5 Fetch New data in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

Fetch New Data in Mail app Using Push or Fetch On iPhone, iPad: iOS 13.4/12/iOS 12.4

Apple’s Redesigned iOS has big new updates in settings and the new option for easy to manage all the applications. iOS 10 users are confused and not seem options for change Mail app settings Fetch New Data on iPhone and iPad. These settings get benefits on improving the battery life of the iPhone.

iPhone Mail app support multiple accounts that mean hundreds of emails get in a day is no surprise. So your Mail app will consume more memory in background depends on the settings. Here I recommended setting push mail only set for active Mail account only. Let’s check how to do that and set the specified interval for receive new Mails on your iPhone, iPad.

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The option is available in iCloud Mail, Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mail or Custom Mail server.

5 Fetch New Data in iOS 11 on iPhone or iPad

Steps for Disable/ Enable Fetch New Data on iPhone, iPad after Update iOS

Latest Note:

Apple’s latest operating system iOS thirteenth has been released worldwide for iOS 13 Supported devices. New iOS comes up with awesome features and essential changes. Almost users have downloaded iOS 13 and it irritates due to certain glitches like app crashes, App crash randomly and go back to the home screen as well not all applications still updated by developers for the latest iOS 2019, that’s why it doesn’t run expectedly.

Lot’s of Redditors have complained that iOS 13 Mail problems and answer is downgrade iOS or wait for the next future update. Just send feedback report for a particular app to the Apple for native App or contact third-party developer.

Who are looking for this option in iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13 or Later iOS please check patch where is the option for change Mail Fetch New data at the end of the article.

  • Step #1: Launch Settings app on iPhone, iPad.
  • Step #2: Next, Scroll down and see new settings for All types of Accounts & Passwords.

1 Fetch new data for mail in Accounts & Password

  • Step #3: Find the list of Mail account sync in Mail app (Add new Account in Mail App). Scroll down to the last and Find “Fetch New Data”.

2 Delete add or Option for Fetch New Data in iOS 11

  • Step #4: Find, Push toggle.

3 Option for set Push or Fetch in Mail Account

Know the Difference Between Push Vs Fetch Data Usage

This is the only way to get mail faster on your iPhone and iPad within the Mail app

  • Push: This option will push New mail to your device from server when Available. And receive in Mail app when possible.

Note: Push service is dependent on the server, So know that your mail service providing push? iCloud giving push but push not working with other mail service provider & iOS mail app.

  • Fetch: Fetch will activate when the push is off. Onset specific interval Mail app check for new mail on the server. Improve battery life keep it on a larger interval or Manually.

See the Above screen, Auto Fetch not working if you didn’t select Time interval or auto options.

4 Options on Fetch New data on iPhone

Set Push, Fetch or Never for the individual account: Tap on the Account name, Select Schedule with the available supported option by the mail server.

Fetch New Data Grayed Out and Not Working

The Low Power mode is directly co-related to the Mail App Push and Fetch Function. If Low Power mode is enabled on an iOS device, Push Functionality automatically goes to off. To change it, You must Turn off low data mode under the battery settings, Settings > Battery > Low Power mode.

For iOS 10 or Earlier:

  • Go to the Settings > Mail > Accounts > Fetch New Data
  • Disable Push (For Stop New or Set it on Fetch manually or auto after the time schedule).

See Below screen,

6 Fetch New Data on iPhone with iOS 11

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