How to fix Cannot Connect To iTunes Store Error On iPhone (2023)

Cannot Connect to iTunes Store on iPhone

What to do when iTunes Cannot connect to the iPhone? Apple’s Own Online iTunes Store is fulfilled with Music, Movies, and TV Shows. You guys are familiar with that it gives all-time pleasure either on iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac and Apple TV. And if suddenly close or Cannot Connect to iTunes Store on iPhone and won’t load then so sad. Because we really know that the iTunes issues and felling of those guys who didn’t access Apple iTunes Store Service such as to watch a trailer of the upcoming movie, download new ringtones/ movies as well as daily viewable TV Show episode and get back previous purchased and downloads.

Are you unable to open the iTunes Store on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, or Apple TV? You should read below covered all points to get rid of it. Because when you got a message, iTunes Store won’t loading or Open as usual, though might problem of low Signal Wi-Fi range or insufficient cellular data or specific other possible issues. Whatever of all, by the way, we hope you can get here perfect troubleshooting.

Here’s are the basic steps that you should perform as an action so kindly follow the bottom list one after another.

  • Check your connection
  • Check System Status – (Visit this Apple System Status page) to check service is not under maintenance – Green means service is available.
  • Update your account
  • Update your software
  • Check the date and time

Fix Cannot Connect to iTunes Store on iPhone, iPad: [Fixed Here]

Incorrect Time Zone, Date, and time brings the issue to open the iTunes Store on iOS, MacOS, and tvOS. Therefore, your first action is check time Zone and Data are correct as per your recent location.

Clue #1. Verify Time Zone, Date & Time on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Change Time Zone on iPhone , iPad

Head Settings App – Go to General – Scroll down the screen tap on Data & Time.

Sometimes date, time, and related Settings everything to be complete. However, iTunes Store showing a white screen with a message.

Clue #2.

It could be an internet connection problem Wi-Fi or Cellular data plan, whatever you’re using. So you should check that your Apple Device connected to Wi-Fi. If still, you’re using a cellular data plan, then please confirm that the iTunes Switch On under the Cellular Data Settings.

iTunes Store is enabled for Cellular Data

Go to Settings – tap Cellular Data – Scroll down the screen and look iTunes Store is enabled.

Clue #3. Verify your iOS device running the latest firmware

Don’t forget to update your device whenever you are getting the Software Update notification. Some of the users ignore upgrading their iOS devices and at all several features don’t work properly.

Launch Settings App– Tap General Software Update.

If there, any Software firmware update available, please download and install that Via OTA method or via iTunes on PC or Mac.

Even though you’re using mobile data to exploring something on the iTunes store. But if you are trying to download from the iTunes store then might not work. For that, we especially recommend you turned on Wi-Fi and then download any items such as download Movies, TV Shows, etc.

What clue become helpful to you to resolve the iTunes Store opening problem. Did you find any alternative way to fix unable/ Cannot Connect to iTunes Store on iPhone, iPad?

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