10 Fixes to Mail Keeps Crashing on Mac, MacBook: macOS Big Sur, Catalina

Last Updated on Dec 25, 2020

App Crashing on Mac, MacBook is pretty normal and happens with major users, it can be due to software glitch, new firmware update, third-party app, or corrupt files. However, like any other issue, we can deal with this, and to guide you, we’ve prepared this troubleshoot to fix the Mac Mail keeps crashing 2020, Mail won’t stay open on Mac, and several other problems at once. It’s hard to survive without Mail in this world, but now that you’re here, leave all of your issues on us and start trying this solution to get rid of Mail won’t stay open on Mac or Mail crashing problems.

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Before going deep down, if you haven’t restarted the Mac or MacBook to resolve this situation, do it first. Sometimes a simple restart can fix many big problems. Else proceed with the below troubleshoots.

Why Does Mac Mail Keep Crashing? : 10 Fixes

1. Check for Updates

First things first, keeping the system up to date is the best way to stay away from random errors like this, whether you’re using iPhone, iPad, or Mac. With the macOS, the default applications like Mail updates correspondingly. Try your luck here.

For macOS Mojave or later:

  1. Click on the Apple menu. Select System Preferences.

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac

  2. Select Software Update.

    Software Update on Mac and MacBook

    Software Update on Mac and MacBook

  3. Download and Install Software Update, To fix most common bug fix included in New Update by Apple.

For macOS High Sierra or earlier:

  1. Navigate to the App Store.
  2. Click Updates.

Let the Mac check for the updates, if there’s any pending update available, download and install it right away.

2. Delete Envelope files

In Most Situations of the Mail app Keeps Crashing on the launch due to envelope files corrupted, Here’s the process on Re-create Envelopes file on your Mac after Remove old Files to Other location. Follow the below steps.

  1. Close the Mail App first.
  2. While on the Finder screen, press the Option key and click on Go and choose Library.

    Find Library folder on Mac

    Find the Library folder on Mac

  3. Navigate to the Mail folder.
  4. Open the V8 folder, or it may be V5, V6, V7, or anything, depending on the macOS.
  5. Go to the Mail Data folder.

    Move Envelopes files on Mac and MacBook

    Move Envelopes files on Mac and MacBook

  6. Find the following files, Envelope Index, Envelope Index-shm, Envelope Index-wal.
  7. Move all of these files to the desktop and open the Mail app.
  8. Now Mail app will create the new Envelope files automatically, it might take some time.
  9. Determine if your Mail app working correctly? Then delete the Envelope Index files from the desktop.

3. Try to Rebuilt Mac Mail App

Is your Mac Mail crashes when sending email? No worries, rebuilding the Mail app would be the right option at this time. However, if the Mail app crashing on startup after the update, Rebuilding the Mail app is not possible, but try at least once.

  1. Navigate to the Mail App on Mac.
  2. Choose the Mailbox.
  3. Click Mailbox and then select Rebuild.

    Rebuild Option on Mac

    Rebuild Option on Mac

  4. Wait for a few seconds or a minute, Your Mail app Rebuild all the E-Mails in the Mail app.

    Re-download Mails after Rebuilt Mail on Mac

    Re-download Mails after Rebuilt Mail on Mac

  5. That’s it.

If this fix is not helpful, then look after the mail that you are downloading mail from the mail app. Some corrupted mail doesn’t allow to open Mail app on Mac and Crashing automatically.

4. Mail App Crashing While Opening Messages?

Did mail quit unexpectedly when opening a message? Several people have reported that their Mail app crashing on opening a particular message, the only solution to this problem is to delete that corrupt message and ask the sender to resend it.

  1. Press and hold the Shift button and open the Mail app on MacBook, Mac. The reason behind holding the shift key is none of the messages will be selected when opening the Mail app.
  2. Drag the Message Viewer panel that looks like Horizontal Divider until you find the messages list.
  3. Click on the corrupt message and use the Delete key to remove it from the mailbox.

Note: Whereas, if you’re using Gmail or iCloud or Yahoo or any web-based mail service, you can visit their respective website and log in and delete from there. It is much easier than to do from the Mail App.

5. Analyze the Real Problem

Determine the problem refers to find out the Mail Account that is causing such errors. Yes, from the below steps, you can disable all the Mail Accounts and see what happens. This step helps to load the mail app without any data that’s downloading from the internet.

  1. Visit the System Preferences from the Apple Logo, From Top Mac Menu.

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac

  2. Select Internet Accounts.

    Manage Internet account for Mail on Mac from System Preferences

    Manage Internet account for Mail on Mac from System Preferences

  3. From here, uncheck the Mail option to disable all the mail accounts.

    Reactivate Email account on Mac for Mail app

    Reactivate Email account on Mac for Mail app

  4. Now try opening the Mail App. Does the Mail App crash now? If not, at least it’s clear now that one of the Email Account is the reason behind the Mail App crashing.
  5. In such cases, enable the Email Accounts one by one and after enabling the email account, don’t forget to check the Mail app.

If you find the culprit Email Account, then for once delete it and re-add, else jump to the next solution.

5. Enable Safe Mode

Have you used the Mail App in Safe Mode? Safe Boot or Safe Mode is one of the best ways to deal with unknown issues as it clears the cache and simultaneously repairs the disk.

  1. Power off the Mac.
  2. Power On the Mac and immediately hold the Shift button until the login screen appears.
  3. Enter Mac Login Credentials.
  4. Once the Mac boots up completely, launch the Mail App.
  5. Is the Mail App working correctly? Restart the Mac as you do, to exit the Safe mode. Again try using Mail App, see if it works.

6. Delete Mail Preference Files

Preference files are the supported files that help run the Mail app seamlessly, however, the older the preference files, problems are likely to occur. Therefore, removing them periodically is good, however, we don’t do it unless we’re stuck with Mail App. No matter what, now it’s time to delete the Mail preferences files on Mac.

  1. Make sure the Mail app is closed.
  2. Open Finder on Mac, press and hold the Option key and click on Go and select Library.
  3. Find and Go to the Preference folder.
  4. Find these two files from the list: apple.mail.plist and com.apple.mail-shared.plist

    Delete mail Plist file on Mac or Macbook

    Delete mail Plist file on Mac or MacBook

  5. Drag them to Trash.
  6. Reboot the Mac.
  7. Again open the Mail app to verify the issue has gone or still persists.

These preference files will automatically appear when you launch the Mail App.

8. Remove Mail Saved Folder

Mail Saved folder is nothing but a place where all cache is stored for the Mail App, which helps you to resume the Mail where you left. It might be possible the Mail Saved folder is the reason why the Mail app is crashing randomly.

  1. Close the Mail App.
  2. Open the Finder.
  3. Press and hold the Option key and while holding the Option key, click Go and Library.
  4. Navigate to the Containers
  5. Look for the com.apple.mail folder
  6. Open the Data folder.
  7. Next, click on the Library
  8. Open the Saved Application State
  9. Discover the “com.apple.mail.savedState” folder and delete this folder.
  10. Re-launch the Mail app.

After Remove and Rebuilt the mail folder under Apple System, You have to try and Perform Resync all the Emails on your Mac Mail app. Follow the below steps to Load all the Emails from Starting.

9. Turn off Mail Sync and Resync on Mac

Mac Mail app allows you to Sign in to Your Mail account in Two different ways. The first is from mail app preference and the Second way is from Mac System Preference settings. The easiest way to start syncing from Mac System Preference. Let’s enable Mail account on Mac or Resync mail account on Mac Mail app.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from the top Mac Menu.
  2. Next, Click on the System Preferences option.

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac

    Finder System Preferences option on Mac

  3. Now, Click on Apple ID to Manage all the Account settings, and Under the iCloud option.

    Apple ID under the System Preferences option

    Apple ID under the System Preferences option

  4. Select Mail and Start Syncing with mac. if it’s already enabled then Uncheck and Check Mail Option to Start Syncing.

    Enable Mail access on Mac Mail app

    Enable Mail access on the Mac Mail app

  5. That’s it.

10. Reset NVRAM [Apple M1 Silicon Mac]

Resetting NVRAM/PRAM is recommended when any hardware function is stuck such as Volume, Time Zone, etc. There is no loss in doing so, here’s how to reset NVRAM.

But For Apple M1 Silicon Mac, Users don’t have to perform some action like this, Restarting your Mac automatically Reset the NVRAM Ram from the mac machine. Go to the Apple Logo from top Mac Menu > Restart.

  1. Power off the Mac.
  2. Turn on Mac and immediately press the Option, Command, P, and R for 20 seconds.

Also if you are using a VPN service then Force close it or Disable it. Sometimes Apple Creating a problem with the security issue.

11. Delete Mail Container

This is the last thing you should do if the MacOS Mail Crashing Repeatedly, though few settings including Filters, Signatures, etc will be removed.

  1. Close the Mail app.
  2. Launch the Finder, press the Options button, and click Go > Library.
  3. Go to the Containers
  4. Look for the com.apple.mail folder.
  5. Drag this folder to the desktop.
  6. Now try using the Mail app. If it still crashing, then move back to the same folder to restore the settings.

At this time, if the Mail App is still not responding or keeps crashing, contact Apple Support.

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