Does a Macbook Pro Keyboard cover damage the laptop? Here’s An Answer

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The keyboard is a crucially important component of your MacBook. It allows you to place commands, perform functions, and, most importantly, type. And since MacBook is on the expensive side, many users like to use keyboard covers to protect their laptops from damage. In addition, many use these keyboard covers because they add aesthetic value to their MacBook. It brings the question of whether you need a keyboard cover for your Mac? However, it is important to know what a keyboard cover is before answering.

A keyboard cover is a fine material made of either plastic, silicone, or polyurethane that is placed on the top of your laptop’s keyboard. These keyboard covers are designed in a way that they can fit in keyboards with 0.12mm to 2mm thickness. The main reason for using a keyboard cover is to reduce contact with the environment and protect it from damage. 

Why should you use a keyboard cover on your MacBook?

There are numerous benefits of using a keyboard cover on your MacBook, which is mentioned below:

Protects Your keyboard from dust and minor spills

Most users keep coming back to MacBook because they can easily carry it anywhere and everywhere. But, on the flip side, carrying it around also exposes the laptop to more accidents, dirt or spillage. A keyboard cover will protect your MacBook to prevent damages and minor spills. However, in case of major spills, it won’t be able to protect your ports and trackpad as water will penetrate through other areas.  

These keyboard covers do a terrific job of keeping dirt, oil and crumbs out of the crevices. If you habit using your Mac while eating, using a keyboard cover is advisable as they protect your keyboard from the dirt in your hands. 

Regulates keyboard Clicks

The material used to make the keyboard covers act like a sound insulator that reduces various unwanted sounds that your MacBook makes. If you are a person who loves the crisp sound of your keyboard clicks, then you won’t love using these covers very much. 

However, if you are worried that your keyboard clicks can irritate someone or you need to work during the night while your partner is sleeping in the same room, getting a keyboard cover can help you reduce the troubles with your keyboard click sounds

Easier to clean

Cleaning your keyboard becomes extremely easy when you have a cover in place. While you have the option of using air sprays to clean the debris that is stuck on the crevices, having a keyboard cover makes the job much easier. 

To clean your MacBook keyboard cover, you will have to take it out, put it in soapy water for a while, dry it and then put it back again. Simple, right?

Protects keyboard from all kinds of wear and tear

If you like your laptop to be pristine, having a keyboard cover helps. It protects your keyboard, an integral part of your MacBook, from wearing. The keyboard cover protects the keyboard from delamination and texture wear which shows the backlight. It protects your keyboard from damage and keeps it in good shape. 

It’s aesthetically pleasing

Using a keyboard cover can help your MacBook to stand out. Keyboard covers for MacBook are available in different styles and colors, some of which can be a treat to your eyes. You will also find solid color and gradient covers for your keyboard. Some of them even come in larger prints for people with visual imparities. 

It doesn’t cause overheating

People worry that using keyboard covers might overheat the MacBook, but that is not the case in reality. The MacBook’s vent is not under the keyboard but on the screen’s hinges. Hence, using a keyboard cover on your Mac won’t cause overheating. 

Cons of using a keyboard cover

If you are a MacBook user and looking to buy keyboard covers, consider a few things before getting the cover. 

Leaves a mark on the screen

Some of the keyboard covers are broad and sit slightly above the keyboard. As a result, they touch the screen when you close the MacBook, leading the dirt and oil from the cover to the screen. However, using a thin keyboard cover solves the problem. 

Reduces tactile feedback

Getting used to typing on a keyboard cover might take a little time. The thicker cover reduces the keyboard’s responsive power, making working on your MacBook intimidating. In addition, it spoils the overall user experience of the Mac. 

It might damage your screen

Most models of MacBooks sport a thin and sleek design. It thus leaves very little clearance between the keyboard and display. So using a thick keyboard cover won’t only hinder the closing of your Macbook but might also damage it. 

It sometimes obscures the keyboard’s backlight

Some keyboard covers don’t have transparent letters and symbols that block your keyboard’s backlight. While it isn’t a problem during the day, typing without the keyboard’s backlight becomes difficult at night. 

Does keyboard covers damage your MacBook?

Apple wants their MacBooks to be sleek and easy to carry; they go for thin designs. And because of this reason, the clearance between the top case and the display screen is pretty tight. So if you are using a keyboard cover on your MacBook, it is advisable to remove it before you close the screen to mitigate any damage. 

The second concern regarding keyboard covers is that they cause overheating, which isn’t exactly the case. The vent is not under the keyboard but in the screen’s hinges, leaving no room for overheating while using a keyboard cover. 


MacBooks are comparatively expensive laptops because of which many users want to preserve them by accessorizing them with keyboard covers, laptop skins, external mouse, etc. Using a keyboard cover completely depends on your lifestyle and preference. Consider the quality, ease of use, comfort, and aesthetic if you plan to get one. 

Also, remember to remove the keyboard cover before closing your MacBook to be on the safe side. Using a keyboard cover won’t damage your MacBook if you use it cautiously. 

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