How to Use Optimized Storage macOS Big Sur/Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra, Sierra- MacBook, Air/Pro

Use Optimized Storage macOS Sierra macbook, macbook pro, imac, macbook air

MacOS Optimization needs time to time. Becuase High-Quality Photos, Videos, and Screen Recording will take too much space as compare to expected. So, Mac users trying to Free Up space with fewer efforts. here I am showing the best way to Use the Optimized Storage option given in the Built-in option. Also, iPhone and iPad Backup takes Gigabytes of storage, So we can delete or Move Backup to an External drive.

So here I’m going to demonstrate the use of Optimized Storage macOS Sierra. Because, we know you love your Apple Mac and are filled with so much stuff like documents, photos, files, IPSW files, Backup, Videos, etc. therefore Optimized Storage feature will help you to get the rid alert message ‘’Your disk is almost full’’.

So now, you not needed to make space or delete items manually on Mac but nowadays macOS Sierra or later macOS compatible Mac users can make free space using the Optimizing Storage feature. So you are one click away to make room (free up space) on your Mac laptop or desktop. let’s dive to know Optimized Storage.

How to turn on or use Optimized Storage On MacBook Air /iMac/Mini

Step 1. Go to the Apple logo that appear on the top menu bar.

Apple logo appear on top menu bar

Step 2. Next up, you have to click on About This Mac.

Select Storage tab then Click on Details

Step 3. Select Storage tab then Click on Details…, you can see in below given screen.

Step 4. So now on the left side pane, the recommendations tab will be highlighted options to make Free space on MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, MacMini running on macOS Sierra or later.

storage management options to use Optimized Storage macOS Sierra

You’ll be open up with very storage management options such as given below:

Store in iCloud Store all files and Photos in iCloud and save space by keeping only recently opened items on this Mac when Storage is low.

Optimize Storage – Click on Optimize… next button to the Optimize storage to save space by automatically removing iTunes Movie and TV that you’re already watched from this Mac.

Erase Trash Automatically– to avoid disk full problem on Mac, you need to turn on Erase Trash Automatically on macOS Sierra so that you can get space by automatically erasing items that have been in the trash for more than 30 days.

Optimized Storage macOS 10.12

Reduce Clutter – Review and delete older documents stored in this Mac. macOS Monterey can keep unneeded files from cluttering up your mac. It reminds you to delete used app installers, safari cache, clear duplicate downloads. 

In addition, alternatively, you can also delete data manually by using options that appear under the left side recommendation tab including Applications, Documents, iCloud Drive, iOS Files, iTunes, Mail, Photos, and Trash. You should just click on each of these options and see if there are any items that you want to format.

So above was the story all about to make free up space on Mac (macOS 12 Updated). Having any trouble enabling or use optimized storage macOS Sierra? Please comment to us we will help you as soon as possible. Like it? Share it.

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