How to Enable Dark Mode on iPhone, iPad in iOS 12.3.1/iOS 12 or later [5 Methods to Activate]

Firstly, get here; what is the Dark mode on iPhone in iOS 12? Apple revealed a new display mode called Smart invert Colors. It isn’t a native dark mode, but folks are speaking dark mode instead of Smart invert mode. So while you enable Smart Invert in iOS 12 at that time it except images, media, and apps which are already dark/black themed.

There are multiple preferences to access new Accessibility feature including with and without the home button, using Siri command, with 3D touch, etc. I will share with you all ways to enable dark mode on iPhone long and shortcuts very respectively. The Dark mode looks pretty awesome on notch iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone X.

You need to know Enable and disable dark mode to get full advantage of brand new iOS 12 and Customize Control Center.

Guide to Activate and Use brand new Smart Invert on iPhone, iPad

Note: iOS 12 Dark Mode unavailable for old iPhones including iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 4S. If you much like and you haven’t iOS 12 supported devices, then you will have to upgrade your iPhone.

Method #1. Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone XS Max/ XS/ XR/ X/ iPhone 8/8 Plus and earlier

In the starting, let we see the six times tapping method to enable Smart Invert Colors that is turn your iOS 12 or above iDevice screen convert into dark mode. Just unlock your iPhone screen and apply the following steps.

Step #1. Launch the Settings App look like a gear icon.

Step #2. Navigate General then Tap on Accessibility.

Tap on General to open Accessibility Settings in iOS 11 dark mode iPhone

Step #3. Now tap on Display Accommodations.

Step #4. Next, you have to tap on Invert Colors

Tap on Display Accommodations to activate Invert Colors in iOS 11 on iPhone iPad

Step #5. in end turn trigger of Smart Invert ON/ Green.

Turn on Smart Invert toggle green to enable dark mode iOS 11 on iPhone iPad

Wow! I hope that you’re enjoying dark mode on your regular reading apps like iBooks, and search Podcast, drawing or listing in Notes, Apple Watch App store, etc.

By the way, I think this method is lengthy for the iPhone users rather than iPad folks So that most of the users might ignore to use dark mode in iOS. Hence, I thought other ways to turn on dark mode on my iPhone 7 Plus. And luckily, I found more four great shortcuts to activate Smart Invert colors.

Okay, you guys, I glad to put all shortcuts in front you in this article. Hope, you like this and share on your social media timeline and spread much more with your friends, business mates and many other.

Method #2. Enable Dark mode on iPhone iOS 12 using 3D touch with AssistiveTouch

This is a hardware base way to activate Smart Invert in iOS 12 or later. Mean by; the tip is useful only for the 3D touch supported iPhone users (iPhone 6S and later advance models). Very few users might know this unique method. But from here, you can also learn within minutes. Just follow bottom given the guide to get Accessibility shortcuts on screen.

I always use this method to get dark mode settings with the shortcut way on my iPhone 7 Plus. Useful in the difficult situation in time like broken home button or home button stuck and won’t work as like before.

Note: You must have enabled touch screen button on your iPhone to turn on dark mode using 3D touch.

Step #1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone/ iPad and Find General.

Step #2. Tap Accessibility then turn AssistiveTouch ON (ignore if you have already enabled)

Step #3. Now tap on Customize Top Level menu..,

turn on Assistivetouch to open Customize Top Level menu settings on iPhone and iPad

Step #4. Now you have to scroll down the screen and tap on 3D touch Action then select Triple-Click.

Tap 3D touch Action then set Triple-Click to enable dark mode on iPhone and iPad

Step #5. In the end, pressing and holding on Assistive touch button (dark spot on the screen) so you will get Accessibility shortcuts actions sheet.

Step #6. Tap on Smart Invert Colors.

Tap on Smart Invert to enable dark mode on iPhone and iPad iOS 11

You’re Done!

If you can’t appear Dark Mode (‘Smart invert Colors’) option in Accessibility shortcuts, then you have to add that via Accessibility Settings.

Tap on Accessibility Shortcut to add and enable Smart Invert Colors in iOS 11 on iPhone iPad

Method #3. Turn on Dark Mode on iPhone in iOS 12 Using Customize Control Center

Do you want to operate Smart Invert color using iOS 12 Control Center? Then you have to add Accessibility shortcut icon in swiping up menu. First of all, I’m sharing with you all about to put Accessibility shortcut in CC, then how to use it for iOS 12 dark mode.

Steps for that user who don’t know how to add App Shortcuts in iOS 12 Control center

Step #1. Go to the  Settings App – Tap Control center.

Step #2. Hit Customize Controls – Now tap on Green round button left to the Accessibility Shortcuts.

Tap on Customize Controls to Add Accessibility Shortcuts in iOS 11 Control Center on iPhone

Step #3. Next, let’s launch swipe up a menu from the bottom of the screen, then tap on the Accessibility Shortcuts App icon that looks like a men inner the circle. In the end, Tap on Smart invert to activate the dark mode.

Open Control center and tap on Accessibility Shortcuts icon to enable dark mode Smart Invert in iOS 11 on iPhone iPad

Method #4. Enable Dark Mode using Siri Command on iPhone

I have tested dark mode in iOS using Siri command on my iPhone XS Max. Just invoke Siri and ask her ‘Enable smart invert mode’ and that gives dark mode screen quickly.

Enable Dark Mode iOS 11 on iPhone and iPad

Hmm if you ask hey Siri enable dark mode, but it doesn’t reply you (Sorry, but I’m not able to change that setting.) because users say dark mode but the brand wise that is Smart Invert Colors. I also tested Hey Siri ‘Enable dark mode, ’’ but she replied me, Sorry, but I’m not able to change that setting. Haha!!

Method #5. Activate iOS  Dark Mode on iPhone using Triple-click Home Button

While you quickly triple Click home button on iPhone/iPad, then you get Accessibility shortcuts action sheet on the screen. Hit on Smart Invert Colors, so your eye feeling dark mode on iDevice Home screen and supported all Apps visible black color background along with white fonts and vice-versa. Expert says dark mode view better for reading anytime and cools feature for eyes.

So you guys enjoy iOS dark Mode messages, iMessage, Whatsapp, Safari browser, dark Mode Music App, Phone contacts, Mail App, News App and much more.

Still Smart invert Colors running in beta version so that sometimes won’t work due to bug version, at that time you have to submit a report in Apple Feedback App.

Lots of thanks, Apple, especially for iOS dark mode feature because turn on/ Enable Dark Mode turns my iPhone keyboard as like my MacBook Pro backlight keyboard.

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