What to do when FaceTime is not working on Mac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

Last Updated on Jun 28, 2021

So finally everything is set up on your Mac, From that FaceTime Audio/Video calling is one of the important. So this should be work as Expected after Update macOS. If you are facing the problem with FaceTime Not Available on Mac, No Sound issues on FaceTime, Black Screen Camera on FaceTime Video Calling, Unable to login FaceTime, and Poor connection message when FaceTime is on. and we are excited to use all new functions added with this macOS version like Group FaceTime up to 32 People. The very first app that we launched was FaceTime.

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Unfortunately, the FaceTime camera not working on Mac when we try to connect with our friend was an awful situation for us. But then we found there are several people who are also facing errors like FaceTime ringing but not connecting, FaceTime not activating, FaceTime waiting for activation, etc.

But don’t worry in this article we have collected and listed some of the possible and potential fixes which can fix FaceTime not working on macOS Right now on MacBook, iMac, Mac mini Running on macOS Monterey, Big Sur, and Earlier,

Why is FaceTime not working on Mac?

Beginners Guide to Use FaceTime on Mac

Where is FaceTime on Mac
Where is FaceTime on Mac

Where is FaceTime on Mac?

Are you facing the issues with Launch FaceTime on Mac? Than use Spotlight Search on Mac [Command + Space], Type FaceTime and open it. or use Launchpad, Search Spotlight in App Search box. When you filter and found click on it to open FaceTime on Mac. Once you launched it on Mac, FaceTime Required your FaceTime Apple ID that you are using on your iPhone/iPad or iPod Touch. For the new Mac Owner, they can use Apple ID using on Mac. if you have no Apple ID then Signup for a new Apple ID or Recover Using Forgot Apple ID password option from FaceTime window.

  • To Know your FaceTime Apple ID from iPhone, Go to the Settings app on iPhone > Scroll to FaceTime > Check Apple ID used for FaceTime. if Apple ID is not activated for FaceTime on your iPhone, Than click on Use Your Apple ID for FaceTime. After Tap on it, if it’s Greyed out then Turn off FaceTime toggle and Turn on after force close Settings app.
  • If your iPhone is using your mobile number for FaceTime, Then you can able to receive FaceTime calls on Mac through your mobile number. That we can find it from your Mac FaceTime preferences settings.

Fix 1: Way to turn off/ turn on FaceTime on Mac

We will start with a very basic solution which is to disable and then restarting the Mac and then again enabling the FaceTime. This will solve all the problems like FaceTime waiting for activation, facetime not working on mac error occurred during activation.

FaceTime Preferences settings on Mac
FaceTime Preferences settings on Mac
  • Open FaceTime on Mac, Now Go to to Top Mac menu > FaceTime > Preferences > Settings > Sign out. Sign in with your FaceTime Apple ID on your FaceTime window. To Know FaceTime Apple & Verify your Apple ID if you are using iOS/iPadOS Using the above steps.
    • After Sign in successfully, Move to FaceTime Preferences and Activate your iCloud Apple ID to use FaceTime from Mac. You must enable the checkbox: Enable This account. See the Below screen.

Fix 2: FaceTime “Call Failed” on Mac: FaceTime Audio or FaceTime Video

FaceTime Call Failed Automatically on Mac
FaceTime Call Failed Automatically on Mac

FaceTime Required proper setup before starting to use free FaceTime Audio or FaceTime Video Call on Your Macbook, Mac, iMac, and Mac Mini. Some Mac users have a big problem on FaceTime Call Failed automatically after Receive on Mac. I have a good experience with my Mac Mini.

I know my Mac Doesn’t have a Built-in Microphone When I Make FaceTime Call and After Receive on Mac it could Fail Automatically. I thought about and Connected my AirPods Pro. So, my Mac Mini has a Proper & Active Output Audio Device and Input Audio Microphone as well. I got fixed. Hope this trick found you helpful. Still not fixed, Follow the other next solutions like Apple Server, Network Connectify, and more. [Below is my FaceTime Failed Screen on Mac]

Connect USB or External Bluetooth Headphone on Mac for FaceTime
Connect USB or External Bluetooth Headphone on Mac for FaceTime

Connect your External USB microphone with your Mac or use Bluetooth Headphone, I am Using Apple AirPods Pro. MacBook users have a Built-in might be not worked. Do the test with this and fix the internal problem later on. Click on the Bluetooth icon from the top menu and Pair AirPods pro.

Enable Output Audio device on Mac
Enable Output Audio device on Mac

Now Set Audio Output device as a Your active Headphone. once everything is fine, Make a FaceTime call again.

Start FaceTime call after Failed automatically
Start FaceTime call after Failed automatically

Fixed Now, That’s it.

Fix 3: is Facetime down at the Moment? is FaceTime Server Down in Your Country?

FaceTime in Apple System Status
FaceTime in Apple System Status

Before trying to fix and make a change in settings of FaceTime from your side, Make sure Apple’s system page showing for FaceTime and Related service is also fine. Click on this link and Change your Country from the bottom of the page to known what is the issue in your Geo area.

In this page Find, FaceTime Signal must be a green signal to use without any error and problems. if everything is fine, then follow the other troubleshooting solutions for FaceTime Problems on Mac.

4 Fixes: Common Solutions For FaceTime Problems on Mac

  1. FaceTime is Enable for this Mac

    1. Without Sign Out FaceTime account from mac, we can temporarily stop FaceTime on your Mac under the FaceTime Preferences settings. Go to the FaceTime top menu > Preferences.
FaceTime Preferences settings on Mac
FaceTime Preferences settings on Mac
  • Now, Just below Apple ID, Find the option for Enable This account for FaceTime. Untick the option. and Close FaceTime from Mac.
  • Now, Relaunch FaceTime, and Under the FaceTime Preferences settings, Check Enable this account option. Hope it will work. Sometimes your Account stuck and deactivated from your end that happens mostly after update macOS.
  • Check Your Date and Time Zone Up-To-Date

  • Set Date and Time Automatically on Mac
    Set Date and Time Automatically on Mac
    • Date and Time are Updated according to your location on Mac. Enable Auto Update Date Time on Mac.
    • Go to the Apple logo on Mac menu > System Preferences > Date & Time > Unlock The lock [Date & Time Tab ] > Enable Checkbox “Set Date and Time Automatically”. Restart your Mac and Try to make a FaceTime call.
  • FaceTime is Activated from Apple Server.

    • Enable FaceTime and iMessage is Depends on Carrier company. Some mobile carrier doesn’t allow to use in free if it’s not in your plan. So I recommend contacting your carrier company helpdesk. if your carrier company providing free iMessage and FaceTime service then you should wait a few hours or a day. Because, On user demand of Activation of This Free Messaging and calling service to apple, Apple Will send a message to the carrier company and at the same time register on the Apple server as well. Also, you will get the confirmation mail from apple as well.
  • Add a Custom Google DNS in your WiFi settings, Steps are very easy and helpful many FaceTime issues

    1. So after trying all the solutions still the FaceTime is showing Waiting for activation error then lastly you should try to change the DNS setting of the Mac, it might work for you.
    2. Step #1: Click on the “Apple logo” from the top mac menu and open “System Preferences”.
    3. Step #2: Click “Network”.
    4. Step #3: Choose the “Wi-Fi” network and tap “Advanced”.
    5. Step #4: Open “DNS”.
    6. Step #5: Click on (+) and add “Google DNS”.
    7. Step #6: Enter and and “Apply” changes.
  • Fix Microphone or Camera problem While Using FaceTime Video/Audio Call on Mac

  • No Camera on FaceTime
    No Camera on FaceTime
    • During FaceTime Video Call we can switch Between multiple cameras on Mac. Go to Video Mac Menu in FaceTime Mac Menu, Select the right Camera and Microphone.
    • Check This tutorial on Camera is Not Working on Mac & Try Terminal Commands, Safe Mode.
    • Are you tired and nothing helps to fix your Mac’s Microphone or Camera problems, Contact Apple Support online and Book your Appointment at the genius bar.
  • Check Blocked FaceTime Contacts

    • We can block incoming FaceTime Audio, Video call on Mac also. Here are the Settings, in FaceTime Mac Menu > FaceTime > Preferences > Blocked Tab > Select Blocked Contact and Tap on Minus (-) button to remove from the list.
  • Fix 7: Check the Internet Connection

    FaceTime requires an efficient internet connection on both ends. If your internet connection is perfect, then make sure that your friend or family member also has a working internet connection.

    Fix 8: Group FaceTime Call Not Working! How to Make a Group Call

    1. Why Group FaceTime on Mac Not Working?

      • Group FaceTime is available only on macOS Mojave or later, iOS 12.1/iPadOS 12.1 or later, WatchOS 5.1 or later.
      • Mac Doesn’t Support memoji on FaceTime Video Call, But iOS/iPadOS users can use during a Video call with Mac user.
      • You can do FaceTime only using activated FaceTime Apple ID or Mobile number. [Read Solution for Beginners guide in this article]
        If Something not working then Sight out and Sign in FaceTime. and Try again.
    2. On Mac, Group FaceTime is very easy just like iOS/iPadOS.

      1. Open FaceTime app on Mac.
      2. Click on Plus “+” at the upper right corner of the screen type or Add contacts. Use the name of Contact, Email, or Phone number.
        Now Tap on the Camera icon to start the Video call and Phone icon to make an audio call.

    Fix 9: Reinstall or Clean install macOS

    Are you tired none of the solutions not working! we highly recommend testing FaceTime after reinstall macOS. The process is very easy for Reinstall Mac and Clean install. Reinstall OS install a new copy of macOS without Delete user data and Clean install Erase All Data first and install a new copy of macOS.

    • Before the move to start the process, keep backup of your Mac data in an external drive or Time Machine backup.
    1. Reinstall macOS

      1. Restart your Mac.
      2. Press and hold Command + R Key from a keyboard after listening to Mac Startup sound.
      3. Lift Keyboard keys after you see the macOS Utility window on the screen.
      4. The second option is Reinstall macOS, Go with the option and Start installing new MacOS on Buggy Mac Drive.
    2. Clean install macOS

      1. Restart your Mac.
      2. Press and hold Command + R Key from a keyboard after listening to Mac Startup sound.
      3. Lift Keyboard keys after you see the macOS Utility window on the screen.
      4. Last option is Disk utility, Click on it.
      5. From Disk Utility Windows Select the Primary Drive from the sidebar and click on the Erase option from the top.
      6. After Erase the Drive completely close Disk Utility window. and You are now on the macOS Utility window.
      7. The second option is to install macOS, Go with the option and Start installing a new copy of macOS on Buggy Mac Drive.
      8. That’s it

    Fix 10: Check Date & Time on your Apple Mac Computer or Laptop

    The messaging and video calling applications require an accurate date & time as per your time zone. If not, then definitely at the very first moment it will show an error. FaceTime comes under that category so go and check the date and time of your Mac.

    • Step #1: Click on the “Apple” icon.
    • Step #2: Open “System Preferences”.
    • Step #3: Click on “Date & Time”.
    • Step #4: Turn on “Set Automatically”.
    • Step #5: Verify the time zone and city is correctly selected.

    if you also facing issue to use FaceTime on iPhone – Get Fix FaceTime not working iPhone

    Note: Certain features may not work in macOS Beta and Developer beta, in this case, you should submit a report to Apple via Feedback App. I hope it will resolve your FaceTime issue in the ext latest mac Mojave Update. Thanks for Reading.

    Enjoy FaceTime on Mac and get Group video call chat experience like you never get before!

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