Can I bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone/ iPad? Guide

bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone and iPad guide

Depends on conditions you should go with the perfect solution for iPhone/ iPad activation. Don’t be panic and hesitate if you have any trouble with device verification or device ownership confirmation also called iCloud activation. Because you have multiple options to recover it legally but unlikely only one “Bypass iCloud Activation lock” and use the iOS device with not full functionality, this is the limitation after bypass iCloud activation.

Can I bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone/ iPad? Real Reasons!

No, in short answer but yes if you want to use partial features of the iOS device. You just not only bypass the iCloud activation screen but Apple services as well.

Why do people need to bypass iCloud activation?

iCloud Activation required Correct Apple ID and Password; if you forgot the password, then we can recover apple ID password using iCloud or From another iOS device.

bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone and iPad guide

What is your case? How to fix it?

You are the owner! If you lost your iPhone/ iPad then first put your iPhone in lost mode. So whenever you get the return from other via your contact information on the screen, you must re-activate/ Turn off lost mode or iCloud Activation.

Are you cheat person? Or you bought used iPhone or iPad

You have to legal right to know or contact original owner on used purchase shopping sites (eBay, Amazon or Others) from where you bought. And request him/ her to remove the device from the iCloud account.

Don’t bypass, Try to remove or unlock iCloud activation

Get help from Apple genius bar via Call, Chat or Email. Get real-time best solution from top-level experts in the Apple Inc. if you are the owner, don’t be ashamed.

Pros and Cons of bypass iCloud activation lock


  • Use iOS device for free without authenticating a real person


  • Not valid way to use Device
  • Against Apple’s Privacy & Policy
  • Selected app and settings we can use only

Still are you interested? Step by Step

Getting Server error or more during login with Apple ID on iPhone Activate screen the get Here’s the fix iPhone activation error.

See my full tutorial on Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone / iPad or Watch Video tutorial.

USA or

Europe or


The lost mode is turned on; an Only original owner can remove iPhone/ iPad from the lost mode or iCloud account. See my full tutorial guide on lost mode or Turn off Find My iPhone from iCloud after iPhone is disabled or on restore.

Choose your right decision before to go with bypass iCloud activation lock on iPhone/ iPad running on iOS 10/ iOS 11 or later version.

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  1. I have an iPhone 4 which I forget the password I ME I;01306400976190 0
    ICCID:8926001031129569 499
    send me the the DNS and other details to unlock the icloud

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