[Fixed] FaceTime Not Connecting, Not Available, Failed – iPhone, iPad, Mac

5 Most common FaceTime Problems on iPhone and Mac

FaceTime is free to use on iPhone, iPad and Mac Device as Video And Audio call. I figure out most common FaceTime Problems and Solutions in this Tutorial. To start FaceTime from any iOS device, FaceTime must be enabled under settings. Sometime people won’t enable FaceTime from Settings. If Enabled then Other problems are FaceTime not connecting on Video or Audio call. FaceTime failed and Not Available sometimes or all the times.

For the privacy reason you can Disable FaceTime on contact number so that no one can see FaceTime on your Number from the Phone app.

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Q&A: FaceTime Troubleshooting for iPhone, iPad, Mac

5 Most common FaceTime Problems on iPhone and Mac

FaceTime Waiting for Activation on Enable Time

FaceTime Waiting for Activation message will appear on screen while toggle in on mode. Disable Toggle and wait for few seconds then Re-enabled FaceTime. Enter Apple ID login detailed if needed.

Still not work then a solution is reset network settings from iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch.

Go to the Settings App > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

1 reset network settings on iPhone for Fix FaceTime issue

Restart or Reboot iPhone, Again Turn off/ Turn on Toggle. Hopefully, it will work.

Restart: Press Sleep/ Wake + Home button until you show apple logo on the screen.

Restart iPhone 7/ 7 Plus: Power Button + Volume down button.

That’s it and check again.

Poor/ Slow internet connectivity

You should test WiFi or cellular data speed on network Signal Strength meter app. Very low and No internet cause of taking to much time in activation, Start Call and Search FaceTime contacts in FaceTime iOS or Mac App.

FaceTime video not working, Failed or Greyed out

FaceTime disabled for use on Cellular network. This is one of the best features in Best tricks to save data on iPhone,

Go to the Settings App > Cellular > Enable FaceTime (Use Cellular Data For).

2 FaceTime Restriction enable in iPhone settings

Start FaceTime on Phone number not Apple ID

See my iPhone Screen, for easy to find or search easily on your Friends or Family phone directory ideal way is to use the Phone number as FaceTime.

Settings > FaceTime > Tap on your phone number.

3 All FaceTime settings in iPhone

Use Apple ID for FaceTime or Change FaceTime Apple ID

Are you forgot apple ID, Old apple ID worth to use right now or Want other family apple ID. Yes, we can manage Apple ID for FaceTime only on iOS and Mac.

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch: Settings App > FaceTime > Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime or Add An Email/ Remove FaceTime Apple ID (Tap on (i) icon near to Apple ID > Remove This Email)

4 Add FaceTime Apple ID On iPhone settings

Can’t make FaceTime call from Friends’s iPhone/ iPad

Check Block contacts in FaceTime list first of all for this case. Then Follow the above steps one by one.

Go to the Settings > FaceTime > Blocked (Slide Right to left on Contacts and Delete from FaceTime Block List)

In the Same screen, we can add a new contact.

Note: same settings and fix help on old iOS version: iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 10.2, iOS 11 or Later updated

Not an urgent, Try after sometimes might be server down or other issues.

For FaceTime Problems on Mac

Above all are the fix for FaceTime not working iOS, Now we see what to do for Mac installed on Yosemite, EI Capitan, MacOS Sierra, MacOS High Sierra or Later version.

All the Settings About FaceTime on Mac is in under FaceTime Preferences.

1. Change FaceTime apple ID or Change,

2. FaceTime Mac on Apple ID or Phone Number

3. Check Block contacts on Mac, Click on Blocked Tab.

1 FaceTime Settings on Mac and Fix problem

Incoming Call is not ringing in proper loud, Change Mac ringtone for FaceTime.

Set Default call on FaceTime, Not on Other Third-party iMessage Alternatives for Mac.

To Add new contacts in FaceTime Mac click on “+” and Remove/ Delete added contacts click on “-“ icon.

2 Add and remove blocked Contact on Mac FaceTime

FaceTime Video Call not working on Mac

To use FaceTime on Mac, You must be required to connect a camera. Some hardware issue or internet OS Error fetch problem-related to detect camera automatically.

3 No camera in FaceTime Mac

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