Disable/ Enable Touch ID for Notes on iPhone/ iPad: iOS 10 Notes App

Last Updated: Oct 10, 2016

Touch ID is most advanced secure technology for unlock apple devices. It’s very fast and Perfect fingerprint scanning expertise perfect solution or as an alternate option. First you need to Enable Touch ID for Notes on iPhone, iPad with iOS 10. Later we will see how to use password if Touch ID not working on Unlock note on iPhone/ iPad. To use this hidden note security/ Privacy option, you must setup touch ID fingerprints on iPhone 7, 7 plus before.

Note: in Any case Touch ID has been failed, you have an alternate option for Enter password for unlock note in Popup window.

Steps for Disable/ Enable Touch ID for Notes on iPhone/ iPad with iOS 10


1: Go to the Settings App on iPhone/ iPad

2: Next, Scroll down Tap on “Notes”.

3: Under Different notes settings option, Tap on “Password”.

Enable Password on note app from iPhone 7

4: Now, Enable Toggle for Touch ID. For verification you need to enter correct you Notes app password (Not apple ID password). That’s we can mange from here. If you forgot then “Reset it using Apple ID” Then Enter New password.

Enable Touch ID or Password for note in iPhone 7 7 Plus notes app

Otherwise for set new one, Tap on “Change Password” (Enter Old password and Set new one).

Use Touch ID on Notes app for open locked note

Open notes app from your iPhone/ iPad. Tap on View note, See below screen and adjust your finger on home button.

Enable Touch ID for Notes on iPhone 7 or 7 Plus

Important note: Your all locking security settings only device specific. This settings are not applicable in to another your iOS devices or Mac Devices. Apple doesn’t store local note app passwords on own server like mail, iCloud Data. Be careful about it, one you set password you don’t have any note password recovery option. But you can change it. Notes are accessible in all apple Device using Same password if Notes Created or Saved in iCloud only.

Be careful and Use Touch ID on all locked note in Notes app by Enable Touch ID for Notes on iPhone/ iPad. You can setup this setting on iOS 9.3 or iOS 10 or later installed iDevices only. For more tips and helpful guide connected with us.