How to check Apple Pay transactions history on iPhone, iPad

check apple pay transactions history on iPhone, ipad

Apple pay one of the most secure payment modes for all iOS users from Apple unveiled with iOS, Under top security, you can pay online easily from your iPhone/ iPad or Apple watch without swipe card or other banking transaction. No any service charges like third-party payment getaway, Enjoy free reward points and gift for use apply pay. One more and useful features of Apple pay is seeing your past transaction or Check apple pay transactions history on your device under passcode protection.

Apple pay history is useful to cover most significant payment related problems, verify your payment has been done or in the process, Payment not completed successfully due to apple pay not working for many reasons.

Now iOS 11 or later iOS device able to send-receive apple pay cash via iMessage, Also We can check Apple Pay Cash History in Messages app on iPhone, Cancel Apple pay in Message.

check apple pay transactions history on iPhone, ipad

Steps for Check apple pay transactions history on iPhone/ iPad: iOS 9

Step 1: Go to the Wallet app on your iPhone/ iPad. And Open app. (Passbook app renamed with Wallet app)

Step 3: Once you open, your saved cards located within app. Choose a card from that you won’t see default past payment transactions history.

iPhone Wallet app for see last payment

Step 4: More, Other payments transaction you can review under by tap on (i) icon at bottom right.

Note: your saved credit or debit cards data only stored on your device only, Apple doesn’t store your data on apple server. So whenever you pay using Apple Pay you must enter your Passcode or Touch ID.

Depends on your bank you will see detailed information (Location area name, Station Types such as hotels, Car, Gas Station, Shop, Paid amount in relevant currency with symbol) for each transaction.

Your paid amount and final bill of a credit card might not match, so please go with your bank credit card statement, to know the actual amount.

If you not found resourceful card history then go with setting app, Go to the Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Under the Card section > Tap on saved card > Transactions.

Enable/ Block coming Card relevant notification, transaction messages also manage tough turn on/ Off Card notifications toggle. Connect with On Facebook, Twitter or Google+ for more update and tips like check apple pay transactions history.

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