How to move notes from iPhone to iCloud? (2024)

Only storing your important notes on your iPhone/ iPad locally is never secure. Also, This turial covers Move iPhone Note to iCloud and Different ways to move your iPhone or iCloud Notes to Gmail or Other accounts that is accessible other Device and PC like android mobile and Windows PC. So here is the guide to keep copying all updates automatically to the iCloud account by moving existing notes to iCloud from the iOS device. Once more privacy is lock notes with a password or Touch ID, it’s also accessible on other Apple devices with the same authentication settings (Using Password or Touch ID). Follow the important steps carefully and start to move notes to iCloud from the iPhone. Be careful about wrong selection, Delete or Test with sample note move at first.

Notes app is official by apple and that’s available on the latest iOS version. Within the app, you can see two sections for saving/Creating new notes: iCloud and On My iPhone

Steps for Move Notes to iCloud from iPhone, iPad

Enable Notes for iCloud: Auto Backup Notes in iCloud

First Enable iCloud Note on iPhone, So you can directly sync and Access all iCloud Notes on your iPhone/iPad Note app. Follow the below steps to Enable iCloud notes on iPhone/iPad from settings. Next, Move your iPhone notes to iCloud directly.

  1. Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Tap on Your Profile.
Settings app on iPhone
Settings app on iPhone
  • iCloud > Scroll Down and Notes toggle. enable[Green] it and your notes automatically backup in your iCloud account that easy to access on other Apple devices.
  • Enable Note Backup in icloud on iPhone
    Enable Note Backup in iCloud on iPhone
  • That’s it.
  • Steps for Move Notes from iPhone to iCloud

    1. Open Notes app on iPhone/ iPad > Select Note from the Section “On My iPhone“.
    Open note on iPhone from Notes app
    Open note on iPhone from the Notes app
  • Tap on “Edit”(…) from the top right corner of the screen > Select Notes... All Notes in a list view now with multi check radio boxes. Checkmark all notes that you move at once to iCloud account.
  • Edit Notes app and Select note to move on iCloud Note from Notes app on iPhone
    Edit Notes app and Select note to move on iCloud Note from Notes app on iPhone
    • We don’t move the whole folder To iCloud. But we can note inside the folder.
    • Note: For easy to find all notes from the different folder, use All on My iPhone folder. Or the same is for iCloud.
  • Once you select a note or Multiple Notes From Bottom Tab “Move To..” This option is not helpful to move in iCloud but also from one folder to another. Here, Tap on Folder under the iCloud section. Also, you can create “New Folder” then move into this.
  • Move iPhone note on iCLoud note from iPhone notes app
    Move iPhone note on the iCloud note from iPhone notes app
  • Give a Folder Name or Save directly to Existing Folder in iCloud Note.
  • Create a Fonder on iCloud notes and more iPhone note
    Create a Fonder on iCloud notes and more iPhone note
  • Tap on “Save“. Now your iPhone note moves to iCloud and Accessible on other Apple devices also. Now your local iPhone/iPad note removed automatically.
    • If Under Gmail account settings [Above image you will see Different section for Gmail Notes], Notes is Enabled then you can move Note from iCloud to Gmail or iPhone to Gmail easily. That’s Accessible on android mobile and Browser as well. Read the Next tips on how to move iPhone or iCloud Notes to Google Gmail.
  • Are you moving to large notes files to another device or iCloud? First, take a full backup of your device using iTunes or iCloud.
  • That’s it.
  • Thanks, Keep visiting us for more help and tips. Also, share feedback on how useful to Move notes to iCloud from iPhone/ iPad.

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