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Do AirPods Work with Samsung in 2020

Though, Apple and Android are quite antagonists, its hard to believe that Apple AirPods do work with Samsung Phones, and almost on all the Android phones. This article doesn’t end with this short answer, make sure to read the entire article, to know how to use AirPods with Samsung Phones, which features are not available

Can Stolen AirPods be used by another iPhone?

For me, my AirPods is an integral part of my life, can’t leave that behind, wherever I go; assuming the same as well for you. With the impeccable design and exception sound quality, no other wireless headphone can replace Apple’s AirPods, that’s why quality takes the price. And all these facts make AirPods more vulnerable

Do AirPods Work With Android? Let’s Read the Story

Its no doubt AirPods is one of the greatest inventions when it comes to wireless headphones around the world. But it doesn’t mean you should not look into other headphones, some people take time to buy the correct headphone that suits there requirements, like wireless headphones for iPhone as well as what is the best

Funny Engraving Ideas for AirPods and AirPods Pro ?? [Video]

Cool idea to engrave emoji-Text Your Airpods Case

Hi, guys, here I’m happy to help you to by serving cool ideas about What should I engrave on my AirPods during new purchase. Apple has announced something new, that might inspire you to buy new AirPods. And it is Engraving AirPods, which means, you can add personalized Text or Emoji on the AirPods charging