Can I Change TikTok Region/Country/Location in 2024?

let's see in this post that is it possible to change your region on tiktok android or iOS? Guide to Change TikTok Location/Region or Country.

From the US to India to the UK, TikTok users are all around the world, or we can say, wherever the teenager lives the TikTok trends. Apparently, TikTok isn’t bound to teenagers, I’ve seen many old and middle-aged people making TikTok with their grandchild, for fun. It takes less than a minute to make a TikTok video if you are really into acting and know about the expressions. Back in 2018, the app named was in trend competing the Facebook and Instagram, and then TikTok appears in the market, and rest is the history.

If you are bored of watching TikTok of your native regions, then don’t worry, just like in your country, it is popular in other regions too, which means you can easily explore their content on TikTok. It takes a few steps to be followed to watch the TikTok videos around the world. We have tested three different ways to change the TikTok location, so if you want to change, then continue to read.

How to Change TikTok Location or Region in TikTok?

Method 1: By Changing Content Language

The principle rule of any social media app is, they will show the content limited to your country and interest, in rare cases, you’ll see videos and photos from different regions and locations. So, if you try changing the content language on the TikTok app, it might help you seek the TikTok videos from your choice of region/location. Add the languages as much as you want. Note that, after adding languages, it might take a few hours to update your changes in the TikTok algorithm, so keep patience and wait until your TikTok feed refreshes with new content.

  1. Navigate to the TikTok app.
  2. Tap on the Me icon.
  3. On the top-right corner, tap on the three dots.
  4. Under the Account, choose Content Preferences.
  5. Now you can choose from any language listed on the screen.

Method 2: Follow your Idols

This is another great option to see the videos outside of your region when you follow anyone from another state/location and continue watching 5-10 videos of the same preferences, then within no time the For You feed will be filled with the foreign videos.

Open the TikTok and search your TikTok person who you admire and tap on the RED FOLLOW button to start following. Moreover, TikTok also records the videos you’ve liked, and commented on, and based on all of these activities, the algorithm will show you what you are interested in.

Method 3: Change SIM Card

Many folks have already tried using the VPN to fool TikTok, unfortunately, it didn’t work. It seems like TikTok is using your SIM to identify your region and then showing results in the app. In this case, the only option left for you to buy a new SIM from eBay of the country you want to see the TikTok Videos if you own a dual SIM phone otherwise forget about this trick.

Method 4: Bluestacks Emulator

This method isn’t yet tested, however, if you have Bluestacks installed then try downloading the TikTok app there. The Bluestacks emulator will use your system IP which can be changed by enabling the VPN on your laptop.

Try it, if it works, then let us know in the comments.

TikTok region change not working?

Why can’t I change the region on TikTok? Can’t find an option to change the region on TikTok? Well, the latest update on TikTok removed this option of manually changing the region. Besides, there wasn’t any mention in the update log regarding this change. And now if you’re searching for a way to change the region on TikTok, and couldn’t find a way out, it means, there is no option to alter the region in the TikTok app, and in that case, you can’t do anything.

TikTok uses your IP Address and Geo-location to detect the current location and depending on that, it’ll identify the location and use it as a region.

The main reason behind not allowing users to change the region on TikTok is, in some countries, TikTok is banned, and if you belong to one of these countries where TikTok is banned, you won’t be able to use the TikTok by region changing hack.

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