Do AirPods Work with Samsung? Here’s Answer

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Though Apple and Android are quite antagonists, it’s hard to believe that Apple AirPods do work with Samsung Phones, and almost on all Android phones. This article doesn’t end with this short answer, make sure to read the entire article, to know how to use AirPods with Samsung Phones, which features are not available for Android phones, and more. Strange as it may seem, not all families can own an Apple ecosystem, or even many people don’t like Apple products, but at a time, it may strike in mind why not connect the AirPods to my Android phone and enjoy for a bit.

Not all the features, but at least you can get the high-quality immersive audio of AirPods, anytime anywhere despite the device. Let’s clear some of your doubts and questions regarding the AirPods compatibility with Android phones, and more often with the Samsung devices.

Do AirPods Work with Samsung Galaxy?

The short answer is YES, AirPods work with the Samsung Phones, but with few limitations. Pairing AirPods with Samsung Phones is as simple as pairing any other wireless Bluetooth headphones. Having a few limitations won’t reduce the AirPods worth if you only intend to use it for the music.

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How to Pair AirPods with Samsung?

Pairing AirPods to the Samsung phone is pretty simple, however, if you are doing this for the first time, go through the steps, to avoid connection errors.

  1. Make sure the AirPods have enough charge.
  2. Put the AirPods in the charging case and close the lid, ignore if they are already inside the charging case.
  3. Now open the AirPods charging case.
  4. Navigate to the Bluetooth settings on the Android phone.
  5. When AirPods appear under the Available devices, tap on AirPods to pair it.
  6. Give few moments until the AirPods are paired.

What are the AirPod Features that Dont Work with Samsung Phones?

The AirPods are solely designed to work with the Apple Ecosystem, the first generation AirPods features W1 Wireless Chip and the AirPods 2nd Generation comes with an H1 wireless chip to facilitate the sensors to work with iPhone, iPad, and Mac, and respond when various gestures and customizations are used to operate the AirPods.

Unfortunately, all these hardware operations work only with Apple devices, not with any other phones. Here’s the list of the AirPods feature that doesn’t work with Android phones.

#1. Quick AirPods Setup

It’s fairly simple to pair the AirPods with Apple devices, just keep the iPhone and AirPods close to each other and open the AirPods case, the iPhone will automatically detect the AirPods and within two or three steps the AirPods will connect to the iPhone. Whereas, while connecting AirPods to Android is totally manual process.

#2. Automatic Ear Detection

Automatic Ear Detections highlights the AirPods, on removing the AirPods from the ear, it stops media, until you put it back in the ear, this won’t be available when AirPods is paired with an Android phone.

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#3. Single AirPod Listening

This feature depends on automatic ear detection, so Single AirPod Listening won’t be available when AirPods are used with Android phones.

#4. Siri

Siri is as helpful as we use on our Apple devices, switching songs, turning AirPods down, asking doubtful questions, adjusting the volume level, all these can’t work with Android phones.

#5. Checking AirPods Battery Status

There are plenty of options where you can check AirPods Battery on iPhone like from the Widgets, Asking Siri, on Apple Watch, from iPhone Control Center, but Android doesn’t show the battery status unless you decide to download the Assistant Trigger App, specially designed to show the AirPods Battery on Android devices.

#6. Customizing Double Tap

Double Tap Gestures brings ease while changing the songs, playing/pausing the media, attending calls, accessing Siri, and more, which is only available in iOS’s Settings app.

#7. Automatic Switching

Switching AirPods between Apple devices including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, and Apple Watch, is done automatically as AirPods are kind of synced with your iCloud account.

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