What iPhones are Waterproof? Check You are In or Out.

Don’t trust Waterproof tagline until you are clear with what it is all about, how does water-resistance work, and is the iPhone really water-resistant? That’s why we have dedicated this post to the newbie’s as well as the existing owners of iPhones who are really looking into whether the iPhones are waterproof or it’s just a myth. Don’t get confused between Waterproof and Water Resistant, those are very big terms, with a huge difference. I don’t find any phones waterproof in the market, though they are water-resistant.

From iPhone 7 Apple, started making water-resistant iPhones, till iPhone X Series, they all are IP67 Rated, lately iPhone 11 Series is the latest to come up with IP68 Rating improving water resistance up to 30minutes and 4m depth. Here are a few most asked questions regarding the water-resistant capabilities of the iPhone .

Is My iPhone Waterproof?

What is the Difference between Splash, Water, and Dust Resistance?

In terms of Mobiles and Electronics, there is a huge difference between the Splash-Resistance and Water-Resistance. In many instances, the mobiles can’t handle a splash of water, but their respective manufacturers tag the device with water-resistance.

The latest iPhone 11 line up is defined as the IP68 Rated Water Resistance, with the limit to survive the in-depth of 4m up to 30minutes. Whereas all the previous iPhones don’t packs this much protection against the water. Besides, iPhone 6S or earlier devices are no way water-resistance.

Apple performs tests on every new iPhone before packing it for you, to ensure that the iPhone is ready to fight against, Dust and Water. They use the terms called IP67 and IP68 to define the water and dust resistance.

I strongly recommend not trusting on the water-resistant ability and leave the iPhone out of the water, anything can happen when the iPhone is exposed to the water.

Note: iPhones are Water Resistant NOT Waterproof.

Is Water Damage Covered by iPhone Warranty?

This is where things get crystal clear, despite Apple’s IP67 and IP68 Rating, the iPhone warranty doesn’t included water damage by Apple itself. Even if your iPhone is under warranty, the water damage isn’t covered in Apple’s limited warranty.

If you have already purchased the AppleCare+ Plan for iPhone, then you have to pay the decided amount to get repaired the iPhone from Apple Store, irrespective of damage.

How to Save iPhone from Water Damage?

  1. Always keep the iPhone from water.
  2. Don’t take the iPhone in swimming pools, water rides, steam room, while surfing.
  3. Avoid cleaning the iPhone using pressurized air.
  4. Keep the iPhone in the recommended environment. s

Which iPhones are water-resistant?

iPhone SE 2020

The iPhone SE 2020 is the latest iPhone we have but it doesn’t add up water safety like iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. iPhone SE 2nd Generation is IP67 Rated that can secure the iPhone up to 30 minutes under the depth of 1m.

iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11 Pro Max

Both iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max were the first-ever iPhones with the IP68 Rating made by Apple. They can withstand, the water for 30 minutes up to 4m depth.

iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X Series

The very first time Apple introduced the water-resistant iPhone with the iPhone 7. From iPhone 7 to iPhone XS Max, all of them are IP67 Rated to face water under 1m depth for 30 minutes.

iPhone 6S or Earlier

None of the iPhone 6S or earlier models features water-resistant ability so its advisable not to take the iPhone 6S or earlier phones near to the water. They will likely to damage.

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