Can i Change My Age in Bumble on iPhone 2023, Android?

Guide About Age on Bumble

Bumble is gaining a lot more popularity and it seems like Bumble is now challenging Tinder and other dating apps. The one thing that differentiates Bumble from other dating app is, with Bumble, Women have to message first after the connection is made, which makes Bumble secure for women. And when it comes to the same-gender, either person can start the conversation. Regardless of these features, age plays a major role when you’re using dating apps, because people always love to date, similar age women or men.

And due to the same thinking and to get more swipes and likings, many users want to fake their age, which can’t be tolerable to some extent by Bumble moderators. To overcome this situation, Bumble sometimes asks to link your Facebook account with Bumble, and whatever age is mentioned on Facebook will be considered by Bumble.

How to Change Your Age in Bumble? Alternate Ways

Change Age in Bumble using Facebook

To make any changes in the Bumble profile, you should change the details on Facebook.

  1. Visit Facebook.
  2. Log in to your Facebook account.
  3. Go to the About section on Facebook.
  4. Under Basic Information, click on Edit next to the birthday.
  5. Click Save Changes.

After changing the Date of Birth on Facebook, it should reflect in your Bumble profile too. However, if you don’t see any update in Bumble, leave a message on and let them know what you want. Just keep in mind, once the case goes into the hand of the Bumble Team and if they update the date of birth, there will be no going back. Therefore, if you’re sure about it, then only contact the Bumble Team.

How to Change Age in Bumble Manually

During sign up if you’ve entered the incorrect Date of Birth, and signed up using a Phone Number, there is no way to change the age unless personally sending a mail to the Bumble team. is the contact address of Bumble.

  1. Visit the Bumble Support page for age Change Request.
  2. Enter the necessary information.
  3. In Step 3, elaborate on your issue and make sure to compose a message that can convince the Bumble Team.
  4. Click Send.

is it illegal to lie about age on dating apps? and What will happen then on Bumble?

The right way to signup on dating websites is to enter the correct details during the sign-up process. because most of the Dating site force to verify all of the details from other social apps that you are using. Here’s Bumble app will fetch your Age from your Facebook profile if you signed in with Instagram, Spotify. I recommend entering the correct age that prevents future account blocking and verification action by dating companies. there are no strict rules that obey the users who participate in dating apps like bumble. On the Bumble app, Tap on the Profile icon > Edit Profile > Linked Account Section [Connect Your Instagram, Connect Your Spotify].

Can I Hide My Age on Bumble Profile?

No, Even you can’t update Age on app settings. 

What If Age isn’t Updated by Bumble Team?

There is nothing more you can do unless deleting and creating a new Bumble Account. Doing this will remove all the connections and swipes from the Bumble Account and you’ll have to start making connections from scratch.

Can I Change My Name in Bumble?

Well, yes, using the same Bumble Support you can ask them to change the name. At the same time, if your Bumble account is linked with Facebook, then changing the name in the Facebook account, Bumble profile’s name will change automatically.

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