Guide on Fixed Apple pay not working: Possibilities, Real Reasons

iPhone user appreciate apple pay, Because of easy secure payment system from apple now available at most of the retail store, Apps and Now on Web (Coming in iOS 10). Apple pay is card less, Details free payment system after once you made apple pay setup on iPhone with your Credit card. But some users are experienced and hesitating on Apple pay not working from iPhone or Apple Watch as well. For those all people I would like to help with below possibility may be disturbing or interrupting you payment process.

Follow the troubleshooting guide yourself, in that you doubt like most for your case. Here I am forcing to you, from the personal experience, Friend’s story and online forums I discovered below helping points.Apple pay not working on iPhone

Steps on Fix apple pay not working on iPhone or Apple Watch: Apps, Retails store or Web

Keep your Device near to NFC Reader: Due to security reasons and restart, fastest connectivity between Bluetooth NFC reader and your device, you should keep your device near as possible. Next to verify your payment with scan your Touch ID finger print on home button. (This rules applicable for iPhone and Apple watch as well)

Restart your Device: From older fashion solution, Restart or Force restart your iPhone/ Apple watch that will work in most cases. This former tip reconfigure your device by kill all older process and connections.

Try on another Apply pay reader: After two to three apple pay payment efforts, you should change payment windows or cabin, then try at another Apple pay reader device.

Touch ID deleted in Past from Device: For the security reason Apple Remove cards from apple pay automatically on delete or remove saved Touch ID/ Disable Touch ID. Ensure about that you didn’t.

Restore iPhone: Apple fixed but you still affect about this problem on after restore device your card could not be added. Then manually add cards. Go to the Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Add Credit or Debit Card.

Contact your Bank, Enable your card for apple pay: Your banks not approved in Apple pay payment system, Check it here. If yes, then contact your bank and request for your card approve for apply pay use.

Delete old card and make new setup: Remove old saved card From Settings > Wallet & Apple Pay > Add Credit or Debit Card.Remove old card on apple pay from iPhone

Contact Apple support center: Get online support from here or Reach at nearest local apple store.

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Above all are the most important and prior solutions for Apple pay not working from iPhone, Apple Watch at Apps, Website or Local retail store.