How to Restore Notes on iPhone from iCloud 2024

Notes app has a remarkable gesture for creating new notes, deleting notes, Moving notes into another folder, or Pin/Unpin notes on the iPhone notes app. Here I find out how to recover Deleted Notes on iPhone and Mac.

Yes, it may happen accidentally or intentionally with anyone. that is very embarrassing for you if that note contains important data, which means a lot to you. But don’t lose hope; there are some tricks and tips from which you can retrieve those notes easily. Here, I have mentioned four different techniques to recover your lost notes.

3 Ways to Recover Deleted Notes on iPhone, iPad

Method 1: Retrieve Notes from Recently Deleted Folder Without Mac/PC

The first option to retrieve deleted notes is you recover your notes within the Notes App only. For that, you have to check in a Recently Deleted folder within 30 days otherwise, you will lose your notes permanently from that folder.

Just check how you can get notes from the recently deleted folder

1. Launch the “Notes App.”
2. Tap on Folder left corner in click iCloud folder under Notes on iPhone.

Launch the notes app tap on folders then select iCloud under notes folder on iPhone

3. Click on the More icon.
4. Select the Option “Select Notes..” Now find and Choose the Notes that you want to recover.

Tap three icon click select notes on iPhone

5. On the bottom left corner, you have to click on “Move To…” Toggle.
6. Now select the folder in which you want to move recovered files and finally check notes there. The Recently Deleted Folder can’t copy the file, Here, I Got an Empty folder after moving into the notes app folder.

Select notes tap move choose quick notes back folder on iPhone

7. Let’s Check your iPhone notes app folder. Here’s my note under Quick Notes.

Select quick notes on iPhone

That’s it. Follow Method 2 to recover Notes if You can’t find deleted Notes under a Recently deleted folder [After 30 days or 40 Days].

Method 2: Recover Notes From iTunes/Finder Backup [Notes are Not Available Recently Deleted Folder]

macOS Catalina or later macOS users can use Finder to restore iPhone/iPad Backup. Because iTunes is not available for the latest macOS. macOS Mojave and Earlier, windows users can use iTunes to Restore old Backup.

There are a lot of advantages if you take daily backups on your iPhone. If you’ve deleted notes from your iPhone, you can get those notes from iTunes if you have a backup. In such situations, you will find that taking a regular backup is very helpful. Before restoring a backup, you must update your iOS device to the latest software.

Step 1: Open “iTunes/Finder.” on Mac/PC. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your Mac/PC using a USB Cable.

Apple iPhone connected to MacBook to get new software Update

Step 2. Unlock your device, So Finder/iTunes can access your Device. Check the Finder Sidebar on Mac/At the top of the iTunes window.

Where is Finder on Mac computer

Step 3: On the screen, you’ll find the “Restore Backup” Tap on it and restore your latest backup to your iPhone.

Connect on iPhone in for location under iPhone click general tab right side restore backup... on mac

Probably you will get your deleted notes from the backup. But this technique has a significant limitation; if you’re restoring the backup, it will overwrite all of your existing files and your iPhone’s settings. Make sure about this because when you take a new iTunes backup, it will overwrite your old backup.

Method 3: Restore Backup from iCloud Without Mac/PC

If you have enabled auto backup on iCloud, then there are more chances of getting your deleted notes. To restore your iCloud backup follow the Steps

It is mandatory to update the iOS device to the latest version to retrieve data from iCloud. Check whether you have the latest iOS or not.

  • 1: Go to “Settings” and then open “General.”
Launch the settings app tap on general on iPhone
  • 2: Open “Software Update,” if your device is updated, then there is no issue.
  • 3: If it does not, follow the instructions to update the iPhone.
Tap Software Update Select Automatic Updates Tap on Automatic Install on iPhone

Most of the Users keep an iCloud backup for Notes, Contacts, Mail, Reminder, Safari, Stocks enabled to use across all Apple devices. So your iCloud Notes is always on Internet Apple Account. If you are looking for the Offline notes recovery option, you should use the Restore Backup from your Mac/PC techniques.

Now we will See How to Restore Notes from Old iCloud Backup in iPhone

  • 1: Go to “Settings” and tap on your “Apple ID Name.
Launch the settings app tap on apple id profile name click iCloud on iPhone
  • 2: Then “iCloud” Scroll to Notes and Enable the toggle to Green.
  • That’s it. Your iCloud Notes will be restored after a few seconds or minutes it depends on Internet connectivity and the Size of Notes. Also, Check the Notes app after force close and Re-launch on iPhone.
Click show all tap turn on notes enable toggle sync this iPhone on iPhone

Restore Deleted Note on MacBook Mac Notes App

Just like iPhone, and iPad Note app, For Mac, we can also restore Deleted notes from a Recently deleted folder within 40 Days from the Day of deleting Note. Once you delete Note for All Time from the Recently deleted note Folder, We can’t recover Note.

Open Notes app on your Mac > Find Recently Deleted folder from the sidebar and Right Click on Note that you want to restore back to your Notes app. That’s it.

Open notes click recently deleted select any link choose move to then on my mac select the notes on mac

Hope you enjoyed it and help to fix your problem on how to recover deleted notes on iPhone.

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