5 Fixes iPhone Showing Wrong Date & Time in iOS 17.3.1

Here I’ll demonstrate to fix iPad/iPhone showing the wrong date and time or Date & Time Automatically Grayed Out or Disabled. There is a very simple method to resolve a tricky issue of your iPhone time zone. For instance, an iOS user travels from one time zone to another time zone, however, iPhone shows old-time zone-wise date and time respectively. so definitely, the user feels awkward. Even though, to keep time and date up to date globally, the tech-giant Apple involved Set automatically feature in its iOS pack to keep system time live and accurate by location wise. Incorrect time zone impact on many features such as night shift mode, alarm, switching to daylight savings time automatically.

Furthermore, there are many users who have addressed an issue that the after synced iPhone to iTunes with a computer, and if the computer runs with the wrong time and date at that moment, your iPhone accidently changes date and time. So it displays incorrect time and date. To do fix it, the following clue will help you.

Iterations to Clear issue iPhone Showing Wrong Date and Time: Set Correct Time Zone

Officially, all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad & iPod touch) show time on top & between on the sidebar on the screen, while on the lock screen it displays both date and time. This function works accurately while location services are enabled on the iPhone. The Clue is applicable for all iOS devices models running on the latest iOS. Before getting started make sure your iOS version is up to date.

Video tutorial to fix iPhone showing wrong date and time

  • Step 1. Open Settings app from your iPhone home screen > General.

    General Settings on iPhone
    General Settings on iPhone
  • Step 2. Move down the screen and Tap on Date & Time.
  • Step 3. After enabled Set Automatically.

    Set Date and Time Automatically on iPhone
    Set Date and Time Automatically on iPhone
  • Step 4: Tap on Time Zone. Search your region and do your job. If Set Automatically option is disabled. Though turn it ON. And then go with the next step.

    Turn off and Manually Set Date and Time on iPhone settings
    Turn off and Manually Set Date and Time on iPhone settings
  • Step 6: That’s it.

Turn the toggle on for location Services inside the Privacy tab on your iPhone. to do it,

  • Go Settings app → General Privacy → Tap on Location Services → Turn location Services ON.

Set Automatically Toggle Grayed Out on iPhone, iPad Under Date & Time

That Means Screen Time is on your iPhone. Because of Privacy & Security Reasons, apple will be grayed out Set Date and Time automatically depending on your Geolocation. Follow the below steps for Turn off Set Automatically settings and manually set your time on your iPhone and iPad.

Set Automatically Grayed Out on iPhone and iPad
Set Automatically Grayed Out on iPhone and iPad
  1. Open Settings app on iPhone, iPad > Screen Time.
  2. Scroll to the last of the screen and Turn Off Screen Time.

    Turn off Screen Time on iPhone for Set Automatically Grayed Out
    Turn off Screen Time on iPhone for Set Automatically Grayed Out
  3. Enter Passcode if asked, That’s it. Go back to Date & Time settings and Restrictions removed from Set Automatically time under Date & Time Settings.

So, your iPhone will auto-detect the current location and it will set the correct Time Zone.

That’s it.

So let’s share your feedback and let us know, does this fix of the iPhone showing the wrong date and time is helpful in your case?

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