One Place. Slow Shuttering control and more…


It is a myth that only trained photographers can click photos that get thousands of likes on various social media platforms. What if we say that this app enables you to show off your pro photography skills through your portraits? Camera+2 is a tech-savvy app that empowers you to do pro-level editing apart from providing you with a self-timer. If you are a fan of super fast photography, you would be a big fan of Burst mode! Only a few users have shown concern regarding the clarity issues in RAW mode. Other than that, this app is worth the $7.99 you pay.

5: iPhone camera app

Without any Third-Party app install on your iPhone, Use Self Timer on iPhone.

Good News!!!! Now you can do it on your iPhone Using Burst mode too. If your phone runs iOS 15, the camera would have a built-in timer with a delay option of 3s and 10s. All you need to do is tap on the arrow that you see on the upper edge of the screen. It will open up various options on a bar above the shutter. You will find the timer delay among the options in the bar. Select the delay timing, set the phone, click the shutter and pose! There it is, your self-portrait from your iPhone using no app!

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6: B612 Camera&Photo/Video Editor

Self Timer app with cool Live effects, For Artist and Influencer.


B612 is one youngster’s favorite free all-in-one app. We bet no one is new to its amazing photo than selfie editing features. This camera & photo/video editor app also has the feature to set a selfie timer that you can use to click the hands-free photos. It provides two delay time alternatives of 3s and 7s. Filters are the reason for the popularity of this app. You can benefit from it to make your photo unique and appealing. It provides even AR (Artificial Reality) makeup if you have no makeup. There is more to this app; check out its features on the app store.

7: Retrica

Self-Timer control with 190+ Live Filters.


People say why to exaggerate the beauty with filters when they are beautiful in the original pictures. Why not if it enables you to bring out various gestures and details to their best? Other apps are no match to Retrica in filters. It has a plethora of unique filters. You would require a premium subscription for a particular set of filters. One of the incredible things about this app is its super supportive team. They respond to most of the reviews. This app hit two targets with one arrow, as it has a self-timer that would enable you to click amazing photographs free of cost. 

8: Timer Auto Camera

Clap to Capture Photo, With Adjust Timing Duration.


Recent tough times have revealed how unpredictable life can be. It necessitates making memories with friends and family. What’s more important is capturing the moment. But you do not want that person in the photo who has to click the picture. Timer Auto Camera app solves this problem. It enables you to set a customizable timer (up to 60 seconds) to let you fit in the frame and pose as per the requirement.

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Further, the app supports all orientations to click a better picture. You can choose to save all of your photos to the photo library by the setting in the application. It would provide you peace of mind that click photos won’t be lost even if anything happens to the app. Oh, and yes, this app is free of cost! You can glance at more features in the app store.

9: ProCamera. Manual RAW Camera

Self-Timer & Intervalometer with 100+ Camera Features.


An app that enables you to click truly professional photos all by yourself without mastering Photoshop. The New York Times newspaper has highlighted the love for ProCamera.Manual RAW Camera app. To your surprise, this all brings you the pro-level DSLR camera features, high-end video recording mode, and comprehensive photo editing options. This way, it provides you with a deadly combination of iPhone and DSLR!

This app seems to be an all-in-one go-to camera app. It provides RAW, TIFF, JPG & HEIF support. It has a Self-Timer to enable you to click pictures without the help of anyone. The app has lots of free features. You can even benefit from the advanced pro-level photography features through an optional subscription upgrade – ProCamera Up. Low light + is one of the most popular features of this app. It allows you to capture the moment at night in low-light settings. This app costs $14.99; some may find it an investment, while others would consider it just a waste of money.

10: TimerCam

#1 Photography app in Japan. Shutter sound control,

Easy to Select timer delay (5, 10, 15 or 30 seconds), Count Down Sound effect.

TimerCam is a free app to start with; it is pretty simple to use and with fewer additional features. The app supports the front camera and has provided a countdown sound effect to provide you with a signal of a camera shutter. If you want the burst mode, wait for an update that provides it, which is a fifty-fifty possibility with no time boundary. You can find another app with bust mode. The timer delay is not available in custom options but a selectable option with a sequence of 5n seconds. 

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If you want to ensure that it properly saves your clicked photos (iOS 6), follow the steps: Open Settings -> Privacy -> Photos: Turn on the “TimerCam”.

It was all about apps. There is one quite different alternative to it too. You can opt to buy an iPhone model that has a built-in timer option. Well, it is quite a tempting alternative, but it could cost you an arm and a leg. Do not take that literally! Finding an app with a self-timer is a better option. Just make sure that you select the app per your requirement to make the most out of the app that you select.

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