How to Enable YouTube Picture-In-Picture On Mac (Safari)

Picture in Picture mode on the desktop, it’s a nice multitasking feature for watching video on any corner of the Mac screen in macOS. In short, you can watch YouTube, Vimeo, etc. videos while you working on other things on Apple Mac (MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, and MacMini) Safari. Apart from Picture in Picture view, you can also learn to use Siri on Mac, use Storage Optimization on Mac, etc. So let’s enable Picture in Picture for YouTube in macOS Sierra and Vimeo and enjoy a video with your other task on an Apple MacBook or iMac.

Way to Enable Picture in Picture for YouTube on macOS

Before getting started following the steps, Keep your Mac Updated with the latest macOS. Because Picture in Picture mode is not compatible with the Older Safari browser.

  • Step 1. Launch Safari on your Mac.
  • Step 2. Open up and Choose your desired video.
  • Step 3. Now, Right-click on Video to get a black drop-down menu. After that, instant Right-Click again to reveal a gray drop-down menu (ImportantIf the Popup is not showing like below, then Retry again with Right-Click on Video and Find a Different popup that will look like in the below picture).
  • Step 4. Now Click on Enter Picture-in-Picture. You can see this in the image given below. So, the video will automatically pop out, and you will be free to do other tasks on your Mac.

That’s it.

Above was the enable Picture in Picture for YouTube in macOS Sierra. In addition, get an idea to turn on/ activate pictures in picture mode in the Vimeo video app.

How to Turn on Picture in Picture mode for Vimeo app on Mac

Step 1. Open Safari on Mac.

Step 2. Launch Vimeo app and do login.

Step 3. Now Play a Video, here Vimeo video has built-in picture-in-picture icon in the bottom right-hand side corner. The icon will appear like one display overlaid on top of another display.

You’re done.

So enjoy now by watching the video in the small box over the big gameplay screen or other things.

Please Note: keep remember, Don’t close all tabs or safari browser where the video usually plays.

To turn off the picture in picture mode, just take your mouse cursor on a Small box video and Click On X Button to close it.

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