14 Increase Battery life on iOS 11 from iPhone and iPad

How To Improve iOS 13.4/iOS 12 Battery Life On iPhone 11(Pro Max), XR, X/8Plus/7Plus/6S/SE, iPad issues

Apple monumental leap iOS 13 released with amazing features for iPad and iPhone. But the juice no longer stays on Apple Phone, tablet and even music player iPod touch mean by iOS 13 killing battery life.

So that users as well as beta users finding how to improve iOS 13 bad battery life. In more, you probably lots of uses Power bank and Smart battery case as well. Even though, if you don’t want to use it, then I have made useful battery saving tips list that you should apply to fix the quick battery drain problem.

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We cannot replace or extend battery installed on iPhone, iPad. So we need to save battery on the iPhone or iPad by stop wastage of power. Charge iPhone battery using a power bank is not a solution for your needs or fix. Here some the useful straightforward and quick guide that helps Improve iOS 13 Battery Life or Increases iPhone battery, Also For iOS 11 installed on iPhone or iPad.

There are too many reasons behind Drain battery then Boost battery life covered in this tutorial. iPhone battery lifespan officially we cannot identify just like MacBook Pro battery lifespan.

Update- before getting started the following guide, you should check your device running with the latest operating system.

  • Go to the Settings App– Find General– tap on Software Update

Latest software update iOS 13 [Battery Improvement covered] is available. Take the most recent backup to iCloud or iTunes and start to download and install. The trick useful for all iPhone 11, 11 pro, 11 Pro max, XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/ 8 Plus, iPhone 7/ 7 Plus, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus/ iPhone 6/ 6 Plus/ SE/5S and iPad Pro, Air and Mini users.

New True Tone Display and 4K Video Recording with 60 fps we should change for longer battery life, So Get Additional Guide: Improve Battery Life on iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, iPhone XS (Max), iPhone XR.

Complete Guide improve Battery life in iOS/iPadOS on iPhone, iPad

Make sure you have the latest version of iOS if your device is running iOS 13 Beta then please Remove iOS Beta profile and check for latest iOS in Software update settings.

  • Go to the Settings App– Find General– tap on Software Update

14 Increase Battery life on iOS 11 from iPhone and iPad

1. Disable Notifications

By default, most of the app has enabled push notification, Some apps like Twitter, Mail, Messenger or Social media app (WhatsApp, Instagram) sending lots of notifications for different activities in a whole day. So we can turn off it by simply disabled it.

  • Go to the Settings Notifications Find all apps (Tap on app name) Disable “Allow Notifications.”
  • in iOS 12, Apple added Grouped Notficatifitions features!

2 Disable Notification on iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad

Manage Push Mail in iOS 12: Mail app allows for setting different settings for each email account set up on iPhone or iPad. So Change “fetch new Data” settings from Push to Fetch or Manual.

  • Go to the Settings Account & Password Fetch New Data Disable Push.

1 Disable Mail Push on iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad

  • Or Under Fetch Settings, Select Manually

3 Change Settings for fetch new Mail on iOS 11

2. Enable power-saving mode

Now, Quickly access Low Power mode from the control center, Add Low Power mode shortcut in Control center.

  • Go to the Settings Battery Low Power Mode.

4 Enable low power mode on iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad

By enabling this, iPhone automatically starts all types of power consumption like Mail Fetch, Background app refresh, Auto download, Visual effects and more.

Frequently, Users are activating this mode when not near the power outlet.

Low power mode won’t turn off your WiFi, Cellular coverage or Ringtone. This style is ingenious and not impact your iDevice use.

3. iPhone charging comfort zone, Use an Original USB cable

Apple’s performance tips on Charge iPhone in the comfort zone are constructive. That’s much useful who have a query on the iPhone is getting too much heat while charging or taking too much time. See the graph below, Know the room temperature and follow the below graph.

1 Improve Battery life on iPhone

Creative charging status: Do not fully charge (100%) or immediately Plugged on Lighting cable before it goes fully discharge.

Keep your device in a moisture-free environment.

Few tricks to identify how to know USB cable adapter is original or not? Read uncertified apple accessories guide at here.

4. Disable location services

Mostly all apps using your location through location services. Some apps are always using and some off systematically. Let’s see how to manage unwanted location services and save battery drain problems all the time.

  • Head over Settings Privacy Location Services (Disable).

6 Enable location service on iPhone and iPad

Don’t need location services but Stop essential services, Scroll down to the screen and System Services.

  • Disable for recommending options = Location-Based alerts, Location-Based Apple Ads, Significant Locations.

7 Disable location service under system Service on iPhone and iPad

5. Use Airplane mode – Expand iOS 13 battery life

Swipe up finger on the screen to access control center on iPhone, iPad or iPod. Tap on Airplane icon to turn on. This function auto-disable all the Network connectivities like data, WiFi, Bluetooth.

This ideal tip to overcome the iPhone battery draining issue.

But except wifi, you can enable WiFi manually while Airplane mode is on.

6. Disable or Customize Widgets on iPhone, iPad

Check active Widgets on your iOS device and please Remove unused or very useful app widget that killing battery life by auto-refreshing itself to fetch new data. And, Battery drainage apps Such as Weather, Stocks, Mail, News, Social Podcast, Reminder, GPS Widgets (Maps, Navigation, Clock app, Photos), Siri App Suggestion and many other.

To Customize Widget Screen,

Go to the iPhone screen, Swipe down to open notification center, Swipe left to right to see all Widget on the list.

1 open or access Widget on iPhone

Scroll down to the last and Tap on Edit > Tap on the Red button for remove saved the widget.

2 Edit Widget on iPhone screen

7. Background app refresh – Save iOS 13 battery life

The Background app process will take more memory, and battery source, New in latest iOS customize more options in Background app refresh.

Options are Off Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi Cellular Data. After setting it on certain kinds of internet connection more option for set privacy for individual apps.

  • Launch Settings App General Background App Refresh Turn off.

8 turn off background app refresh on iOS 11 iPhone and iPad

Otherwise, Enable it for the selected apps only

8. Brightness intensity – To Fix iOS 13 battery life

Default brightness for all the time feels uncomfortable to see on the screen, in Different lighting conditions.

I would like to recommended, Set brightness automatically.

in iOS 13 and later: Open the Settings App – find Accessibility – Tap Display & Text Size – scroll down the screen Turn the Auto-Brightness On/green.

(in iOS 12 & Earlier: Go to the Settings App> General > Accessibility > Display Accommodations > Enable Auto-Brightness). Otherwise, Go to old Settings,

5 Enable Auto Brightness on iPhone 8 8 Plus and iPhone X in iOS 11

  • See the Settings Display & Brightness Auto-Brightness

9 Enable Auto Brightness on iOS 11 from iPhone and iPad

9. Enable power-saving mode

Power saving shortcuts are not in the control center, Customize control center and add Power saver mode shortcut on latest iOS in iPhone, iPad.

  • Move to Settings Battery Low Power Mode.

Or See Where is an option for low power mode in the control center, once turned on (Batteries showing yellow)

5 Enable low power mode on iOS 11 in iPhone and iPad

10. Disable/ Stop automatic updates

  • Stop auto-update New apps updates, Music, Books & Audiobooks from the Device settings. Set on disabled & stop on all device when new updates come from Apple.

10 Stop auto update in iOS 11

Only disable for one device, Last option “Update” turn off. Till now apple not released for what types (WiFi or Cellular) internet allows the auto-update.

11. Turn off “Raise to Wake” & “Hey Siri.”

Raise to Wake is a great feature for the compatible devices. Activation of this settings, Motion processor takes more power and give alert to screen for wake up. By turning off, we can save screen light power and extra battery.

Turn off “Hey Siri,” Disable Hey Siri, Turn microphone always live by auto direct your voice around your iPhone.

  • Open Settings App on iPhone, iPad Siri & Search Disable “Listen for “Hey Siri.”

11 Disable hey Siri in iPhone Settings

12. Reset All Settings

This quick fix to remove unhealthy settings and customizations made by iOS users timely. Once you reset, All settings setup to the default option.

  • Go to the Setting Apps on iPhone, iPad > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Reset All Settings on iPhone ipad running iOS 11 and later

13. Disable Handoff, Between Mac, iPad, Apple Watch

Handoff features manage your task with multiple Apple Device. Handoff looks for the device nearby you and sends notification on Mac or Dock for left off work. That, we can see or pick up from an iPad Dock, or Mac Dock.

  • Move to Settings General Handoff Enable Handoff

12 Disable Handoff on iPhone and iPad

14. Turn off: Disable Bluetooth, Personal hotspot

Stop search operation in your device to find the new device in Bluetooth or Personal hotspot range, Only when not in use.

When WiFi not working but Turn on then turns off from the control center (How to use and customize control center) or settings.

15. Know which app consumes more battery

Check Battery use by an app, Battery power consumed by pre-installed apps

Here’s the battery Report under the settings,

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  • Settings Battery Scroll down to the Screen and See the list of apps battery score (Last 24 Hours & Last 4 Days).

in iOS 12, Apple showed off a brand new battery usage graph that you can see on your iPhone battery settings.

Tap on the clock icon, To get the exact report which app uses on-screen how many hours?

16: Listen to Music or Play video on iPhone, iPad over headphone to fix iOS 13 battery life

Speaker takes more battery than headphone or the bluetooth speaker. So use AirPods or AirPods alternatives. And Prevent battery low on a long trip.

Always use above listed iPhone battery charging tips very essential to Run the longer battery on your iPhone installed iOS 13. Also, increase iOS 13 battery life on iPad Pro, iPad Mini, and iPod touch.

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